Dance Research Journal 1999 - Abstracts

Dance Research Journal 1999
"All the dances have a meaning to that apparition": felt knowledge and the danzantes of Tortugas, New Mexico.(Rereading Class)(Critical Essay)Arts, visual and performingSklar, Deidre
Ananya and Chandralekha - a response to "Chandralekha: negotiating the female body and movement in cultural/political signification."Arts, visual and performingCoorlawala, Uttara
Athena meets Venus: visions of women in social dance in the teens and early 1920s.(Rereading Class)(Critical Essay)Arts, visual and performingMalnig, Julie
A warm-up.(constructing dance theory)Arts, visual and performingBerkman, Jonathan
Beardsley, expression and dance: a reply to Gregory Scott.(Monroe Beardsley)(Rereading Class)(Critical Essay)Arts, visual and performingCarroll, Noel, Banes, Sally
Congress on Research in Dance keynote panel at 2000 Feet: A celebration of world dance.(Rereading Class)(Critical Essay)Arts, visual and performingHaviland, Linda Caruso
Dance notation and cultural agency: a meditation spurred by choreo-graphics.Arts, visual and performingTomko, Linda J.
Deconstructivists Frank Gehry and William Forsythe: de-signs of the times.(choreographers)Arts, visual and performingMattingly, Kate
Ethical standards for experimental research with dancers.Arts, visual and performingWelsh, Thomas M.
Finnish dancers' attitudes toward folk, competitive, ballroom, ballet and modern dance.(Rereading Class)(Statistical Data Included)(Critical Essay)Arts, visual and performingNieminen, Pipsa, Varstala, Vaino
Notation systems as texts of performative knowledge.Arts, visual and performingJeschkle, Claudia
Parallel traditions: state folk dance ensembles and folk dance in "The Field".Arts, visual and performingShay, Anthony
Somatic authority and the myth of the ideal body in dance education.(Rereading Class)(Critical Essay)Arts, visual and performingGreen, Jill
Thoughts on "A warm up".(Rereading Class)(Critical Essay)Arts, visual and performingKealiinohomoku, Joann W.
Transcending the Beardsleyans: a reply to Carroll and Banes.(response to Noel Carroll and Sally Banes, Dance Research Journal, Spring 1998)Arts, visual and performingScott, Gregory
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