Endangered Species Update 1998 - Abstracts

Endangered Species Update 1998
A bright decade for the red wolf.(Endangered Species Bulletin)Zoology and wildlife conservationJennifer Gilbreath
African Elephant Conservation Act.(Endangered Species Bulletin)Zoology and wildlife conservationMark Phillips
A new approach to tiger conservation: integrating top-down and bottom-up strategies.Zoology and wildlife conservationMary Cox
Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge. (Florida)(Endangered Species Bulletin)Zoology and wildlife conservationSandy MacPherson, Duane DeFreese
A tool of persuasion.(Fishermen's Protective Act of 1967)Zoology and wildlife conservationTheodora Greanias
AZA Species Survival Plan profile: De Brazza's monkey. (American Zoo and Aquarium Association)Zoology and wildlife conservationCurtis Eng
Bird conservation in America's heartland.(Interior Low Plateau Region)Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert P. Ford
Bird conservation: more than just chasing the tails.Zoology and wildlife conservationDaniel R. Petit, Paul R. Schmidt
Black-footed ferret (Mustela nigripes) recovery update.Zoology and wildlife conservationAstrid Vargas, Pete Gober, Mike Lockhart, Paul Marinari
Bringing people into population and habitat viability analyses.Zoology and wildlife conservationFrances Westley, Ulie Seal, Onnie Byers, Gayl Ness
Building partnerships with zoos and aquariums. (US Fish and Wildlife Service)(Endangered Species Bulletin)Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael Hutchins, David Harrelson, Ed Diebold, William Waddell, Mike Wallace, Doug Warmolts
Can prescribed fire save the endangered coastal prairie ecosystem from Chinese tallow invasion?Zoology and wildlife conservationJames B. Grace
Charting the future of the refuge system.(bird refuge)Zoology and wildlife conservationRick Coleman
Condor soars toward recovery.(Endangered Species Bulletin)Zoology and wildlife conservationJane Hendron
Conservation of native freshwater mussels: an overview.Zoology and wildlife conservationThomas Hayes
Conservation spotlight: giant panda.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid Wildt, Susie Ellis
Conserving the migratory birds of Mexico's wetland ecosystems.Zoology and wildlife conservationRoxanne E. Bogart
Did they think it was labor day? (protection of endangered Kemp's ridley sea turtles in Mexico)Zoology and wildlife conservationLeslie Dierauf
DoD MAPS future for bird conservation.(US Department of Defense's Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship program)Zoology and wildlife conservationJacquelyn M. Howard
Endocrine disrupters and bald eagles: a response. (response to Michael Smolen and Theo Colborn, Endangered Species Update, September/October 1997)Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert W. Risebrough
Estimating and questioning economic values for endangered species: an application and discussion.(peregrine falcon and shortnose sturgeon)Zoology and wildlife conservationMatthew J. Kotchen, Stephen D. Reiling
Four sure ways to undermine a good idea ... and hurt endangered species.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael J. Bean
FWS coastal habitat programs. (Fish and Wildlife Service)(Endangered Species Bulletin)Zoology and wildlife conservationSally Valdes-Cogliano
Giving orchids a helping hand. (restoration of endangered eastern prairie fringed orchid)Zoology and wildlife conservationJane Keibler
Going through the motions: Fish & Wildlife Service's critical habitat moratorium.Zoology and wildlife conservationHeather Weiner
Goldenseal: facing a hidden crisis.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.A. Concannon, T.E. DeMeo
Growing coffee in the volcano's shadow.(Volcan Mombacho Nature Reserve)Zoology and wildlife conservationJose Manuel Zolotoff
Habitat Conservation Plan for sea turtles.(Endangered Species Bulletin)Zoology and wildlife conservationDawn Zattau
How Americans value wildlife. (Endangered Species Act of 1973)(Endangered Species Bulletin)Zoology and wildlife conservationKaren Day Boylan
Island habitats: a stronghold of carnivore biodiversity in agriculturally modified environments.Zoology and wildlife conservationKirk Johnson
Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge.(Spotlight on Refuges)Zoology and wildlife conservationNancy C. Brown
Maine takes lead for Atlantic salmon.(Endangered Species Bulletin)Zoology and wildlife conservation 
Managing wetlands in Northwestern Mexico.Zoology and wildlife conservationMartha R. Roman
