Current Sociology 2004 - Abstracts

Current Sociology 2004
Actors, conflicts and the globalization movement.Sociology and social workFarro, Antimo L.
'As unmarkable as the air they breathe'? Reforming police management in South Africa.Sociology and social workMarks, Monique, Fleming, Jenny
Between a defence of society and a politics of the subject: the specificity of today's social movements.Sociology and social workDubet, Francois
Business leader's work environment and leadership styles.Sociology and social workNicolaou-Smokoviti, Litsa
Career path.Sociology and social workSansonetti, Silvia, Liebig, Brigitte
Collective subjectivity, democracy and domination: the MJVA in Marathwada, India.Sociology and social workTambe, Shruti
Democratic transition and consolidation in South Africa: the advice of 'the experts'.Sociology and social workSuttner, Raymond
Demographic characteristics and family life.Sociology and social workStefano, Giovanna Di, Pinnelli, Antonella
Description of the sample and research design.Sociology and social workSansonetti, Silvia
Gender differences in access to and exercise of power.Sociology and social workVianello, Mino
Globalization and international tourism in developing countries: Marginality as a commercial commodity.Sociology and social workAzarya, Victor
Glocommodifications: how the global consumes the local - McDonald's in Israel.Sociology and social workRam, Uri
Human capital and credentialism: the sociological explanation of racial inequalities in South Africa.Sociology and social workMgobozi, Idris
Introduction: the sociology of collective action reconsidered.Sociology and social workDubet, Francois, Thaler, Henri Lustiger
Living in 'Jan Bom': making and imagining lives after apartheid in a council housing scheme in Johannesburg.Sociology and social workdu Plessis, Irma
Local actors in global politics.Sociology and social workSassen, Saskia
Making agreements and managing conflicts: Swedish dual-earner couples in theory and practice.Sociology and social workBjornberg, Ulla
Mechanistic explanations in the social sciences.Sociology and social workRios, Diego
Models of health care rationing.Sociology and social workSchmidt, Volker H.
Networks: an application of multidimensional scaling analysis.Sociology and social workMemoli, Rosanna
Of struggles and whistles: Mamelodi's black youth culture.Sociology and social workZegeye, Abebe
Oneself as another: from social movement to experience movement.Sociology and social workMcDonald, Kevin
On the frontier of social movements.Sociology and social workTouraine, Alain
Social capital: mentors and contacts.Sociology and social workPalgi, Michal, Moore, Gwen
Social movements in the renegotiation of the bases for citizenship in West Africa.Sociology and social workSall, Ebrima
South Africa and the rest of the continent: towards a critique of the political economy of NEPAD.Sociology and social workLesufi, Ishmael
Status inconsistency as predictor of public action attitudes in Romania.Sociology and social workSandu, Dumitru
The impact of corporate culture on company performance.Sociology and social workGarmendia, Jose A.
The mute always speak: on women's silences at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.Sociology and social workMotsemme, Nthabiseng
The Rift in the subject: a late global modernist dilemma.Sociology and social workThaler, Henri Lustiger
Thirty years since the Durban strikes: black working class leadership and the South African transition.Sociology and social workSitas, Ari
Values.Sociology and social workSiemienska, Values
Welfare regimes and the norms of social exchange.Sociology and social workMau, Steffen
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