Facts on File 1992 - Abstracts

Facts on File 1992
102nd Congress ends term with flurry of legislation. (includes related article)Business, general 
10-day truckers' action blocks roads. (France)Business, general 
1991 fourth quarter GDP advanced at 0.3% rate. (gross domestic product) (includes related article)Business, general 
1992-93 term opens. (Supreme Court)Business, general 
27th amendment adopted. (amendment to U.S. Constitution)Business, general 
2nd brain difference found in gay men. (includes other scientific developments)Business, general 
40 slain in S. Africa massacre; ANC breaks off talks. (African National Congress)Business, general 
47th General Assembly session opens. (United Nations)(includes related articles and other developments)Business, general 
'91 fourth quarter GDP grew 0.4%. (gross domestic product)(includes other economic news)Business, general 
ABA salutes Anita Hill. (American Bar Association)(includes related article on abortion rights)Business, general 
Abolition of 'Joe Camel' ads asked. (R.J. Reynolds Tobacco's advertising campaign)(includes article on smoking in Latin America and related news)Business, general 
Accord reached on Black Sea fleet. (Russia and Ukraine; Commonwealth of Independent States)(includes related article)Business, general 
Accounting firm sued by RTC. (Resolution Trust Corp. sues Arthur Andersen and Co.)(includes related article on fine against Ernst and Young)Business, general 
Afghanistan leader names temporary cabinet. (Sibghatullah Mojadidi)Business, general 
Afghan President Najibullah steps down; successor offers power to rebels. (includes related articles on Afghanistan and other developments)Business, general 
African news in brief.Business, general 
After break-in, Ashdown admits affair. (UK Liberal Democratic Party leader Paddy Ashdown)Business, general 
Agassi, Graf win at Wimbledon. (Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf; tennis)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Agreement on debates reached. (presidential debates)(includes related articles on presidential campaign)Business, general 
Agriculture spending bill signed. (includes related articles on the federal budget)Business, general 
AIDS blood-contamination trial opens. (includes related articles on France)Business, general 
AIDS co-discoverer faces new charges. (Robert Gallo) (includes related articles)Business, general 
AIDS-polio link discounted. (includes other AIDS news)Business, general 
Air Canada scraps merger pact with PWA. (includes related article)Business, general 
Air Canada, United sign accord. (United Airlines)(includes related articles on Canadian airlines)Business, general 
Airlift of food, medicine begins. (aid to Commonwealth of Independent States)Business, general 
Airport 'rededicated.' (South Africa)(includes other developments)Business, general 
Albanian ex-Communists routed in national elections. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Albert Arnold Gore Jr. (Biographies of the Democratic Candidates)Business, general 
Aldana, a top official, dismissed. (Cuban Communist Party official Carlos Aldana Escalante)(includes related article on Cuba)Business, general 
Algerian head of state assassinated. (Mohammed Boudiaf)(includes related article)Business, general 
Alice Springs dam project blocked. (Australia)Business, general 
Allegations force Mellor's resignation. (cabinet member David Mellor)(includes related articles on United Kingdom)Business, general 
Allied planes enforce Iraqi 'no-fly zone.' (includes related articles and other developments)Business, general 
Alzheimer's drug rejected. (Mentane) (includes other drug news)Business, general 
Amato sworn in as new Italian premier. (Giuliano Amato)(includes related articles)Business, general 
American activist expelled. (Ross Terrill expelled from China)(includes other China news)Business, general 
American Air restructures fares. (American Airlines Inc.)(includes related article)Business, general 
American League wins All-Star game. (baseball)(includes related articles)Business, general 
ANC agrees to talks on strife. (African National Congress)Business, general 
Andrews executed in Utah. (William Andrews)(includes other news on capital punishment)Business, general 
Angioplasty backed for light clogs. (includes other news on medical research)Business, general 
Anglicans vote to allow women priests. (includes related article)Business, general 
Aquino ally leads in Philippine elections. (Fidel V. Ramos)Business, general 
A review of the top news stories of 1991.Business, general 
Army launches offensive against rebels. (includes related article on Sudan)Business, general 
Army suspends firing of SDI critic. (Strategic Defense Initiative critic Aldric Saucier)Business, general 
Asian news in brief.Business, general 
Asian news in brief. (various issues)Business, general 
Assembly votes against GATT farm pact. (France; General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade)Business, general 
Asthma inhalant overuse called deadly. (beta agonists)(includes related medical developments)Business, general 
'Atlantis' flies atmospheric mission. (space shuttle)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Atomic Energy Agency strengthens powers. (International Atomic Energy Agency, includes related articles on nuclear nonproliferation and other United Nations developments)Business, general 
Austerity plan advances amid protests. (includes related articles on Italy)Business, general 
Azerbaijan gains in Armenia war. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Babies seen to do math. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Bailout agency cuts cost estimate. (Resolution Trust Corp.)Business, general 
Baker meets Israeli, Arab leaders. (Secretary of State James A. Baker)Business, general 
Baker quits as secretary of state to run Bush reelection campaign as chief of staff. (James A. Baker, George Bush)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Baker tours southern republics. (Secretary of State James Baker tours former Soviet republics)Business, general 
Balkan adversaries accept 'code of conduct' for peace. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Bankruptcies set record high in 1991. (includes related article on business failures)Business, general 
Bankruptcy bill. (Failed Legislation)Business, general 
Bankruptcy sought for Canary Wharf. (Olympia & York Developments office complex development in London, England)Business, general 
Ban on futures trader reversed. (Lee B. Stern & Co.) (includes related news)Business, general 
Barcelona Olympics end; ex-Soviets top medals table. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Baseball Commissioner Fay Vincent resigns. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Battle erupts in capital. (Luanda, Angola) (includes related articles)Business, general 
BCCI report blasts Bank of England. (Bank of Commerce and Credit International)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Bill clears Senate; Arctic drilling dropped. (Senate energy bill)(includes main points of energy bill)Business, general 
Bill Clinton's letter on the Vietnam draft. (Transcript)Business, general 
Bill to overhaul immigration introduced. (Canada)Business, general 
Biographies of Perot and Stockdale. (H. Ross Perot, James B. Stockdale)Business, general 
Biographies of the Republican candidates. (George Bush, Dan Quayle)Business, general 
Biological diversity treaty approved.Business, general 
Bishops reject letter on women's roles. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Black-white income disparity reported. (includes related article on education) (U.S. Census)Business, general 
Blue Jays, Braves capture Major League pennants. (Toronto Blue Jays, Atlanta Braves, Major League Baseball)(includes related articles on the playoffs)Business, general 
Blue Jays, Pirates, Braves repeat as division winners. (Toronto Blue Jays, Pittsburgh Pirates, Atlanta Braves)(includes related articles on Major League Baseball)Business, general 
BNL officer pleads guilty in loan fraud. (Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, Christopher P. Drogoul) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Bosnia fighting rages as U.N. relief effort grows; Western warships to patrol Adriatic Sea. (United Nations Security Council)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Bosnia-Herzegovina gains EC, U.S. recognition. (European Community)(includes related articles and other developments)Business, general 
Boudiaf buried, new president named. (Mohammed Boudiaf)(includes related articles on Algeria)Business, general 
Boxer Tyson convicted of rape. (Mike Tyson)Business, general 
Boycott by Christians mars elections. (includes related articles on Lebanon)Business, general 
Brazil's Collor resigns: Franco sworn in as president. (Fernando Collor de Mello, Itamar Franco) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Brazil's President Collor impeached for corruption. (Fernando Collor de Mello)(includes related articles and related developments)Business, general 
Britain's decision to float the pound leaves European Monetary System in disarray.Business, general 
Britain's Major survives Maastricht vote. (John Major; Treaty on European Union)(includes related article)Business, general 
Britain's Queen Elizabeth agrees to pay taxes.Business, general 
British election campaign winds up. (includes related articles)Business, general 
British news in brief.Business, general 
British news in brief. (Great Britain)Business, general 
British prime minister defends economic, EC policies. (John Major; European Community)(includes related articles)Business, general 
British Prime Minister Major calls April 9 election. (John Major)Business, general 
British Prime Minister Major reelected; Conservatives' majority trimmed in fourth straight win. (John Major)(includes related articles)Business, general 
British Prime Minister visits Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia. (John Major) (includes related article)Business, general 
