Ethics 1996 - Abstracts

Ethics 1996
Anderson on reason and value.(Symposium on Elizabeth Anderson's 'Value in Ethics and Economics')Philosophy and religionSturgeon, Nicholas L.
Associative political obligations.Philosophy and religionSimmons, A. John
Can liberals support a ban on violent pornography?Philosophy and religionScoccia, Danny
Cruelty and liberalism.Philosophy and religionKekes, John
Deterrence and the fragility of rationality.Philosophy and religionKroon, Frederick
Equality. (teleological versus deontological interpretations)Philosophy and religionMcKerlie, Dennis
Freedom as antipower.Philosophy and religionPettit, Philip
Internalism and the good for a person.Philosophy and religionRosati, Connie S.
Internalist moral cognitivism and listlessness.Philosophy and religionMele, Alfred R.
John Stuart Mill and pornography: beyond the harm principle.Philosophy and religionVernon, Richard
Making sense of value.(Symposium on Elizabeth Anderson's 'Value in Ethics and Economics')Philosophy and religionPiper, Adrian M.S.
Monism, pluralism, and rational regret.Philosophy and religionHurka, Thomas
Motive and rightness.Philosophy and religionSverdlik, Steven
Mutual respect and neutral justification.Philosophy and religionBird, Colin
Nozick on sunk costs.(Robert Nozick's arguments against conventional sunk costs doctrine)Philosophy and religionSteele, David Ramsay
On civic friendship.Philosophy and religionSchwarzenbach, Sibyl A.
Reasons, attitudes, and values: replies to Sturgeon and Piper.(response to articles by Nick Sturgeon and Adrian Piper in this issue, p. 509 and 525, respectively)(Symposium on Elizabeth Anderson's 'Value in Ethics and Economics')Philosophy and religionAnderson, Elizabeth
The moral significance of birth.Philosophy and religionBermudez, Jose Luis
The moral significance of primitive self-consciousness: a response to Bermudez. (response to article by Jose Luis Bermudez, Ethics, p. 378, vol. 106, 1996)Philosophy and religionGallagher, Shaun
The possibility of practical reason.Philosophy and religionVelleman, J. David
Trust as an affective attitude.Philosophy and religionJones, Karen
Trust as noncognitive security about motives.Philosophy and religionBecker, Lawrence C.
Trustworthiness.Philosophy and religionHardin, Russell
What do we learn from the repugnant conclusion?Philosophy and religionCowen, Tyler
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