Mark Twain's endangered ecosystem. (Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri)Zoology and wildlife conservationLynda Richards
Mexican wolf returns to the wild.(Endangered Species Bulletin)Zoology and wildlife conservation 
Migratory bird conservation at Fort Hood.Zoology and wildlife conservationL. Peter Boice
Nature tourism in the Rio Grande Valley.Zoology and wildlife conservationJennifer Burley
NMFS - a partner for endangered species. (National Marine Fisheries Service)(Endangered Species Bulletin)Zoology and wildlife conservationTerri Jordan
NMFS steers marine issues at COP10. (National Marine Fisheries Service; Conference of Parties)(Endangered Species Bulletin)Zoology and wildlife conservationNancy Daves
Northern Assateague Island restoration project and the piping plover: a case study in Endangered Species Act inter-agency consultation.Zoology and wildlife conservationAnne Hecht, G. Andrew Moser
Outfoxing the fox.(population growth of the Aleutian Canada goose)Zoology and wildlife conservationKaren Boylan
Paddlefish and the world caviar trade.(Endangered Species Bulletin)Zoology and wildlife conservationJerry L. Rasmussen, L. Kim Graham
Partnership to protect endangered bats.Zoology and wildlife conservationDianna M. Ellis
Partners in Flight-Canada.(landbird protection programs in Canada)Zoology and wildlife conservationJudith Kennedy
Protecting the source of caviar. (sturgeons and paddlefish)(Endangered Species Bulletin)Zoology and wildlife conservationRosemarie Gnam
Recovery success for four listed fish. (conservation efforts in preserving natural populations of smoky madtom, duskytail darter, yellowfin matdom and the spotfin chub)(Endangered Species Bulletin)Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard G. Biggins, Peggy Shute, J.R. Shute, Patrick L. Rakes
Rehabilitation and release of a gray whale calf: J.J.'s story.(Spotlight on Refuges)Zoology and wildlife conservationJim Antrim, J.F. McBain, Donna Parham
Restoring Mauna Kea's crown jewel. (protecting the endangered silversword plant species)(Endangered Species Bulletin)Zoology and wildlife conservationMarie Bruegmann, Robert Robichaux, Joan Canfield, Frederick Warshauer, Elizabeth Friar
Restoring the "hogwallows." (natural habitats)Zoology and wildlife conservationGail Presley, Martin Potter
Returning the birds to Faulkner's Woods.(Mississippi Alluvial Valley; novelist William Faulkner)Zoology and wildlife conservationAllan J. Mueller
Salmon restoration at Columbia River hatcheries.Zoology and wildlife conservationJudith Maule
Seas of trouble. (protecting marine biodiversity)Zoology and wildlife conservationTundi Agardy
Shade-grown coffee: it's for the birds.Zoology and wildlife conservationLisa J. Petit
Strange bedfellows: observations on the current relationship between recovery plans and habitat conservation planning.(Endangered Species Act Amendments of 1982)Zoology and wildlife conservationChristopher R. Pyke, Britta Bierwagen, Noah Goldstein
Swainson's hawk gains new protection.Zoology and wildlife conservationLaurie Hunter
The act of saving the wolf. (Rocky Mountain and Eastern Timberwolf Recovery Plans)(Endangered Species Bulletin)Zoology and wildlife conservationKim Mitchell
The Marine Stewardship Council: sustainable fisheries through consumer choice.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael Sutton, Laura Cooper
The Wild Bird Conservation Act.(protection for exotic birds listed in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species)Zoology and wildlife conservationMark Phillips
Threatened species in New York City!(Endangered Species Bulletin)Zoology and wildlife conservationAnne Hecht
Tree Kangaroo conservation in Papua New Guinea.Zoology and wildlife conservationLisa Dabek, William Betz
Turning the corner toward recovery. (Endangered Species Act of 1973)(Endangered Species Bulletin)Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael Bender, E. LaVerne Smith, Karen Day Boylan
Twelve faulty assumptions underlying the Endangered Species Act.Zoology and wildlife conservationPaul R. Krausman, Brian Czech
Understanding the human factor in endangered species recovery: an introduction to human social process.Zoology and wildlife conservationTim W. Clark, Richard L. Wallace
Use of radar for the study of rare birds.Zoology and wildlife conservationBrian A. Cooper, Martin G. Raphael, Paul Henson
Winter in the Bahamas may be no vacation for Kirtland's warbler.(Dendroica kirtlandii)Zoology and wildlife conservationJ. Christopher Haney, David S. Lee, Martha Walsh-McGehee
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