Ethics 2006 - Abstracts

Ethics 2006
Compatibilism and contractualism: The possibility of moral responsibility.Philosophy and religionLenman, James
Does consequentialism make too many demands, or none at all?Philosophy and religionHurley, Paul E.
Kantian rigorism and mitigating circumstances.Philosophy and religionSchapiro, Tamar
Moral generalism: Enjoy in moderation.Philosophy and religionVayrynen, Pekka
Paradoxes of abortion and prenatal injury.Philosophy and religionMcMahan, Jeff
Parents' rights and the value of the family.Philosophy and religionBrighouse, Harry, Swift, Adam
Punishment and desert: A reply to Dolinko.(Some Thoughts about Retributivism)Philosophy and religionFischer, John Martin
Rejecting ethical deflationism.Philosophy and religionRoss, Jacob
Supreme emergencies revisited.Philosophy and religionStatman, Daniel
The reversal test: Eliminating status quo bias in applied ethics.Philosophy and religionBostrom, Nick, Ord, Toby
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