Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 1999 - Abstracts

Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 1999
40Ar/39Ar thermochronology using alkali felspars: real thermal history or mathematical mirage of microtexture?Earth sciencesIan Parsons, J.V. Smith, W.L. Brown
Age and origin of magmatism along the Cenozoic Red River shear belt, China.Earth sciencesUrs Scharer, Lian-Sheng Zhang
An experimental study of Ca-(Fe,Mg) interdiffusion in silicate garnets.Earth sciencesA. Edwards, R. Freer
Carbonation and decarbonation of eclogites: the role of garnet.Earth sciencesRobert W. Luth, Ruth Knoche, Russel J. Sweeney
Characterization of magnetite particles in shocked quartz by means of electron- and magnetic force microscopy: Vredeforte, South Africa.Earth sciencesRodger J. Hart, Marthinus Cloete, Herbert K. Schmid, Martyn Drury, Chris M. Demanet, K. Vijaya Sankar
Chemical zoning and crystallization mechanisms in the magma chamber of the Pomici di Base plinian eruption of Somma-Vesuvius (Italy).Earth sciencesP. Landi, A. Bertagnini, M. Rosi
Chromatographic separation of the platinum-group elements, gold, base metals and sulfur during degassing of a compacting and solidifying igneous crystal pile.Earth sciencesA.E. Boudreau, W.P. Meurer
Clinopyroxene + liquid equilibria to 100 kbar and 2450 K.Earth sciencesKeith Putrika
Comparison of garnet-biotite, calcite-graphite, and calcite-dolomite thermometry in the Grenville Orogen; Ontario, Canada.Earth sciencesEric J. Essene, Ben A. van der Pluijm, Mark A. Rathmell, Margaret M. Streepey
Complex zoning between super-calcic pigeonite and augite from the Graveyard Point sill, Oregon: a record of the interplay between bulk and interstitial liquid fractionation.(Statistical Data Included)Earth sciencesCraig White, Gregor Markl
Composition and thermal evolution of cratonic mantle beneath the central Archean Slave Province, NWT, Canada.Earth sciencesD. Canil, J.M. MacKenzie
Constraining the prograde and retrograde P-T-t path of Eocene HP rocks by SHRIMP dating of different zircon domains: inferred rates of heating, burial, cooling and exhumation for central Rhodope, northern Greece.Earth sciencesDieter Gebauer, Anthi Liati
Dating incipient metamorphism using 40Ar/39Ar geochronology and XRD modeling: a case study from the Swiss Alps.Earth sciencesMichael A. Cosca, Michel Jaboyedoff
Determination of time-integrated metamorphic fluid fluxes from the reaction progress of multivariant assemblages.Earth sciencesM.J. Bickle, K.A. Evans
Diffusion mesomatism in silica-undersaturated sapphirine-bearing granulite from Rumdoodle Peak, Framnes Mountains, east Antarctica.Earth sciencesSimon L. Harley, Daniel J. Dunkley, Geoffrey L. Clarke
Dissolution of orthopyroxene in basanitic magma between 0.4 and 2 GPa: further implications for the origin of Si-rich alkaline glass inclusions in mantle xenoliths.Earth sciencesCliff S.J. Shaw
Distinct site preferences for heavy and light REE in amphibole and the prediction of (super Amph/L)D(sub REE).(Statistical Data Included)Earth sciencesA. Zanetti, R. Vannucci, P. Bottazzi, S.F. Foley, M. Tieppolo, R. Brumm, R. Oberti
Enriched mantle - Dupal signature in the genesis of the Jurassic Ferrar tholeiites from Prince Albert Mountains (Victoria Land, Antarctica).Earth sciencesR. Petrini, E.M. Piccirillo, P. Antonini, L. Civetta, M. D'Antonio, G. Orsi
Fe-Ti oxides.(An empirical model for the calculation of spinel-melt equilibria in mafic igneous systems at atmospheric pressure, Part 2)Earth sciencesAlexei A. Ariskin, Galina S. Barmina
