Ethics 1997 - Abstracts

Ethics 1997
A defense of "A Defense of Abortion": on the responsibility objection to Thomson's argument.(Judith Jarvis Thomson)Philosophy and religionBoonin-Vail, David
Agent-centered restrictions: clearing the air of paradox.Philosophy and religionHurley, Paul
A question for egalitarians.Philosophy and religionKekes, John
Belief, reason, and motivation: Michael Smith's The Moral Problem.(Symposium on Michael Smith's The Moral Problem)Philosophy and religionCopp, David
Biocentrism and the concept of life.Philosophy and religionAgar, Nicholas
Cultural context and moral responsibility.Philosophy and religionIsaacs, Tracy
In defense of The Moral Problem: a reply to Brink, Copp, and Sayre-McCord. (response to articles by David O. Brink, David Copp and Geoffrey Sayre-McCord in this issue, p. 4, p. 33 and p. 55)(Symposium on Michael Smith's The Moral Problem)Philosophy and religionSmith, Michael
Kamm on the morality of killing. (criticism of Frances Kamm's 'Morality, Mortality')Philosophy and religionOtsuka, Michael
Learning from Frankena: a philosophical remembrance. (philosophist William Frankena)Philosophy and religionDarwall, Stephen
Moral deliberation, nonmoral ends, and the virtuous agent.Philosophy and religionIsaacs, Tracy, Jeske, Diane
Moral motivation. (analysis of doctrines on morality)(Symposium on Michael Smith's The Moral Problem)Philosophy and religionBrink, David O.
Moral responsibility and ignorance.Philosophy and religionZimmerman, Michael J.
Moral rules.Philosophy and religionShafer-Landau, Russ
Must constitutional democracy be "responsive"?Philosophy and religionMichelman, Frank I.
Nietzsche and the morality critics. (Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche)Philosophy and religionLeiter, Brian
On the intrinsic value of pleasures.Philosophy and religionFeldman, Fred
On the subjectivity of welfare.Philosophy and religionSobel, David
Political justification, theoretical complexity, and democratic community.Philosophy and religionBertram, Christopher
Rational cooperation, intention and reconsideration.Philosophy and religionMintoff, Joe
Rights, explanation, and risks.(moral aspects of theory of rights)Philosophy and religionMcCarthy, David
Self-ownership and equality: brute luck, gifts, universal dominance, and leximin.(egalitarian liberalism in Philippe Van Parijs's 'Real Freedom For All')Philosophy and religionVallentyne, Peter
Self-respect: moral, emotional, political.(sociopolitical context of self-respect)Philosophy and religionDillon, Robin S.
Sidgwick's false friends.(Henry Sidgwick and his opponents)Philosophy and religionShaver, Robert
Special obligations to compatriots.Philosophy and religionMason, Andrew
The metaethical problem. (analysis of metaethical doctrines)(Symposium on Michael Smith's The Moral Problem)Philosophy and religionSayre-McCord, Geoffrey
The priority of the right over the good rides again. (criticism of Brian Barry's book, 'Justice as Impartiality')Philosophy and religionArneson, Richard J.
The social and political sources of akrasia.Philosophy and religionRorty, Amelie Oksenberg
Why modesty is a virtue.Philosophy and religionSchueler. G.F.
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