Estate Planning 2003 - Abstracts

Estate Planning 2003
Coping with the decoupling of state estate taxes after EGTRRA.(Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001)LawSteiner, Bruce D.
Dealing with mental capacity issues in estate planning.LawKirtland, Michael A.
Disability trusts that allow a client to qualify for Medicaid.LawCorreira, David J.
Estate planning for the unique needs of unmarried partners.LawCohen, Gail E.
Estate planning strategies specifically for the family farm.LawHodes, Michael C., Cagle, David A.
Family investment LLC: planning opportunities and guidelines.(limited liability company)LawGoldberg, Martin A.
Fully insured 412(i) pension plans offer simplicity and low risk.LawLeimberg, Stephan R., McFadden, John J.
Handwritten wills may be valid if certain requirements are met.LawStout, Bruce L.
IRS issues final regs. on treating revocable trust as part of estate.LawKove, Myron, Kosakow, James M.
Performing due diligence with respect to life insurance trusts is crucial.LawGibbons, Albert E., Leimberg, Stephan R., Bender, Drew A.
Planning opportunities for notes receivable in an estate.LawHarshman, Scott A.
Should an elder law attorney serve as a trustee?LawHook, Andrew H., Begley, Thomas D., Jr.
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