Credit World 1986 - Abstracts

Credit World 1986
1986 International Credit Conference: focus on the 3 R's; results, responsibility, and responsiveness.Banking, finance and accounting industries 
A message from your chairman. (1986-87 chairman of the International Credit Association)Banking, finance and accounting industriesChartrand, J. Claude
Are enhancement services right for your financial services product?Banking, finance and accounting industriesMay, Robert F.
Banking deregulation: a boon to consumers.Banking, finance and accounting industriesFink, Richard H.
Casino credit - From two gambling areas: Reno and Atlantic City. (John Ascuaga's Nugget)Banking, finance and accounting industriesLa Coste, Mary
Claridge casino.Banking, finance and accounting industriesEmpson, Elizabeth A.
Collection scoring: effective tool for determining collection priorities. (credit)Banking, finance and accounting industriesCoffman, John Y., Darsie, J. Stephen
Complying with notice requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.Banking, finance and accounting industries 
Confessions of a credit card fraud.Banking, finance and accounting industries 
Credit: a family affair.Banking, finance and accounting industriesRoeber, Kelli
Credit grantors, protect your profits: count on FACS for assistance against application fraud. (File Address Check Service available from TRW Information Services)Banking, finance and accounting industriesHungerford, Anthony E.
Does the form fit the function? (credit application forms)Banking, finance and accounting industriesWeiner, Robert B., Calkhoven, Kim
ECOA and Reg factors effective soon. (new legislation that will affect the consumer credit industry)Banking, finance and accounting industriesHubbard, Alan E.
Effect of credit card rate controls on consumers and the economy.Banking, finance and accounting industries 
Four keys to success: creation of mortgage reporting technology.Banking, finance and accounting industriesJansing, George W.
Free credit counseling services reduce debt loss, ease consumer crisis.Banking, finance and accounting industriesSkinner, John V.
International Credit Association looks at legislation.Banking, finance and accounting industries 
New consumer financial information service: TRW streamlines operations, speeds application process.Banking, finance and accounting industriesPatton, Robert B.
Position paper: computer crime legislation. (legislative opinion)Banking, finance and accounting industries 
Teaching customer service staff to listen.Banking, finance and accounting industriesFranco, John
The credit card for the nineties.Banking, finance and accounting industriesBarnes, Robert B., Kitt, Lawrence R.
Your business letters ... communications or catastrophe?Banking, finance and accounting industriesTown, Richard G.
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