Fluid migration through thrust faults in the Helvetic nappes.(Western Swiss Alps)Earth sciencesZ.D. Sharp, D.L. Kirschner, H. Masson
Fluid-present anatexis of metapelites at El Joyazo (SE Spain): constraints from Raman spectroscopy of graphite.Earth sciencesBernardo Cesare, Cinzia Maineri
Fluid-rock interaction and thermal evolution during thrusting of an Alpine metamorphic complex (Timos Island, Greece).Earth sciencesD. Avigad, Z. Garfunkel, A. Matthews, J. Lieberman
Formation temperatures of clays from the volcaniclastic series of Site 841 ODP: an oxygen isotopic record of a paleothermal flux into the Tonga forearc.Earth sciencesChristian France-Lanord, Frederic Vitali, Gerard Blanc, Francois Gauthier-Lafaye
Gabbroic intrusions and magmatic metasomatism in harzburgites from the Garrett transform fault: implications for the nature of the mantle-crust transition at fast-spreading ridges.Earth sciencesMarc Constantin
Genesis of diamonds in the lower mantle.Earth sciencesLin-gun Liu
Geochemistry and age of ultrahigh pressure metamorphic rocks, from the Kokchetav massif (Northern Kazakhstan).(Statistical Data Included)Earth sciencesN.V. Sobolev, V.S. Shatsky, E. Jagoutz, O.A. Kozmenko, V.S. Parkhomenko, M. Troesch
Geochemistry and isotope systematics of calc-alkaline volcanic rocks from the Saar-Nahe basin (SW Germany) - implications for Late-Variscan orogenic development.Earth sciencesErnst Hegner, Stefanie S. Schmidberger
Growth, annealing and recrystallization of zircon and preservation of monazite in high-grade metamorphism: conventional and in-situ U-Pb isotope, cathodoluminescence and michrochemical evidence.Earth sciencesD. Gunther, U. Schaltegger, J.C. Maurin, C.M. Fanning, K. Schulmann, D. Gebauer
Harzburgite to lherzolite and back again: metasomatic processes in ultramafic xenoliths from the Wesselton kimberlite, Kimberley, South Africa.Earth sciencesW.L. Griffin, C.G. Ryan, T.T. Win, S.R. Shee, B.A. Wyatt
Heat capacities of Tschermak substituted Fe-biotite.Earth sciencesEdgar Dachs, Artur Benisek, Lado Cemic
Hercynian, Pan-African, Proterozoic and Archean ion-microprobe zircon ages for a Betic-Rif core complex, Alpine belt, W Mediterranean - consequences for its P-T-t path.Earth sciencesH.P. Zeck, M.J. Whitehouse
High-pressure behaviour and equation of state of calcite, CaCO3.Earth sciencesRoss J. Angel, Simon A.T. Redfern
High temperature stability limit of phase egg, AlSiO(sub 3)(OH).(Statistical Data Included)Earth sciencesShigeaki Ono
Himalayan inverted metamorphism constrained by oxygen istope thermometry.(Statistical Data Included)Earth sciencesZachary D. Sharp, Jean-Claude Vannay, Bernhard Grasemann
Internal morphology, habit and U-Th-Pb microanalysis of amphibolite-to-granulite facies zircons: geochronology of the Ivrea Zone (Southern Alps).Earth sciencesDieter Gebauer, Gerhard Vavra, Rolf Schmid
Isotopic constraints on the Easter Seamount Chain source.Earth sciencesJ.D. Macdougall, Q.C. Cheng, P. Zhu
Lead isotopes in sulfides from the Stillwater Complex, Montana: evidence for subsolidus remobilization.(Statistical Data Included)Earth sciencesI.S. McCallum, M.W. Thurber, H.E. O'Brien, B.K. Nelson
Local and regional variation of MORB parent magmas: evidence from melt inclusions from the Endeavour Segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge.Earth sciencesRoger L. Nielsen, Kevin T.M. Johnson, Rachel Sours-Page, Karsten Jill L.
