Current Sociology 2005 - Abstracts

Current Sociology 2005
Alienation incorporated: 'F*** the mainstream music' in the mainstream.Sociology and social workHalnon, Karen Bettez
Art and social value regimes.Sociology and social workGielen, Pascal
Banking on immortality? Exploring the stem cell supply chain from embryo to therapeutic application.Sociology and social workGlasner, Peter
Body rhythms, social rhythms in digital societies.Sociology and social workPirani, Maria Bianca
Body trance and world trance in Brazilian religion.Sociology and social workMotta, Roberto
Cloning/stem cells and the meaning of life.Sociology and social workDavid, Matthew, Kirkhope, Jamieson
Comments on Sciulli.(David Sciulli)Sociology and social workMalatesta, Maria
Continental sociology of professions today: Conceptual contributions.Sociology and social workSciulli, David
Cultivating sociological detachment through reflexivity: Response to Quilley and Loyal.Sociology and social workSrinivas, Nidhi
Elias and the refounding of social theory: A comment.(Norbert Elias)Sociology and social workSzakolczai, Arpad
Eliasian sociology as a 'central theory' for the human sciences.(Norbert Elias )Sociology and social workLoyal, Steven, Quilley, Stephen
Escaping without eliding an Atlantic divide, etymological and conceptual.(Rolf Torstendahl and Maria Malatesta )Sociology and social workSciulli, David
Globalization and poverty, and the poverty of globalization theory.Sociology and social workKiely, Ray
Globalization: A triumph of ambiguity.Sociology and social workDer, Bly Van, Martha C.E.
In bed with the enemy: Some ideas on the connections between neoliberalism and the welfare state.Sociology and social workHartman, Yvonne
Introduction: The ethics of complexity.Sociology and social workPirani, Bianca Maria, Varga, Ivan
Norbert Elias and the art of dialogue.Sociology and social workSmith, Dennis
Normalizing the workplace nap: Blurring the boundaries between public and private space and time.Sociology and social workKroll-Smith, Steve, Baxter, Vern
Public diplomacy, global communication and world order: An analysis based on theory of living systems.Sociology and social workGunaratne, Shelton A.
Response: The moral conundrums of the global age.Sociology and social workRoudometof, Victor
Roudometof: A dialogue.Sociology and social workMazlish, Bruce
Ruminations on smell as a sociocultural phenomenon.Sociology and social workLow, Kelvin E.Y.
Science, cumulative knowledge, secondary involvement and synthesis: A reply to our critics.Sociology and social workLoyal, Steven, Quilley, Stephen
Social complexity and the micro-macro link.Sociology and social workRios, Diego
The body- the new sacred? The body in hypermodernity.Sociology and social workVarga, Ivan
The global and the local.Sociology and social workMazlish, Bruce
The integration of body and mind.Sociology and social workVan Gelder, Nico M.
The need for a definition of 'profession'.(David Sciulli)Sociology and social workTorstendahl, Rolf
The return of the fur coat: A commodity chain perspective.Sociology and social workSkov, Lise
The rise of Alevism as a public religion.Sociology and social workSahin, Sehriban
The robot and the forest.Sociology and social workSonigo, Pierre
The work-care balance: Is it possible to identify typologies for cross-national comparisons?Sociology and social workHaas, Barbara
Trance states and accessing implicit memories: A psychological genomic approach to reconstituting social memory during religious rituals.Sociology and social workSidney, Greenfield M.
Transnationalism, Cosmopolitanism and glocalization.Sociology and social workRoudometof, Victor
Transnationality and the Trans-Siberian Express: Comments on a dialogue.Sociology and social workSmith, Dennis
Transnational publics: New spaces of social movement activism and the problem of global long-sightedness. .Sociology and social workOlesen, Thomas
War against the family: Domestic violence and human rights in Russia- a view from the Bashkortostan Republic.Sociology and social workZakirova, Venera
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