Broad political reforms decreed. (includes related articles) (Saudi Arabia)Business, general 
Brown scores upset in Connecticut primary. (Jerry Brown)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Budget has small tax cut, big deficit. (United Kingdom)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Buffalo protests end peacefully. (antiabortion protests in Buffalo, New York)Business, general 
Bush administration assailed in Iraq loan probe.Business, general 
Bush backs limited use of U.N. force in Bosnia; fighting halts Sarajevo relief effort. (George Bush; United Nations Security Council)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Bush backs off on Clinton's Moscow visit. (George Bush, Bill Clinton)(includes related article and other news on the presidential campaign)Business, general 
Bush, Clinton clash on foreign policy. (George Bush, Bill Clinton)(includes related articles on 1992 presidential campaign)Business, general 
Bush, Clinton Perot meet in debate. (George Bush, Bill Clinton, H. Ross Perot)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Bush, Clinton, Perot meet in second and third debates. (George Bush, Bill Clinton, H. Ross Perot)(includes related articles on presidential debates)Business, general 
Bush, Clinton trade charges on economy. (President George Bush, Bill Clinton)(includes related articles and other news on the presidential campaign)Business, general 
Bush comments soften abortion stand. (George Bush)(includes related articles on presidential campaign)Business, general 
Bush heckled by MIA relatives. (missing in action)(includes related article)Business, general 
Bush loosens biotechnology rules. (George Bush)(includes related developments)Business, general 
Bush moves against anti-Clinton 'sleaze.' (George Bush, Bill Clinton)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Bush outlines economic agenda. (includes related campaign news)Business, general 
Bush pardons ex-officials of Iran-Contra wrongdoing. (George Bush) (includes related articles, transcript of Bush's statement on the pardons and related news)Business, general 
Bush proposes $1.52 trillion budget; recovery plan detailed. (George Bush) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Bush proposes four debates. (George Bush; presidential debates)(includes related articles on presidential campaign)Business, general 
Bush-Quayle ticket renominated at U.S. Republican National Convention. (George Bush, Dan Quayle)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Bush, Rabin agree on Israel loan guarantees. (President George Bush, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Bush sets wheat subsidy, Texas aid. (George Bush)(includes related article)Business, general 
Bush signs legislation on jobless benefits. (George Bush)Business, general 
Bush spurns Israel loan compromise. (George Bush)(includes related article on veto of foreign-aid bill)Business, general 
Bush steps up attacks on Clinton. (George Bush, Bill Clinton)(includes related articles and other campaign news)Business, general 
Bush tours Asia in quest for trade concessions; accords won in Japan talks. (George Bush) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Bush unveils reform plan. (President George Bush) (Health Care)Business, general 
Bush vetoes family-leave bill. (George Bush)(includes related article)Business, general 
Bush, Yeltsin hold Washington summit; leaders agree to massive arms reductions. (George Bush, Boris Yeltsin)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Bush, Yeltsin meet at Camp David. (George Bush, includes related articles on Boris Yeltsin)Business, general 
Bush, Yeltsin offer arms-control initiatives. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Businessman named premier. (Narong Wongwan) (Thailand)Business, general 
Business news in brief.Business, general 
Business news in brief.Business, general 
Business news in brief.Business, general 
Business news in brief.Business, general 
Business news in brief. (activities of various companies)Business, general 
Business news in brief. (activities of various companies)Business, general 
Business news in brief. (various corporations)Business, general 
Business news in brief. (various corporations)Business, general 
Business people.Business, general 
Business people.Business, general 
Business people. (appointments and resignations of various business people)Business, general 
Business people. (selection, resignation and dismissal of various business people)Business, general 
Cable-reregulation bill passes Congress.Business, general 
California budget compromise fails. (includes related articles)Business, general 
California. (includes related articles on 1992 election) (State by State Results)Business, general 
California term limits upheld. (includes news about other Supreme Court cases)Business, general 
Canadian news in brief.Business, general 
Canadian voters reject Charlottetown accord on constitutional reform. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Candidates report on finances. (presidential candidates)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Candidates return to the stump. (presidential candidates)(includes related article)Business, general 
Car dealer indicted for defrauding GM. (John McNamara, General Motors Corp.)Business, general 
Cease-fire takes hold. (Somalia)Business, general 
Centrist bloc slows conservative trend. (Supreme Court cases)(includes related article on Clarence Thomas' voting)Business, general 
CenTrust ex-chief Paul indicted. (CenTrust Savings Bank of Miami, David Paul)Business, general 
Chemical seen as impotence factor. (nitric oxide)(includes other medical developments)Business, general 
Cheney proposes big cut in reserves. (Richard B. Cheney, reserve military personnel)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Chernobyl-type reactors to be kept. (Chernobyl, Ukraine) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Chicago Bulls repeat as NBA champions. (National Basketball Association)(includes related articles)Business, general 
China refuses to honor contracts. (commercial contracts made by Hong Kong)Business, general 
China's leaders endorse socialist market economy at 14th Communist Party congress. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Christian Science Church in shake-up. (expansion into television and radio)(includes related article on publication of biography of founder Mary Baker Eddy)Business, general 
Chrysler hires Iacocca successor. (Robert J. Eaton to succeed Lee A. Iacocca)Business, general 
CIA, Justice Dept. clash over Iraq loan probe. (Central Intelligence Agency)(includes related articles and other developments)Business, general 
Ciskei troops fire on marchers. (includes related articles on South Africa and other developments)Business, general 
Civil war deaths said to top 144,000. (includes related developments) (Lebanon)Business, general 
Clifford, Altman indicted. (Clark M. Clifford, Robert A. Altman indicted in Bank of Credit and Commerce International scandal)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton, Bush win California, five other primaries; Clinton clinches nomination; polling shows strength for Perot. (Bill Clinton, George Bush, H. Ross Perot) (includes related article and other campaign news)Business, general 
Clinton completes cabinet nominations: effort produces diverse group. (Bill Clinton) (includes breakdown of nominations by post)Business, general 
Clinton confers with Congress leaders. (President-elect Bill Clinton) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton draws economic team from Congress, Wall Street; Bentsen, Panetta, Rubin, Altman tapped. (Bill Clinton, Lloyd Bentsen, Leon Panetta, Robert Rubin, Roger Altman) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton, Gore accept Democratic nominations; independent Perot quits U.S. presidential race. (Bill Clinton; Albert Gore, Jr.; H. Ross Perot)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton issues economic plan. (Bill Clinton)(includes related article on highlights of the plan)Business, general 
Clinton knew of uncle's draft role. (Bill Clinton)(includes related articles and other news on the presidential campaign)Business, general 
Clinton names transition leaders. (President-elect Bill Clinton) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Clinton retains lead in polls. (Bill Clinton)(includes related articles on 1992 presidential campaign)Business, general 
Clinton selects Tennessee Sen. Gore as running mate. (Bill Clinton; Albert Gore, Jr.)(includes related articles on 1992 presidential campaign)Business, general 
Clinton tangles with Jackson, rapper. (Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, Sister Souljah)Business, general 
Clinton visits Washington, D.C. (presidential transition)Business, general 
Clinton wins U.S. presidency by large electoral margin, ends Reagan-Bush era. (Bill Clinton)(includes related articles)Business, general 
College-aid bill passes Senate.Business, general 
College football season opens. (includes related article on bowl games)Business, general 
Colon screening seen to cut cancer. (includes related articles)Business, general 
'Columbia' flies science mission. (includes related article on space-shuttle experiments)Business, general 
Communist Party goes on trial. (former Soviet Union)(includes related articles on Russia)Business, general 
Conference on crime genes canceled. (includes other news on health policy)Business, general 
Congress approves hurricane relief. (Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Iniki, Typhoon Omar)Business, general 
Congress backs fetal tissue research. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Congress clears, Bush vetoes election-year tax changes. (George Bush) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Congressional intervention halts railroad labor dispute. (International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, CSX Transportation)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Congressional scorecard: key events of the 102nd Congress.Business, general 
