EKISTICS: the problems and science of HUMAN SETTLEMENTS 1999 - Abstracts

EKISTICS: the problems and science of HUMAN SETTLEMENTS 1999
A new international environmental order in the making.Social sciencesSimonis, Udo E.
Challenge to change in Asian cities.Social sciencesLim, William. S.W.
Development of polish health centers and the tourism real estate market.Social sciencesPawlikowska-Piechotka, Anna
Environmental, demographic and territorial dimensions of sustainable development.Social sciencesMega, Voula
Exploratory forecasting methodologies for tourism demand.Social sciencesLagos, Demetrios G.
Forests, water, climate and population: Impacts and policies in a new century.Social sciencesBenedick, Richard Elliot
Global transportation.Social sciencesOwen, Wilfred
Identifying environmental priorities in cities in the South.Social sciencesSatterthwaite, David
India-challenges for architecture and urban planning in the next century.Social sciencesKhambatta, Rusi
Our common journey: A transition toward sustainability.Social sciences 
Planning to enhance the liberty of the planned.Social sciencesUdy, John M
Rural settlements in Hungary after 1989.Social sciencesKiss, Eva
The ecology of man and the ecology of greenery in the earth system.Social sciencesFujii, Takashi
The global city of the 21st century.Social sciencesRahmaan, Anis-ur-
The quality of growth.Social sciencesThomas, Vinod, Kishor, Nalin, Yan, Wang, Dailami,Mansoorl, Kaufmann, Danie, Dhareshwar, Ashok, Lopez, Ramon E.
Tomorrow's world: Doom or brilliant ascent?.Social sciencesPapaioannou, John G.
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