Ethics 1998 - Abstracts

Ethics 1998
A challenge to common sense morality. (review of the book 'The Act Itself' by Jonathan Bennett)Philosophy and religionMcMahan, Jeff
Are violations of rights ever right?Philosophy and religionApplbaum, Arthur Isak
Can an indirect consequentialist be a real friend? (reply to Dean Cocking and Justin Oakley, vol. 106, p. 86-111, 1995)Philosophy and religionMason, Elinor
Civic education and liberal legitimacy.Philosophy and religionBrighouse, Harry
Civic pedagogies and liberal-democratic curricula.Philosophy and religionColeman, Joe
Constraining condemning.Philosophy and religionWertheimer, Roger
Contractualism and aggregation.Philosophy and religionReibetanz, Sophia
Feminism and multiculturalism: some tensions.Philosophy and religionOkin, Susan Moller
Friendship and the self.Philosophy and religionCocking, Dean, Kennett, Jeanette
Hobbesian public reason. (Thomas Hobbes)Philosophy and religionRidge, Michael
Incompatibilism and the avoidability of blame. (determinism and blameworthiness)Philosophy and religionOtsuka, Michael
Justice, age, and veneration. (arguments against age discrimination)Philosophy and religionCupit, Geoffrey
Liberal toleration in Rawl's Law of Peoples. (John Rawls)Philosophy and religionTan, Kok-Chor
Moral institutions, cognitive psychology, and the harming-versus-not-aiding distinction.Philosophy and religionKamm, F.M.
Philosophical intuitions and psychological theory.Philosophy and religionHorowitz, Tamara
Public philosophy and international feminism.Philosophy and religionNussbaum, Martha C.
Rewarding regret.Philosophy and religionSorensen, Roy
The autonomy defense of free speech.Philosophy and religionBrison, Susan J.
The insularity of the reasonable: why political liberalism must admit the truth.Philosophy and religionEstlund, David
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