Congress overrides cable-TV reregulation veto.Business, general 
Congress passes $1 billion in aid to cities. (includes related articles and related developments)Business, general 
Congress passes drug review act. (Prescription Drug User Fee Act of 1992)Business, general 
Conservative elected president. (Sixto Duran Ballen)(includes biography) (Ecuador)Business, general 
Constitutional accord reached. (includes related articles on Canada)Business, general 
Constitutional talks in deadlock. (South Africa)Business, general 
Continental accepts Air Canada bid.Business, general 
Cosmic ripples from Big Bang theory.Business, general 
CPI increases by 0.4% in October. (October 1992 consumer price index) (includes other economic news)Business, general 
Crime news in brief.Business, general 
Crime news in brief.Business, general 
Crime: news in brief.Business, general 
Croatia, ethnic Serbs hamper United Nations peace plan. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Currencies realigned again. (Spain and Portugal) (includes related article)Business, general 
Czech and Slovak leaders agree to dissolve federation.Business, general 
Czechoslovakia diverts flow of Danube River: agrees to settle dispute with Hungary. (includes related information)Business, general 
Czechoslovak leader Havel fails in reelection bid. (Vaclav Havel)(includes related article on federal cabinet)Business, general 
Czechoslovak parliament backs '93 separation.Business, general 
Czechoslovak vote boosts Slovak nationalist Meclar. (Vladimir Meclar)Business, general 
Czech, Slovak leaders agree on plan for separate states. (includes related article on Hungarians in Slovakia)Business, general 
Danish voters reject EC's Maastricht unity treaty. (European Community) (includes related article)Business, general 
Deal on farm-subsidy reform set. (European Community)Business, general 
Defense. (includes related articles) (Major Spending Bills)Business, general 
Defense news in brief.Business, general 
De Klerk feted in Nigeria. (F.W. de Klerk)(includes related articles)Business, general 
De Klerk opens Parliament. (South African President Frederik W. de Klerk)Business, general 
De Klerk sets white referendum. (Frederik W. de Klerk)(includes related article)Business, general 
Democracy conference closed again. (includes related articles) (Zaire)Business, general 
Democrats back tax cuts for middle class, corporations.Business, general 
Departing and departed members of Congress. (Illustration)Business, general 
Detailed 1990 data released. (census data)Business, general 
Detroit police charged in beating death.Business, general 
Diet approves peace-keeping battalion. (Japan)Business, general 
Digital's founder steps down. (Digital Equipment Corp., Kenneth H. Olsen)(includes related article on resignation of Pier Carlo Falotti)Business, general 
Diplomats flee capital amid shelling. (includes related article on Afghanistan and other developments)Business, general 
'Dirty tricks' claim mars Perot surge. (H. Ross Perot)(includes related articles on the presidential campaign)Business, general 
'Discovery' flies military mission. (space shuttle Discovery) (includes related articles and space shuttle data)Business, general 
Disputed parliament vote completed. (Lebanon)(includes related article)Business, general 
DLP rocked by resignations. (Democratic Liberal Party of South Korea) (includes related articles)Business, general 
DNC 'opposition research' reported. (Democratic National Committee)(includes other news on 1992 presidential campaign)Business, general 
Dole seeks probe on preelection action. (Bob Dole) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Dos Santos fails to win outright majority. (Jose Eduardo dos Santos)(includes related article on Angola)Business, general 
Draft budget for 1993 sets restraint. (restraint on spending)(includes related articles on Germany)Business, general 
Drought strikes southern Africa.Business, general 
Drug ads called misleading. (drug advertisements in medical journals)(includes other news on drugs and health-care products)Business, general 
Duke repeats as NCAA basketball champions. (Duke University wins National Collegiate Athletic Association championship)(includes related articles)Business, general 
'Earth Summit' agenda talks end. (includes related articles)Business, general 
'Earth Summit' held in Brazil; climate, species pacts signed. (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development)(includes related articles)Business, general 
EC Edinburgh summit reaches key accord. (European Community; Edinburgh, Scotland) (includes related articles)Business, general 
EC imposes trade embargo on Yugoslavia; Baker pushes U.S. allies for tough measures. (James A. Baker)Business, general 
Eckersley sweeps MVP, Cy Young awards. (Dennis Eckersley, most valuable player) (includes related articles)Business, general 
EC leaders meet in Birmingham, England. (European Community)(includes other developments)Business, general 
EC leaders vow to press ahead toward unity. (includes related articles on European Community)Business, general 
Economic 'kickstart' plan unveiled. (Australia)Business, general 
Economic reforms advance. (includes related articles on Italy)Business, general 
Economic rule by decree voted. (includes related articles on Polish cabinet)Business, general 
Economy minister resigns. (Carlos Bolona Behr)(includes related articles on Peru)Business, general 
EC, U.S. recall envoys from Yugoslavia; U.N. leader rules out peace force for Bosnia.Business, general 
EC, U.S. stall in GATT talks. (European Community, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade)(includes related article)Business, general 
Eighth AIDS conference held in Amsterdam. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Electoral College votes. (includes related article and other President-elect Bill Clinton transition news)Business, general 
Electronics firms hit by slump. (Japanese firms)Business, general 
El Salvador peace pact sets cease-fire date. (includes related article)Business, general 
El Salvador peace treaty signed. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Energy. (includes related articles) (Major Legislation)Business, general 
Ernst & Young to pay $400 million.Business, general 
Excerpts from Dan Quayle's speech accepting the Republican vice presidential nomination. (speech during the Republican National Convention) (Transcript)Business, general 
Excerpts from other addresses to the Democratic national Convention. (Bill Bradley, Zell Miller, Barbara Jordan, Paul E. Tsongas, Jerry Brown, Jesse Jackson, Jimmy Carter, Mario Cuomo) (Transcript)Business, general 
Excerpts from other addresses to the Republican National Convention. (Patrick Buchanan, Ronald Reagan, Jack F. Kemp, Phil Gramm, Marilyn Quayle, Barbara Bush, Gerald R. Ford) (Transcript)Business, general 
Excerpts from Russian President Yeltsin's address to the U.S. Congress. (Boris Yeltsin) (Transcript)Business, general 
Excerpts from Sen. Al Gore's speech accepting the Democratic vice presidential nomination. (Transcript)Business, general 
Excerpts from Supreme Court decision on extradition. (kidnapping of Humberto Alvarez Machain for prosecution in the U.S.)(addresses by William H. Rehnquist and John Paul Stevens) (Transcript)Business, general 
Excerpts from the 1992 Republican platform. (approved during Republican National Convention) (Transcript)Business, general 
Excerpts from the Supreme Court's decision on Pennsylvania's abortion restrictions. (Transcript)Business, general 
Excessive force against inmates curbed. (Supreme Court ruling)Business, general 
Ex-CIA officer's trial ends in deadlock. (Claire E. George)(includes related articles) (Iran-Contra Arms Scandal)Business, general 
Ex-dissident Kim elected president. (Kim Young Sam) (includes related article and biographical sketch of Kim Young Sam)Business, general 
Ex-officials testify on payoff scandal. (Japan)Business, general 
Ex-priest sued for sex abuse. (James R. Porter)(includes related article)Business, general 
Ex-Soviet states fail to settle differences; Ukrainian president doubts Commonwealth's future. (Leonid Kravchuk, Commonwealth of Independent States) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Ex-Soviet states offered IMF, World Bank memberships. (International Monetary Fund)Business, general 
Facts on the 1992 presidential candidates. (Jerry Brown, Bill Clinton, Tom Harkin, Bob Kerrey, Paul Tsongas, Pat Buchanan)Business, general 
Failed coup bid, army purge reported. (includes related article on Jordan) (Iraq)Business, general 
FCC affirmative action limited. (Federal Communications Commission)(ruling by the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit)(includes related article)Business, general 
FDIC increases insurance premiums. (Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.)Business, general 
FDIC seeks bank premium increase. (Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.)Business, general 
February consumer prices rise 0.3%. (includes related economic news)Business, general 
Federal Aboriginal funding plan set. (includes related article on Australia)Business, general 
Federal budget proves unpopular. (Australia)Business, general 
Federal budget unveiled. (Australia)Business, general 
Federal 'gag rule' eased. (restrictions on abortion advice)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Feinstein, Boxer win California Senate nomination. (Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer)Business, general 
Female condom backed by FDA panel. (Food and Drug Administration) (includes other health and medication news)Business, general 
Fighting between Kurds, Turkish forces escalates. (includes related articles and related developments)Business, general 