Low melt fraction connectivity of granitic and tonalitic melts in a mafic crustal rock at 800 degrees celsius and 1 GPa.Earth sciencesE. Bruce Watson, Afina Lupulescu
Metamorphic charnockite in contact aureoles around intrusive enderbite from Natal, South Africa.(Statistical Data Included)Earth sciencesAlfons M. van den Kerkhof, Geoffrey H. Grantham
Metamorphism, isotopic ages and composition of lower crustal granulite xenoliths from the Cretaceous Salta Rift, Argentina.Earth sciencesGerhard Franz, Friedrich Lucassen, Sven Lewerenz, Jose Viramonte, Klaus Mezger
Mg-metasomatism of oceanic gabbros and its control of Ti-clinohumite formation during eclogitization.Earth sciencesMarco Scambelluri, Elisabetta Rampone
Mineral chemistry of submarine lavas from Hilo Ridge, Hawaii: implications for magmatic processes within Hawaiian rift zones.Earth sciencesDavid A. Clague, Frederick A. Frey, Huai-Jen Yang, Michael O. Garcia
Mineral inclusions in pyrope crystals from Garnet Ridge, Arizona, USA: implications for processes in the upper mantle.Earth sciencesEric J. Essene, Liping Wang, Youxue Zhang
Mobility and H(2)O loss from fluid inclusions in natural quartz crystals.(Statistical Data Included)Earth sciencesAndreas Audetat, Detlef Gunther
Natural metastable reactions involving garnet, staurolite and cordierite: implications for petrogenetic grids and the extensional collapse of the Betic-Rif Belt.Earth sciencesAntonio Garcia-Casco, Rafael Luis Torres-Roldan
Origin and interaction of mafic and felsic magmas in an evolving late orogenic setting: the Early Paleozoic Terra Nova Intrusive Complex, Antartica.(Statistical Data Included)Earth sciencesGianfranco Di Vincenzo, Sergio Rocchi
Origin of peraluminous granites and granodiorites, Iberian massif, Spain: an experimental test of granite petrogenesis.Earth sciencesAntonio Castro, Alberto E. Patino Douce, L. Guillermo Corretge, Jesus D. de la Rosa, Mohammed El-Biad, Hassan El-Hmidi
Oxygen and hydrogen isotope geochemistry of gneisses associated with ultrahigh pressure eclogites at Shuanghe in the Dabie Mountains.Earth sciencesBing Gong, Shuguang Li, Bin Fu, Yong-Fei Zheng, Zhengrong Wang, Yilin Xiao
Oxygen isotope constraints on the petrogenesis of the Sybille intrusion of the Proterozoic Laramie Anorthosite Complex.Earth sciencesJean Morrison, Yuet-Ling O'Connor
Partial melting of the Appin Quartzite driven by fracture-controlled H2O infiltration in the aureole of the Ballachulish Igneous Complex, Scottish Highlands.Earth sciencesJohn D. Clemens, Marian B. Holness
Petrogenesis of the Dullstroom Formation, Bushveld Magmatic Province, South Africa.(Statistical Data Included)Earth sciencesChristian Koeberl, Paul C. Buchanan, Wolf Uwe Reimold
Petrologic and experimental evidence for the movement and heating of the pre-eruptive Minoan rhyodacite (Santorini, Greece).Earth sciencesMalcolm J. Rutherford, James E. Gardner, Elizabeth Cottrell
Petrology and geochemistry of Camiguin Island, southern Philippines: insights to the source of adakites and other lavas in a complex arc setting.Earth sciencesPhilip E. Janney, Paterno R. Castillo, Renato U. Solidum
Petrology and geochemistry of metamorphosed komatiites and basalts from the Sula Mountains greenstone belt, Sierra Leone.Earth sciencesHugh Rollinson
