Ethics 1999 - Abstracts

Ethics 1999
A Commentary on Color Conscious: The Political Morality of Race(*).Philosophy and religionMoody-Adams, Michele M.
A Critique of Three Objections to Physician-Assisted Suicide.Philosophy and religionBrock, Dan W.
Appearing Respectful: The Moral Significance of Manners(*).Philosophy and religionBuss, Sarah
A Right of Self-Termination?(right to die)Philosophy and religionVelleman, J. David
Conversing with the Tradition: John Rawls and the History of Ethics(*).Philosophy and religionNussbaum, Martha C.
Essence and Perfection(*).Philosophy and religionKitcher, Philip
Justice and Disagreement at the Foundations of Political Authority(*).Philosophy and religionChristiano, Thomas
Justification and Legitimacy(*).(philosophy of the state)Philosophy and religionSimmons, A. John
Kant, Ideal Theory, and the Justice of Exclusionary Zoning(*).Philosophy and religionHoltman, Sarah Williams
Love as a Moral Emotion(*).Philosophy and religionVelleman, J. David
Modesty and Ignorance(*).Philosophy and religionDriver, Julia
Morality as Consistency in Living: Korsgaard's Kantian Lectures(*).Philosophy and religionGibbard, Allan
Moral Overridingness and Moral Subjectivism(*).Philosophy and religionShiffrin, Seana Valentine
Of Assisted Suicide and "The Philosophers' Brief".(Review)Philosophy and religionWeithman, Paul J.
Physician-Assisted Suicide, the Doctrine of Double Effect, and the Ground of Value.Philosophy and religionKamm, F. M.
Physician-Assisted Suicide: Two Moral Arguments.Philosophy and religionThomson, Judith Jarvis
Political Community, Liberal-Nationalism, and the Ethics of Assimilation(*).Philosophy and religionMason, Andrew
Recent Work in Feminist Ethics(*).Philosophy and religionBrennan, Samantha
Recent Work on Moral Responsibility(*).Philosophy and religionFischer, John Martin
Reconsidering the "Actual Contract" Theory of Political Obligation(*).Philosophy and religionGilbert, Margaret
Reflective Moral Equilibrium and Psychological Theory(*).Philosophy and religionvan Roojen, Mark
Requirements, Reasons, and Raz: Legal Positivism and Legal Duties(*).(Joseph Raz, political and judicial philosopher)Philosophy and religionKramer, Matthew H.
Second-Order Decisions(*).Philosophy and religionSunstein, Cass R., Ullmann-Margalit, Edna
Sex, Suicide, and Doctors.(response to article by Paul J. Weithman in this issue, p. 548)Philosophy and religionDworkin, Gerald
The Answer to Kekes's Question(*).(response to John Kekes, Ethics, vol. 107, p. 658, 1997, on egalitarianism)Philosophy and religionBarclay, Linda
What Is a Child?(*).Philosophy and religionSchapiro, Tamar
What Is the Great Benefit of Legalizing Euthanasia or Physican-Assisted Suicide?Philosophy and religionEmanuel, Ezekiel J.
What Is the Point of Equality?(*).Philosophy and religionAnderson, Elizabeth S.
Why IS Modesty a Virtue?Philosophy and religionSchueler, G. F.
Zimmerman on Culpable Ignorance.(philosopher Michael J. Zimmerman)Philosophy and religionMontmarquet, James
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