Fighting escalates between Armenia and Azerbaijan. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Finance minister quits in policy dispute. (Minister Karol Lutkowski)(includes additional news on Poland)Business, general 
First armed U.N. troops arrive. (Somalia)Business, general 
First chromosome maps completed. (includes related article)Business, general 
First-quarter profits improved. (includes related article on Wall Street Journal survey and articles on various companies)Business, general 
First U.S. forces arrive in Somali capital in 'Operation Restore Hope.' (includes related articles)Business, general 
Fiscal 1992-93 budget presented. (Canada)Business, general 
Fish contamination found by magazine. (Consumer Reports)Business, general 
Five EC observers die as Yugoslav jet downs copter. (European Community) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Ford to launch cleaner-running cars. (Ford Motor Co.)(includes other environmental news)Business, general 
Foreign aid. (includes related articles) (Major Spending Bills)Business, general 
Former East German leader Honecker returned for trial. (Erich Honecker)(includes related article)Business, general 
Former Panamanian leader Noriega found guilty. (Manuel Antonio Noriega)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Former Panamanian leader Noriega sentenced. (Manuel Antonio Noriega convicted of drug and racketeering charges)(includes related article)Business, general 
Four IRA men shot dead by troops. (Irish Republican Army)Business, general 
Fourth-quarter output to remain flat. (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries)Business, general 
Fowler loses Georgia Senate runoff. (Wyche Fowler, Jr.)Business, general 
France admits Palestinian militant for medical treatment. (George Habash) (includes related articles)Business, general 
France moves to 'Maastricht' approval. (European Community political and monetary unity treaty)Business, general 
French premier resigns; Beregovoy succeeds Cresson. (French Premier Pierre Beregovoy, Edith Cresson)(includes related articles)Business, general 
French Socialists routed in regional elections. (includes related articles)Business, general 
French voters narrowly back 'Maastricht' treaty on closer European unity. (includes related articles)Business, general 
'Friendly fire' reprimands reported. (Persian Gulf War)(includes related developments)Business, general 
Fujimori seizes authoritarian powers. (Peruvian President Alberto K. Fujimori)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Full inquiry sought in Iraq/BNL scandal. (Banca Nazionale del Lavoro)Business, general 
Funeral held for massacre victims. (includes related articles on South Africa)Business, general 
G-7 offers debt relief. (Group of 7 leading industrial nations) (includes related articles)Business, general 
'Gag rule' rejected by appeals court. (abortion counseling)Business, general 
Gaidar becomes Yeltsin advisor. (Yegor T. Gaidar, Boris Yeltsin) (includes related articles about Russia)Business, general 
Gaviria declares state of emergency. (Cesar Gaviria Trujillo) (includes related articles)Business, general 
GDP grew 1.4% in second quarter. (gross domestic product)(includes related articles on consumer spending and other economic news)Business, general 
GDP grew at 2.7% rate in third quarter. (gross domestic product)(includes related article on consumer spending and other economic news)Business, general 
GDP revision confirms anemic rise. (gross domestic product)(includes other news on the economy)Business, general 
General Electric pleads guilty in arms fraud case. (includes related articles)Business, general 
General Motors suffers record $4.45 billion loss for 1991. (includes related articles)Business, general 
German foreign minister Genscher resigns. (Hans-Dietrich Genscher)Business, general 
German news in brief.Business, general 
German public-sector strike ends with 5.4% raise.Business, general 
German rightist parties surge in states' voting. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Germany bans neo-Nazis after 3 Turks die in arson.Business, general 
Germany, France to form a 35,000-strong military corps.Business, general 
Germany raises key interest rate.Business, general 
Girl cleared to travel for abortion. (Ireland)Business, general 
Global warming talks end with impasse. (includes related article on economic aid to developing countries)Business, general 
GM directors shake up management. (General Motors Corp.)Business, general 
GM pickup safety to be investigated. (General Motors) (includes related article)Business, general 
GM plans huge stock offering. (General Motors Corp.)Business, general 
Golan compromise effort stalls. (Golan Heights)(includes related article and other developments) (Middle East Peace Talks)Business, general 
Goldin named new NASA chief. (Daniel S. Goldin, National Aeronautics and Space Administration) (Brief Article)Business, general 
GOP approves conservative platform. (Republican Party)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Gorbachev-Yeltsin feud worsens. (Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin)Business, general 
Gotti convicted of racketeering. (John Gotti)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Government falls; Kuchma named premier. (Leonid Kuchma)(includes related articles on Ukraine)Business, general 
Government foils coup attempt. (Venezuela)Business, general 
Government knew of equipment exports. (Great Britain, British exports to Iraq) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Government reports coup attempt. (Peru) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Great Britain: news in brief.Business, general 
Greek ex-premier acquitted in corruption case. (Andreas Papandreou)Business, general 
Group of Seven ministers discuss currency crisis. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Group of Seven ministers meet.Business, general 
Gulf War oil damage reported limited. (includes other developments related to the international environment)Business, general 
Guzman sentenced to life in prison. (Abimael Guzman Reynoso)(includes related articles on Peru)Business, general 
Harris executed in California. (Robert Alton Harris)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Havel steps down as Czechoslovakia's president; Slovakia declares sovereignty. (Vaclav Havel)Business, general 
Hawke resigns from Parliament. (Bob Hawke)(includes other news about Australia)Business, general 
Heads of leading industrial nations meet in Munich; trade issues remain unresolved. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Hewson proposes youth wage cap. (John Hewson)(includes related article on Australia)Business, general 
High court rejects bid on abortion pill. (RU-486)Business, general 
High Court removes political ad ban. (Australian Supreme Court)(includes related articles)Business, general 
High-ranking Socialist targeted in probe. (Henri Emmanuelli)(includes related article on France)Business, general 
High-society figures charged. (insider trading)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Hindus destroy Indian mosque, sparking sectarian conflict. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Holocaust-denial author to be deported. (David Irving) (includes related article)Business, general 
Holocaust-denial publisher acquitted. (Ernst Zundel)(includes related articles on Canada)Business, general 
Honduras, El Salvador settle border dispute. (includes related article)Business, general 
House bank full overdraft list released.Business, general 
House bank records subpoenaed.Business, general 
House defeats balanced budget amendment. (includes related articles)Business, general 
House leadership elections held. (includes related articles)Business, general 
House membership: 258 D, 176 R, 1 Ind. Pre-election: 266 D, 166 R, 1 Ind., 2 vacancies. (Democrats, Republicans and Independents in the House)(includes related article)Business, general 
House passes '93 appropriations. (includes related articles)Business, general 
House passes '93 authorization. (defense authorization bill)Business, general 
House passes bill. (House of Representatives, energy bill) (includes details of bill)Business, general 
House passes middle-class tax cut. (includes related article)Business, general 
House Post Office ex-manager indicted. (Joanna G. O'Rourke)(includes related articles and other developments)Business, general 
House, Senate approve tax bill. (includes related articles)Business, general 
House votes '900'-number rules.Business, general 
House votes to release names in check-bouncing scandal. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Hoyte loses election to ex-Marxist. (President Desmond Hoyte)(includes related articles on Guyana)Business, general 
Hunger strike sparks Palestinian unrest.Business, general 
Hurricane Andrew hits South Florida, Louisiana. (includes related article on federal relief)Business, general 
IBM sets job cuts, $6 billion charge. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Iliescu, splinter party lead in Romanian voting. (President Ion Iliescu)(includes related article)Business, general 
Iliescu wins presidential runoff. (Ion Iliescu)(includes related articles on Romania)Business, general 
IMF trims growth expectations. (International Monetary Fund)Business, general 
IMF, World Bank hold annual meeting. (International Monetary Fund)(includes related articles on international finance)Business, general 
Infection threat seen growing.Business, general 
Infidelity charge rocks Clinton campaign. (Democratic candidate Bill Clinton)(includes related articles)Business, general 
International drug sting yields 165 arrests.Business, general 
Inuit vote to create new territory. (Canada)Business, general 
IRA bombings prompt roadblocks. (Irish Republican Army) (includes related article and other Ulster, Ireland, news)Business, general 
Iran embassy attacked; security faulted. (Australia)(includes related article)Business, general 
Iran raids rebel base in Iraq. (includes related article)Business, general 
