Design 1999 - Abstracts

Design 1999
A new look for readers, not awards.(the redesign of the Levittown, Pennsylvania 'Bucks County Courier Times' newspaper)Architecture and design industriesSmith, Karl
A tale of two cities: designing independent daily newspapers in Bosnia is something to write home about.Architecture and design industriesKohorst, Ed, Casey, Olivia
At last! Women get their own voice.(women's newspaper, Worldwoman)Architecture and design industriesRiddoch, Lesley
Attack!(US liberal magazine the Progressive)Architecture and design industriesLueders, Bill
A type of feeling.(newspaper typeface selection)Architecture and design industriesRehe, Rolf F.
Back to the future? Why bother!(retro design for North American newspapers)(Editorial)Architecture and design industriesSutton, Tony
Brave new world revisited: how the design experts of 1988 got the future wrong.Architecture and design industriesCassavoy, Ed
Breaking the news: let large initials do it.(Talking Type)(newspaper typography)Architecture and design industriesRehe, Rolf
Consistency v. variety.(newspaper Web sites)Architecture and design industriesCaserta, John
Creativity: it's all about using your brain.(innovations in news design)Architecture and design industriesMunk, Ole, Ribergard, Maj
Creativity on a tight budget and bad ad-edit ratios.(One-Hundred of the World's Best Tabloid Pages)(Illustration)Architecture and design industriesMeany, Ellen J.
Daily diet of Tubby.(Newspaper baron Conrad Black's new 'National Post' in Toronto, Canada challenges 'The Globe and Mail,' the 'Toronto Star,' and the 'Toronto Sun')Architecture and design industriesClark, Joe Louis
Designers are people to be reckoned with.Architecture and design industriesKohorst, Ed
Forward: to our roots?(Talking Type)(retro design in newspaper typography)Architecture and design industriesRehe, Rolf
Go figure.(number type faces)Architecture and design industriesRehe, Rolf F.
If it's in the Star, it must be so.(Indianapolis Star)Architecture and design industriesUllmann, Harrison J.
Is photojournalism and endangered species?Architecture and design industriesHalstead, Dirck
It's soccer fever.(newspaper redesign)Architecture and design industriesTaylor, Victoria
Jolly hockey sticks!(a self-interview by Harris Siegal)(Interview)Architecture and design industries 
Just thinking.(redesigning a newspaper layout)Architecture and design industriesJacobson, Allan
Keep the nameplate, but modernize the newspaper.(German newspaper Offenburger Tageblatt)Architecture and design industriesRehe, Rolf
Last words on the millennium.(newspaper publishing industry)Architecture and design industriesStone, Del T. Jr.
Merde! Le Monde gets ready for infographics: France's most venerable newspaper prepares to take its first step out of the graphics dark ages.Architecture and design industriesGoertzen, Jeff
No ordinary launch.(the introduction of the 'Sunday Herald' in Scotland, UK)Architecture and design industriesMcGhee, Charles
One daily newspaper in a city means uniformity that quickly evolves into homogeneous arrogance.(newspapers in San Francisco)Architecture and design industriesSolomon, Norman
Online newspapers.(newspaper publishers need to go into online publishing because of information, navigation and technology)Architecture and design industriesCaserta, John
Out of Africa: one of the world's first - and best - online papers: this newspaper is published in Johannesburg several times a day, but you won't find the Daily Mail & Guardian at any newsstand.Architecture and design industriesManoim, Irwin
Question: is InDesign good enough to replace QuarkXPress?; answer: not yet!(Adobe's InDesign to replace Quark's XPress as the standard page layout program for desktop publishers)Architecture and design industriesGray, Dave
Run around.(proper insertion of illustrations in a long text)Architecture and design industriesRehe, Rolf F.
Score one for creativity.(includes original Spanish article)Architecture and design industriesAlvarez, Adrian
Should I read about Oprah's new diet or next year's pay raise?(One-Hundred of the World's Best Tabloid Pages)(Illustration)Architecture and design industriesNaegele, Tobias
Stuck for an idea: do you listen to God? Is there a Kmart nearby?(One-Hundred of the World's Best Tabloid Pages)(Illustration)Architecture and design industriesJankowsky, Dorothy
Systematic chaos, boldness and color enliven new paper.(Brazilian afternoon newspaper Agora)Architecture and design industriesGarcia, Mario R.
Tabloid design.(One-Hundred of the World's Best Tabloid Pages)(Illustration)Architecture and design industriesEvans, Harold
Tabloid in a tutu?: more like a well-tailored suit.(One-Hundred of the World's Best Tabloid Pages)(Illustration)Architecture and design industriesEisner, Bob
Ten steps to help your paper become one of the world's best.Architecture and design industriesJennings, Jim
The best-designed newspapers in the world.(includes photographs of the winners)Architecture and design industriesGray, David
The best of Scandinavia '99.(newspaper design)(Illustration)Architecture and design industriesSkovsende, Borge T.
The frog and the princess: sketches from Typo 99 in Berlin.(computers in newspaper design and layout)Architecture and design industriesLongauer, Walter
The kids are back in town.(return of classic comic strips in newspapers)Architecture and design industriesMusial, Robert
The right size type depends upon your readership, the typeface you are using, your page layout, even how you print your paper....(typography)Architecture and design industriesHaley, Allan
The use of the terms 'censored' and 'banned' is not correct.(One-Hundred of the World's Best Tabloid Pages)(Illustration)Architecture and design industriesSutton, Tony
Typographic color and emphasis in text type.Architecture and design industriesRehe, Rolf F.
Vintage wine in an African cup.(redesign of 'BusinessDay,' South Africa's top business daily newspaper)Architecture and design industriesSwift, Kerry
We all know this is not brain surgery; it's a daily newspaper.(One-Hundred of the World's Best Tabloid Pages)(Illustration)Architecture and design industriesCowen, Terry
We care about stories that make us angry, outraged or delirious.(One-Hundred of the World's Best Tabloid Pages)(Illustration)Architecture and design industriesTruesdell, Jeff
Welcome to the new face of the newspaper design.(possible liabilities of newspaper design)Architecture and design industriesStone, Del, Jr.
We weep for out colleagues in the broadsheet world.(One-Hundred of the World's Best Tabloid Pages)(Illustration)Architecture and design industriesCooke, Michael
What is good typography?(part 1)Architecture and design industriesHaley, Allan
Why does this paper's title veer to the left?(The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees' tabloid 'TCO-tidningen')Architecture and design industriesAnderson, Pelle
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