Econometrica 1997 - Abstracts

Econometrica 1997
A conditional Kolmogorov test.MathematicsAndrews, Donald W.K.
A divisible search model of Fiat money.MathematicsShi, Shouyong
Aggregation and optimization with state-dependent pricing.MathematicsCaplin, Andrew, Leahy, John
An information-theoretic alternative to generalized method of moments estimation.MathematicsKitamura, Yuichi, Stutzer, Michael
A ratonal route to randomness.MathematicsHommes, Cars H., Brock, William A.
A semiparametric maximum likelihood estimator.MathematicsAi, Chunrong
A stopping rule for the computation of generalized method of moments estimator.MathematicsAndrews, Donald W. K.
Asymptotic bias for quasi-maximum-likelihood estimators in conditional heteroskedasticity models.MathematicsSteigerwald, Douglas G., Newey, Whitney K.
Asymptotic theory of integrated conditional moment tests.MathematicsPloberger, Werner, Bierens, Herman J.
Bayesian vector autoregressions with stochastic volatility.MathematicsUhlig, Harald
Cointegration and dynamic simultaneous equations model.MathematicsHsiao, Cheng
Collusion under asymmetric information.(a mechanism design problem on organizational communication)MathematicsLaffont, Jean-Jacques, Martimort, David
Conditioning and aggregation of preferences.(a general unifying approach to consequences)MathematicsSkiadas, Costis
Constructing instruments for regressions with measurement error when no additional data are available, with an application to patents and R&D.MathematicsLewbel, Arthur
Duopoly strategies programmed by experienced players.MathematicsSelten, Reinhard, Mitzkewitz, Michael, Uhlich, Gerald R.
Edgeworth's conjecture with infinitely many commodities: LMathematicsZame, William R., Anderson, Robert M.
How social security and medicare affect retirement behavior in a world of incomplete markets.(incomplete loan, annuity and insurance markets)MathematicsPhelan, Christopher, Rust, John
Implementation and horizontal equity imply no-envy.MathematicsFleurbaey, M., Maniquet, F.
Inference concerning the number of factors in a multivariate nonparametric relationship.MathematicsDonald, Stephen G.
Instrumental variables regression with weak instruments.MathematicsStock, James H., Staiger, Douglas
Likelihood ratio specification tests.MathematicsSmith, Richard J., Chesher, Andrew
Maximization and the act of choice. (analyzing the theory of choice behavior)MathematicsSen, Amartya
Nonconvergence of the Mas-Colell and Zhou bargaining sets.MathematicsZhou, Lin, Anderson, Robert M., Trockel, Walter
On "Reputation" refinements with heterogeneous beliefs.MathematicsWatson, Joel, Battigalli, Pierpaolo
Prediction, optimization, and learning in repeated games.(an obstacle to the Nash equilibrium behavior)MathematicsNachbar, John H.
Preferences over solutions to the bargaining problem.MathematicsSegal, Uzi, Border, Kim C.
Price formation in single call markets.MathematicsFriedman, Daniel, Cason, Timothy N.
Rational asset pricing bubbles.(study of the incidence of rational asset pricing bubbles in an intertemporal competitive equilibrium framework)MathematicsWoodford, Michael, Santos, Manuel S.
Reciprocity as a contract enforcement device: experimental evidence.(effects of reciprocal behavior on market contracts)MathematicsFehr, Ernst, Gachter, Simon, Kirchsteiger, Georg
Reputation and experimentation in repeated games with two long-run players.MathematicsEvans, Robert, Thomas, Jonathan P.
Risk and insurance in village India: comment.(on article by Robert Townsend in Econometrica, vol 62, p.539)MathematicsRavallion, Martin, Chaudhuri, Shubham
Robust rank tests of the unit root hypothesis.MathematicsHasan, M.N., Koenker, R.W.
Social distance and social decisions.MathematicsAkerlof, George A.
Strategic information transmission with verifiable messages.MathematicsSeidmann, Daniel J., Winter, Eyal
The "Devil's Horns" problem of inverting confluent characteristic functions.MathematicsAbadir, Karim M., Rockinger, Michael
The evolution of Walrasian behavior.MathematicsVega-Redondo, Fernando
The Nash bargaining theory with non-convex problems.MathematicsZhou, Lin
Two mixed normal densities from cointegration analysis.MathematicsAbadir, Karim M., Paruolo, Paolo
Using randomization to break the curse of dimensionality.MathematicsRust, John
Virtual Bayesian implementation.MathematicsDuggan, John
Voting behavior and information aggregation in elections with private information.MathematicsPesendorfer, Wolfgang, Feddersen, Timothy
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