Iraq arms probe terms set. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Iraqi arms sales. (Iraqi efforts to acquire nuclear arms in 1989)(includes related article)Business, general 
Iraqi loan scandal: moves taken toward special counsel. (includes related information)Business, general 
Iraq rebuffs U.N. arms inspectors.Business, general 
Iraq, U.N. reach compromise on arms search; U.S. inspectors barred from team. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Irish Premier Haughey resigns amid scandal. (Prime Minister Charles Haughey)Business, general 
Irish voters approve EC Maastricht Treaty. (European Community)Business, general 
Israel deports Palestinians amid escalating violence. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Israeli embassy in Argentina destroyed by car bomb.Business, general 
Israeli Labor Party defeats ruling Likud bloc in national elections.Business, general 
Israeli resale of U.S. arms alleged.Business, general 
Israel: news in brief.Business, general 
Isuzu to end passenger-car production. (Isuzu Motors) (includes other Japanese news)Business, general 
Italian voters reject ruling coalition. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Italy grapples with Mafia violence. (includes related articles and related developments)Business, general 
'Ivan' war-crimes appeal hearing ends. (John Demjanjuk hearing in Israel)Business, general 
Jan.-March GDP growth revised upward. (gross domestic product)(includes other economic news)Business, general 
Japan unveils plan to stimulate economy. (includes related article)Business, general 
Jet attacks U.S. antidrug plane. (Peru)Business, general 
Joblessness rises; slump persists. (includes related article on United Kingdom)Business, general 
Jobless rate falls to 7.2%.Business, general 
Jobless rate jump prompts Fed interest rate cut. (Federal Reserve Board)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Jobless rate rises to 7.3%.Business, general 
Jobless rate unchanged at 7.3%.Business, general 
Jobless rate unchanged in January.Business, general 
Joint Chiefs testify on sex bias. (Joint Chiefs of Staff)(includes related articles on Tailhook scandal and other developments)Business, general 
Joint U.S.-Russian missions planned. (includes related article)Business, general 
Judge faults ANC, Inkatha for strife. (South African Judge Richard Goldstone, African National Congress, Inkatha Movement) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Judge rejects Pan Am case extraditions. (bombing of Pan American World Airways jet)(includes related articles on Libya)Business, general 
July jobless rate declines slightly.Business, general 
June new-home sales rise. (includes other economic news)Business, general 
Junta chief replaced. (Saw Mung replaced in Myanmar)Business, general 
Keating economic plans hinted. (Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating)Business, general 
Keating ordered to pay $2.1 billion. (Charles H. Keating Jr.)Business, general 
Keating sentenced to 10 years in prison. (Charles H. Keating, Jr., convicted of fraud)(includes related article)Business, general 
Kennedy assassination. (opening files on John F. Kennedy assassination)Business, general 
Key points of the 1992 Democratic Party platform.Business, general 
Key remarks and speeches from the Rio 'Earth Summit.' (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development) (Transcript)Business, general 
Kissinger denies POWs abandoned in Asia. (Henry A. Kissinger; prisoners of war)(includes related articles and other developments)Business, general 
Kohl sees tax hike for eastern costs. (German Chancellor Helmut Kohl; debts of eastern Germany)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Kurds declare a tie in elections. (Iraq)Business, general 
Labor elaborates on budget tax plan. (Australia)Business, general 
Labour Party holds conference. (includes related articles on United Kingdom)Business, general 
Last Western hostages freed in Lebanon. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Latin America cooperation boosted. (elimination of drug trafficking)(includes related articles on bilateral agreements and dismissal of television reporter Brian Karem)Business, general 
Latin American and Caribbean news in brief.Business, general 
Lawmakers 'impeach' Fujimori. (Peruvian President Alberto K. Fujimori)(includes related articles on Peru)Business, general 
Lawmakers reject break-up measure. (Czechoslovak Federal Assembly) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Leading Saudi banker indicted. (Sheik Khalid bin Mahfouz indicted for fraud)(includes related articles on Bank of Credit and Commerce International and National Commercial Bank)Business, general 
Lebanese Hizballah chief slain in Israeli raid. (Sheik Abbas al-Musawi)Business, general 
Legislature approves Patten's plan. (Hong Kong legislature, Chris Patten) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Lesbian's suit against Army upheld. (Dusty Pruitt) (includes related article)Business, general 
Life-insurance speculation questioned. (purchasing AIDS patients' life insurance policies)(includes other news on health insurance)Business, general 
Lincoln S&L law firm in settlement. (Lincoln Savings and Loan Association; Kaye, Scholer, Fierman, Hays and Handler)Business, general 
Lloyd's leadership backed amid woes. (Lloyd's of London)(includes related articles on United Kingdom)Business, general 
'Lone-superpower' policy paper reported. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Los Angeles engulfed in riots; 58 killed, damage nears $1 billion; federal troops help establish order.Business, general 
Los Angeles riots.Business, general 
Los Angeles riots aftermath. (includes related article and related news)Business, general 
Los Angeles riots aftermath. (includes related news)Business, general 
Loyalist troops thwart coup attempt. (Venezuela) (includes related article)Business, general 
Magic Johnson sets NBA return. (National Basketball Association)(includes related article)Business, general 
Major defends Maastricht Treaty. (British Prime Minister John Major)(includes related articles on United Kingdom)Business, general 
Major industrial nations set Russia aid; $24 billion package to bolster Yeltsin reforms. (Boris Yeltsin)(includes related articles)Business, general 
March consumer prices rise 0.5%. (includes other economic news)Business, general 
Margarine linked to heart disease. (includes related information)Business, general 
Mars orbiter to map surface. ('Mars Observer')(includes related article on collaboration of France and Russia)Business, general 
May consumer prices rise 0.1%. (includes other economic news)Business, general 
May jobless rate increases to 7.5%.Business, general 
McDonnell Douglas signs Chinese deal.Business, general 
Medellin cocaine cartel leader escapes. (Pablo Escobar)Business, general 
Middle East news in brief.Business, general 
Middle East peace talks.Business, general 
Middle East peace talks. (includes related article on Secretary of State James A. Baker's derogatory comments about Jewish Americans)Business, general 
Middle East peace talks resume in Washington. (includes related articles and other developments)Business, general 
Military cracks down on opposition. (Thailand)Business, general 
Military 'dirty tricks' scheme revealed. (South Africa) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Military lifts martial law. (Myanmar)Business, general 
Milken, claimants in $1.3 billion pact. (Michael R. Milken)Business, general 
Milken settlement approved. (Michael R. Milken)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Milken's jail term reduced. (Michael R. Milken)(includes related article on bribery case of Alan E. Rosenthal)Business, general 
Miss. college integration ruled lax. (Mississippi's public university system)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Miyazawa, Bush meet in Washington. (Kiichi Miyazawa, George Bush meet to discuss economic issues)Business, general 
Miyazawa criticizes U.S. work ethic. (Japanese Premier Kiichi Miyazawa) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Moderates gain in parliament elections. (includes related articles on Iranian politics)Business, general 
Moldova said to prepare for union with Romania. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Moslem extremists attack tourists. (includes related article and other developments related to Egypt)Business, general 
Mulroney vows to remain party leader. (Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney; Progressive Conservative Party)(includes related article)Business, general 
Mulroney warns on charter-reform. (Prime Minister Brian Mulroney)(includes related articles on Canada)Business, general 
Names released in House Bank scandal. (includes related articles and related developments)Business, general 
National unity talks aim for accord. (includes related article) (Canada)Business, general 
Nationwide strike cripples industry. (includes related articles on South Africa)Business, general 
Navy secretary quits in 1991 convention sex-abuse furor. (H. Lawrence Garrett, III; Tailhook Association convention)(includes related articles)Business, general 
NEA head vetoes two grants. (Anne-Imelda Radice, National Endowment for the Arts)Business, general 
Nestle, Agnellis fight for Perrier. (Exor S.A., Source Perrier S.A.)Business, general 
New abortion law eases curbs. (includes related article on Germany)Business, general 
New charges in billion-dollar scandal. (India) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Newcomer wins Pa. Senate nomination. (Lynn Hardy Yeakel)Business, general 
New governor takes office. (Christopher Patten, Hong Kong)Business, general 
New premier inaugurated. (Marc L. Bazin)(includes related articles on Haiti)Business, general 
New referendum on abortion set. (Ireland)(includes related article)Business, general 
News in brief. (Defense)Business, general 
New York. (1992 election)(State by State Results)Business, general 
New York theater openings.Business, general 
NFL season ends. (National Football League) (includes other sports news)Business, general 
NHL season concludes after strike. (National Hockey League)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Nikkei plummets to five-year lows. (includes related articles) (Japan)Business, general 
Nikkei plunges further. (includes related article on Japan's trade surplus)Business, general 
Nobel Prizes awarded.Business, general 
No living POWs found in Russia. (prisoners of war)(includes related articles on Vietnam War POWs and remains of Korean War servicemen)Business, general 
November jobless rate drops to 7.2%. (includes other economic news)Business, general 
Nuclear project halted amid fiscal woes. (includes related articles on Cuba)Business, general 
October jobless rate dips slightly. (October 1992) (includes other economic news)Business, general 
Oil spills from tanker wreck off Spain. (includes related article)Business, general 
O'Keefe named acting Navy secretary. (Sean O'Keefe)(includes related article on Tailhook sexual-abuse incident and related developments)Business, general 
Olympia offers 20% stake to banks. (Olympia and York Developments Ltd.)Business, general 
Olympia & York files for bankruptcy. (Olympia and York Developments Ltd.)Business, general 
Olympia & York plans restructuring. (Olympia and York Developments Ltd.)Business, general 
Opening of secret Nazi files ordered. (Argentina)Business, general 
Opposition attacks tax cuts. (Australia's Liberal and National Party Coalition)(includes related article)Business, general 
Opposition unveils wage-reform plan. (Australia)Business, general 
Opposition wins parliament majority. (includes related articles on Kuwait)Business, general 
O&Y negotiates loans for Canary Wharf. (Olympia and York Developments Ltd.)Business, general 
Ozone-harming chemical ban moved up.Business, general 
Pacific nuclear-arms tests suspended. (includes related articles on France)Business, general 
Packwood accused of sexual harassment. (Oregon Senator Bob Packwood) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Panel approves logging in owl habitat.Business, general 
Panel backs Collor impeachment. (Fernando Collor de Mello)(includes related articles on Brazil and related developments)Business, general 
Panel rules on breast implants. (Food and Drug Administration restricts marketing of implants)(includes related article and other developments)Business, general 
Parliament holds special session. (South Africa)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Parliament sets direct vote for premier. (Israeli Knesset)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Parties register for June elections. (Israel)Business, general 
Parties release election manifestos. (British Labor and Conservative Parties and Liberal Democrats)(includes summary of British party election platforms)Business, general 
Passport-file probe concluded. (files of presidential candidates)Business, general 
Patten unveils governing plans. (Governor Christopher Patten)(includes related article on Hong Kong)Business, general 
Peace Corps director to head United Way. (United Way of America; Elaine L. Chao)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Peace process stalls on rights issues. (Guatemala )Business, general 
Peace talks resume, stall. (includes other developments on Middle East Peace Talks)Business, general 
Pennsylvania Democratic primary win boosts Clinton. (Bill Clinton)Business, general 
People in politics.Business, general 
People in politics.Business, general 
People in politics.Business, general 
People in politics. (activities of various politicians)Business, general 
People in politics. (activities of various politicians)Business, general 
People in politics. (activities of various politicians)Business, general 
People in politics. (various politicians)Business, general 
People's Congress opens. (China's National People's Congress)(includes related article)Business, general 
Persian Gulf War assessment released. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Phar-Mor asks for bankruptcy protection. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Philip Morris buys Freia Marabou. (includes other merger and acquisition information)Business, general 
Phone files sought in Thomas leak probe. (Clarence Thomas hearings)Business, general 
Polar 'ozone hole' grows to record size. (includes related article)Business, general 
Police capture Sendero Luminoso chief. (Abimael Guzman Reynoso captured in Peru)(includes related information)Business, general 
Polish genocide orders revealed. (includes related article)Business, general 
Polish Premier Olszewski ousted by parliament. (Jan Olszewski)Business, general 
Poor children ordered tested for lead.Business, general 
Pornography case voided for entrapment. (includes related article)Business, general 
Post-Cold War defense role mulled by Pentagon, Congress. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Poverty up, income down.Business, general 
President Bush tours Los Angeles riot districts; administration maps out aid to cities.Business, general 
President dos Santos leads in elections. (Jose Eduardo dos Santos)(includes related articles on Angola)Business, general 
Presidential campaign.Business, general 
President Tudjman reelected in Croatia. (Franjo Tudjman)(includes related article on United Nations conference on Balkan refugees)Business, general 
PRI defeated in Chihuahua. (Institutional Revolutionary Party)(includes related articles on Mexico)Business, general 
Primaries held in eight states.Business, general 
Prime Minister says roles unaffected. (United Kingdom Prime Minister John Major, official roles of Prince Charles and Princess Diana of Wales) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Prince Edward Island bridge approved. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Prison consent-decree rules eased. (includes related article)Business, general 
Prison riot claims 200 lives. (Sao Paulo, Brazil)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Pro-democracy coalition wins Thai elections. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Profits mixed in 1991. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Pro-Fujimori alliance wins congress vote. (Alberto K. Fujimori) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Proposals for reforming the U.S. health-care system.Business, general 
Protesters clash with soldiers. (Malawi)Business, general 
Protesters condemn right-wing violence. (Germany) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Protests force out Michoacan governor. (Eduardo Villasenor)(includes related articles on Mexico)Business, general 
Pulitzer Prizes.Business, general 
Pullout of ex-Soviet troops agreed. (includes related articles) (Baltic States)Business, general 
PWA accepts Air Canada merger offer. (PWA Corp.)Business, general 
Quayle blasts 'cultural elite.' (Dan Quayle speaks about family values)(includes related articles on New York and H. Ross Perot)Business, general 
Quayle, Gore spar in vice presidential debate. (Dan Quayle; Albert Gore, Jr.)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Quayle implies GATT, security link. (Dan Quayle, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade Uruguay Round)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Quayle links family values, L.A. riots. (vice president Dan Quayle)Business, general 
Queen's speech details Major's program. (Queen Elizabeth II; U.K. Prime Minister John Major)Business, general 
Rabin confirmed as Israeli prime minister. (Yitzhak Rabin)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Rabin ousts Peres as Labor Party chief. (Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, Israel Labour Party)(includes other Israeli political news)Business, general 
Race-based juror exclusion barred. (by Supreme Court) (includes excerpts from the decision)Business, general 
Rebel factions capture Afghan capital; interim council assumes power. (includes related chronology)Business, general 
Relaxed emissions law issued. (industrial pollution emissions)(includes related information on Council on Competitiveness and other regulatory developments)Business, general 
Report alleges global regulatory laxity. (Bank of Commerce and Credit International scandal)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Report assails Navy in 'Tailhook' scandal. (Tailhook Association)(includes related articles and other developments)Business, general 
Report criticizes United Way ex-leader. (William Aramony)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Research spending found declining.Business, general 
Retrial set for environmentalist's slayer. (Darly Alves da Silva's plans to murder Francisco Mendes Filho)(includes other news about Brazil)Business, general 
Revision shows faster growth in GDP. (gross domestic product) (includes other economic news)Business, general 
Reynolds's coalition collapses. (Irish Prime Minister Albert Reynolds) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Right-wing youths riot in Rostock. (includes related articles on Germany)Business, general 
Riots erupt in Los Angeles after acquittal of white police officers in black motorist's videotaped beating. (Rodney King case)Business, general 
Rival Somali warlords sign peace pact. (Gen. Mohammed Farah Aidid, Ali Mahdi Mohammed)Business, general 
Road spending, rail sell-off planned. (includes related article on Germany)Business, general 
Romanians to be repatriated. (includes related articles on Germany and other developments)Business, general 
RTC sues Western officers. (Resolution Trust Corp., Western Savings and Loan Association)(includes related article)Business, general 
Ruling in 'friendly fire' deaths. (United Kingdom )Business, general 
Ruling party loses assembly majority. (South Korea)Business, general 
Russia, France sign cooperation treaty.Business, general 
Russia frees prices, stunning populace.Business, general 
Russian attack submarine delivered. (to Iran) (includes related article)Business, general 
Russian central bank assailed on credit policy.Business, general 
Russian Congress opens; Yeltsin seeks new powers. (Boris Yeltsin)Business, general 
Russian Congress, Yeltsin in political deal; Gaidar dropped, Chernomyrdin becomes president. (Boris Yeltsin, Yegor T. Gaidar, Viktor S. Chernomyrdin) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Russian cosmonaut returns home. (Sergei Krikalyov)(includes related article on Baikonur Cosmodrome riot)Business, general 
Russian economic reform attacked from all sides. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Russian news in brief.Business, general 
Russian news in brief.Business, general 
Russian President Yeltsin maneuvers to keep reforms. (Boris Yeltsin) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Russia promised increased foreign aid. (from South Korea) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Russia to open biological-research sites.Business, general 
Russia, Ukraine in rift over Crimean peninsula. (Brief Article)Business, general 
Salomon settles auction charges. (Salomon Inc. fined $290 million for illegal activities in government securities market)Business, general 
Sandinista police officers dismissed.Business, general 
Saudi jet fighter sale announced by Bush.Business, general 
Scalfaro elected president. (Oscar Luigi Scalfaro elected president of Italy)Business, general 
School-desegregation controls eased. (Supreme Court decision)(includes related articles)Business, general 
School graduation prayer struck down. (by Supreme Court) (includes excerpts from the decision)Business, general 
SDP wins parliamentary vote. (Social Democratic Party, Nigeria)Business, general 
Second-quarter GDP gain put at 1.5%. (gross domestic product)(includes other economic news)Business, general 
Second-quarter profits up 2.1%. (corporate profits)Business, general 
Secretary General cuts staff. (United Nations Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali)(includes related article on appointment of Richard L. Thornburgh)Business, general 
SEC sets executive pay proxy rules. (Securities and Exchange Commission)Business, general 
SEC sues former Salomon employees. (Securities and Exchange Commission, Salomon Brothers Inc.) (includes related article)Business, general 
Security forces linked to murders. (includes related articles on South Africa)Business, general 
Seles, Edberg retain U.S. Open titles. (tennis players Monica Seles and Stefan Edberg)Business, general 
Senate kills striker-replacement bill. (includes related article)Business, general 
Senate membership: 57 D, 42 R, 1 undecided. Pre-election: 57 D, 43 R. (Democrats and Republicans in the Senate)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Senate passes '93 appropriation. (includes related article)Business, general 
Senate passes tax bill; middle-class cut almost fails.Business, general 
Senators' honoraria receipts reported. (includes related information on House honoraria)Business, general 
Senators seek MIA clues in Asia.Business, general 
Sen. Dixon upset in Illinois primary. (Senator Alan J. Dixon)(includes related articles)Business, general 
September housing starts rise. (includes other economic news)Business, general 
September jobless rate drops slightly.Business, general 
Serb-held Bosnia partition; Moslems, Croats battle. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Serbia fails to oust Yugoslav premier. (Milan Panic)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Serbia, Montenegro proclaim new Yugoslavia. (includes related article)Business, general 
Seventh Escobar lieutenant surrenders. (Luis Carlos Aguilar Gallego)Business, general 
Sewer explosion rocks Guadalajara.Business, general 
Sex charges end Adams reelection bid. (Senator Brock Adams)Business, general 
Sexual-harassment damages approved. (Supreme Court ruling)Business, general 
Shaky OAS pact sets Aristide's return. (Organization of American States, Jean-Bertrand Aristide)(Haiti)(includes related articles and related developments)Business, general 
Shamir, Levy mend Likud rift. (Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, Foreign Minister David Levy)(includes related article)Business, general 
Shuttle 'Atlantis' fails to deploy tethered satellite. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Shuttle 'Columbia' launches probe. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Shuttle 'Discovery' flies biology mission. (includes related article)Business, general 
Shuttle 'Endeavor' rescues communications satellite.Business, general 
Signs of economic recovery reported. (includes related articles on Poland)Business, general 
Simian vaccine tested. (AIDS virus)Business, general 
Six ex-Soviet states sign security treaty; Ukrainian leader skips Tashkent summit. (Ukrainian president Leonid M. Kravchuk)Business, general 
Slower growth, higher deficit predicted. (Canada)Business, general 
Small fine for LDP leader in bribe case. (Liberal Democratic Party leader Shin Kanemaru)(includes related articles on Japan)Business, general 
Smith elected Labour Party leader. (John Smith; Great Britain)(includes related information)Business, general 
Smith, Smale to share top GM posts. (John F. Smith, John G. Smale, General Motors Corp.)Business, general 
Somalia intervention: foreign troops take more towns. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Some progress in Ulster talks.Business, general 
Some smoking liability suits backed. (by Supreme Court)Business, general 
South African President de Klerk, Mandela meet. (Frederik W. de Klerk, Nelson Mandela)(includes related articles)Business, general 
South African whites endorse end to minority rule in referendum on a new constitution.Business, general 
Special counsel demand rejected again. (includes related articles)Business, general 
Special prosecutor named in BNL case. (Banca Nazionale del Lavoro)(includes related developments and articles on Iraqi loan scandal)Business, general 
Special prosecutor request rejected. (request to appoint independent counsel to investigate Bush administration's involvement with Iraq)(includes related articles and other developments)Business, general 
Spending plan targets investment. (United Kingdom) (includes related articles)Business, general 
START I ratification delayed. (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) (includes other Ukrainian news)Business, general 
'Star Wars' space test fails.Business, general 
Stasi files taint eastern leaders. (East Germans)(includes related articles)Business, general 
State prisoners' appeals limited. (by Supreme Court)Business, general 
Status of Scotland debated. (includes related article)Business, general 
Steel strike avoided. (Germany) (includes related article and other German economic news)Business, general 
Stempel resigns as GM chairman. (General Motors Chairman Robert C. Stempel)(includes related article)Business, general 
Stopgap bill set for new fiscal year. (includes related articles on the federal budget for fiscal year 1993)Business, general 
Student aid bill enacted.Business, general 
Suchinda quits after support collapses. (Thai Premier Suchinda Kraprayoon resigns)Business, general 
Suits under Child Welfare Act limited. (Supreme Court ruling)(includes other Supreme Court decisions)Business, general 
Summer Olympic Games open in Barcelona. (includes related articles on opening ceremonies and drug testing)Business, general 
Supreme Court issues abortion ruling. (Irish Supreme Court)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Supreme Court overturns 'hate-speech' law. (includes excerpts from the decision)Business, general 
Supreme Court upholds prosecution of kidnapped man. (Humberto Alvarez Machain)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Taiwan jet fighter sale approved by President Bush. (George Bush)(includes related article on China)Business, general 
Tajik president forced to resign. (Tajikistan President Rakhman Nabiyev)(includes related article)Business, general 
Tax bill faces 'pocket veto.' (Major Legislation)Business, general 
Taxes on out-of-state firms limited. (includes information on other Supreme Court cases)Business, general 
Tensions with Russia growing. (includes related articles on withdrawal of Russian troops from the Baltic states, citizenship laws in Estonia and Latvia and Estonian constitution)Business, general 
Term limits win; gay curbs mixed. (term limits for members of Congress, gay rights)(includes related articles on ballot initiatives)Business, general 
Terrorist haven, Islamic threat seen. (Sudan)Business, general 
Text of Gov. Bill Clinton's speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination. (Transcript)Business, general 
Text of President Bush's speech accepting the Republican presidential nomination. (George Bush's speech during Republican National Convention) (Transcript)Business, general 
Theater openings.Business, general 
The last days. (includes related articles and other campaign news) (Presidential Campaign)Business, general 
Third quarter GDP gain revised upward to 3.9%. (Gross Domestic Product) (includes other economic news)Business, general 
Third-quarter profits fall slightly. (pretax profits of U.S. corporations) (includes related article and statistics for selected companies)Business, general 
Thrift rescue plan criticized. (includes related article on Resolution Trust Corp.)Business, general 
Top military officers fired. (Thailand)(includes other developments)Business, general 
Top police ranks purged. (South Africa)Business, general 
Toronto's World Series win is first for Canada. (Toronto Blue Jays; baseball)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Tory conference backs Major on EC. (John Major; European Community)(includes related articles on United Kingdom)Business, general 
Trade gap narrows sharply in October. (includes other economic news)Business, general 
Trade gap narrows slightly in September. (1992)Business, general 
Trade surplus doubles to record. (Japan)(includes other economic news about Japan)Business, general 
Transcript of President Bush's State of the Union message. (Transcript)Business, general 
Tribal conflict erupts. (Kenya)Business, general 
Truce agreed in civil war. (includes related article on Mozambique)Business, general 
Tsongas narrowly wins Maine caucus over Brown; Kerry earns solid victory in South Dakota primary. (Paul Tsongas, Jerry Brown, Bob Kerrey)(includes other campaign news articles)Business, general 
Tsongas quits race after Clinton wins Democratic primaries in Michigan and Illinois; Buchanan GOP challenge fades. (Paul Tsongas, Bill Clinton, Pat Buchanan's Republican nomination)(includes related articles)Business, general 
TWA files for bankruptcy. (Trans World Airlines Inc.)Business, general 
TWA, unions agree on equity pact. (Trans World Airlines)(includes related article on pension fund)Business, general 
U.K., Germans in dispute over pound's exit from ERM. (exchange rate mechanism)(includes related articles on Europe)Business, general 
Ukranian president agrees to abide by START pact; Bush, Kravchuk discuss disarmament. (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty; Leonid M. Kravchuk)Business, general 
U.K. sets new delay on Maastricht pact. (1992 Treaty on European Union)Business, general 
'Ulysses' flies by Jupiter. (unmanned spacecraft)Business, general 
U.N. arms team in 'provocation' row. (United Nations arms inspectors in Iraq)Business, general 
U.N. backs use of force to facilitate Bosnian aid. (United Nations Security Council)(includes related articles)Business, general 
U.N. backs U.S.-led force to safeguard food deliveries in Somalia. (includes excerpt from the U.N. resolution)Business, general 
U.N. calls for U.S. embargo repeal. (Cuba) (includes related article)Business, general 
Underground flood devastates Chicago. (includes related article)Business, general 
U.N envoy to investigate violence. (South Africa)Business, general 
U.N. General Assembly expels Yugoslavia. (includes related articles on United Nations)Business, general 
U.N. group condemns on rights abuses. (United Nations Human Rights Commission's condemnation of Cuba)Business, general 
Unions call for general strike. (includes related articles on South Africa)Business, general 
UNITA leader denies role in executions. (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola head Jonas Savimbi)(includes related articles)Business, general 
UNITA probe reports on murders. (Union for the Total Independence of Angola)(includes related articles)Business, general 
United Nations backs war-crimes panel for Bosnia. (includes related article and related developments)Business, general 
United Nations votes Bosnian 'no-fly zone'; Serb warplanes violate ban. (United Nations Security Council)(includes related articles)Business, general 
U.N. reports on A-arms threat. (International Atomic Energy Agency reports that Iran's atomic arms program is intended for peaceful purposes)(includes related developments)Business, general 
Unrest greets emergency rule. (includes related articles) (Algeria)Business, general 
U.N. Security Council votes Yugoslavia sanctions: trade ban, assets freeze included. (includes related articles) (Cover Story)Business, general 
U.N. wins relief accord. (Sudan)Business, general 
U.S. airlift to Somalia begins. (includes related articles and other developments)Business, general 
U.S., allies move to protect Iraqi Shiite rebels. (includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S., allies set Iraq 'no-fly zone'; Bush scores 'harsh repression' of Shiites. (George Bush)(includes related articles and other developments)Business, general 
U.S. approval set for Northwest/KLM link. (Northwest Airlines and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines) (includes related article)Business, general 
U.S. begins repatriations. (forcible repatriation of Haitian boat people) (includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S., Canada, Mexico initial pact. (North American Free Trade Agreement)(includes related article)Business, general 
U.S., Canada, Mexico reach North American Free Trade Agreement. (includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S. covert action against Saddam Hussein reported.Business, general 
U.S. demands Israeli settlement freeze in return for $10 billion in loan guarantees. (includes article on Israeli raid in Lebanon)Business, general 
U.S. downs Iraqi warplane in 'no-fly zone': first clash over Shiite region. (includes related article and other Iraqi news)Business, general 
U.S., EC reach deal on farm subsidy cuts; GATT talks set to resume. (European Community; General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade)(includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S. 'Endeavour' flies science mission. (space shuttle)(includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S. ends probe on missile transfers. (missile transfers from Israel to China)(includes related article on Israel)Business, general 
U.S. forces help dismantle armies. (includes related article on Angola)Business, general 
U.S. gene patent request turned down. (U.S. National Institutes of Health) (includes other science news)Business, general 
U.S., Mexico unveil border cleanup plan.Business, general 
U.S., Netherlands sign 'open-skies' pact. (removal of restrictions on airline flights)(includes related article on merger of Northwest Airlines and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines)Business, general 
U.S. news briefs.Business, general 
U.S. news in brief.Business, general 
U.S. news in brief.Business, general 
U.S., Russia agree to decrease nuclear warheads; powers quarrel over land-based missiles. (includes other arms-control news)Business, general 
U.S., Russia move to speed disarmament.Business, general 
U.S. sees continued terrorist support. (includes related developments) (Libya)Business, general 
U.S. Senate ratifies START. (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty)(includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S. Senate votes on trade status. (China)Business, general 
U.S. softwood ruling sparks row. (duty on Canadian exports of softwood lumber)Business, general 
U.S. starts search for alien life. (includes related articles on space exploration)Business, general 
U.S. students rank low in math, science.Business, general 
U.S. suspends Belet Uen relief flights. (includes related articles on Somalia)Business, general 
U.S. threatens stiff tariffs on EC goods. (European Community) (includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S. to airlift food, medicine to ex-Soviet states. (includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S. to pay full cost of hurricane relief in Florida. (includes related articles)Business, general 
U.S. upholds refugee returns. (includes related article on Haiti)Business, general 
Utilities in 'pollution credit' swap.Business, general 
VA/HUD. (Department of Veterans Affairs; Department of Housing and Urban Development) (Major Spending Bills)Business, general 
Vetoes by President Bush. (George Bush)Business, general 
Vietnam turns over photos of American servicemen. (military personnel missing in action)(includes related articles and related developments)Business, general 
Voters end Pindling's reign. (Prime Minister Lynden O. Pindling)(includes related articles on the Bahamas)Business, general 
Voters firmly reject reform package. (Panama) (includes related article)Business, general 
Wannsee Holocaust museum opens. (includes related developments) (Germany)Business, general 
War formally ends; army purge halted. (Salvadoran civil war) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Washington peace talks falter. (Arab-Israeli talks) (includes related article)Business, general 
Water, energy, Russia aid bills signed. (includes related information)Business, general 
Weak accord renews production quotas. (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries)Business, general 
Weak employment data prompts Fed rate cut. (Federal Reserve Board)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Weinberger indicted in Iran-contra case. (Caspar W. Weinberger)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Weinberger notes undermine Bush claims. (Caspar W. Weinberger, George Bush)(includes related articles on Iran-Contra scandal)Business, general 
White House rejects Oregon plan. (rationing of medical treatments)Business, general 
Whites slain in terrorist attack. (South Africa) (includes other news of unrest in South Africa)Business, general 
Wider state abortion limits upheld by Supreme Court; majority backs, but weakens, Roe v. Wade. (includes related articles)Business, general 
William Jefferson Clinton. (Biographies of the Democratic Candidates)Business, general 
Winter Olympics in Albertville conclude. (1992 winter games in Albertville, France)Business, general 
Withdrawal seen for coffee drinkers. (caffeine-withdrawal symptoms)(includes news about other health research)Business, general 
World heads of state and government leaders.Business, general 
World heads of state and government leaders. (Directory)Business, general 
Yeltsin halts Russian troop pullout. (Boris Yeltsin, from the Baltic states) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Yeltsin humiliated, enemies emboldened. (Boris Yeltsin) (includes related articles)Business, general 
Yeltsin, Russian Congress compromise on reform. (Boris Yeltsin, Russian Congress of People's Deputies)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Yeltsin, Russian Congress in power struggle; president shifts aides to placate critics. (Boris Yeltsin, Russian Congress of People's Deputies)(includes related articles)Business, general 
Yeltsin visits, signs accords. (Russian President Boris N. Yeltsin) (includes other news of China)Business, general 
Yugoslav premier ousted by nationalist hard-liners. (Milan Panic) (includes related articles and articles on the civil war)Business, general 
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