Petrology, isotope geochemistry and chemical budgets of oceanic gabbros-seawater interaction in the Equatorial Atlantic.(Statistical Data Included)Earth sciencesF. Gauthier-Lafaye, EL H. Talbi, J. Honnorez, N. Clauer, P. Stille
Petrology, mineral and isotope geochemistry of the Sondalo gabbroic complex (Central Alps, Northern Italy): implications for the origin of post-Variscan magmatism.Earth sciencesM.F. Thirlwall, R. Tribuzio, B. Messiga
Phase equilibria in the systems Fe2O3-MgO-TiO2 and FeO-MgO-TiO2 between 1173 and 1473 K, and Fe2+-Mg mixing properties of ilmenite, ferrous-pseudobrookite and ulvospinel solid solutions.Earth sciencesMark I. Pownceby, Michael J. Fisher-White
Post-granulite facies monazite growth and rejuvenation during Permian to Lower Jurassic thermal and fluid events in the Ivrea Zone (Southern Alps).Earth sciencesUrs Schaltegger, Gerhard Vavra
Preiswerkite and Na-(Mg,Fe)-margarite in eclogites.Earth sciencesDavid Smith, Gaston Godard
Priscoan (4.0-4.03 Ga) orthogneisses from northwestern Canada.Earth sciencesIan S. Williams, Samuel A. Borwing
P-T paths from anatectic pelites.Earth sciencesMatthew J. Kohn, Frank S. Spear, John T. Cheney
Quaternary volcanism neart the Valley of Mexico: implications for subduction zone magmatism and the effects of crustal thickness variations on primitive magma compositions.Earth sciencesIan S.E. Carmichael, Paul J. Wallace
Reaction relationships in the Bayan Obo Fe-REE-Nb deposit Inner Mongolia, China: implications for the relative stability of rare-earth element phosphates and fluorocarbonates.Earth sciencesM.P. Smith, P. Henderson, Zhang Peishan
Sapphirine-bearing orthopyroxene-kyanite/sillimanite granulites from South Harris, NW Scotland: evidence for Proterozoic UHT metamorphism in the Lewisian.Earth sciencesSotaro Baba
Sector-zone augite megacrysts in Aleutian high alumina basalts: implications for the conditions of basalt crystallization and the generation of calc-alkaline series magmas.Earth sciencesJames G. Brophy, Carla S. Whittington, Young-Rok Park
Silicic magmas from the continental Cameroon Volcanic Line (Oku, Bambouto and Ngaoundere): 40Ar-39Ar dates, petrology, Sr-Nd-O isotopes and their petrogenic significance.Earth sciencesPaul R. Renne, Andrea Marzoli, Enzo M. Piccirillo, Castorina Francesca, Giuliano Bellieni, Adolpho J. Melfi, Jean B. Nyobe, Jean N'ni
Silicic melts produced by reaction between peridotite and infiltrating basaltic melts: ion probe data on glasses and minerals in veined xenoliths from La Palma, Canary Islands.(Statistical Data Included)Earth sciencesR. Vannucci, L. Ottolini, P. Bottazzi, E.-R. Neumann, E. Wulff-Pedersen
Simulated garnet-clinopyroxene geothermometry of eclogites.Earth sciencesFrancis Albarede, Stephanie Duchene
Stability and chemical composition of pargasitic amphibole in MORB pyrolite under upper mantle conditions.Earth sciencesD.H. Green, K. Niida
Structural geobarometers for basic to acid, tholeiitic and mildly alkaline magmatic systems.(Clinopyroxene Geobarometry of Magmatic Rocks, part 2)Earth sciencesPaolo Nimis
(super 40)Ar-(super 39)Ar and Rb-Sr geochronology of high-pressure metamorphism and exhumation history of the Tavsanli Zone, NW, Turkey.(Statistical Data Included)Earth sciencesSimon Kelley, Nigel Harris, Sarah Sherlock, Simon Inger, Aral Okay
Synthetic gedrite: a stable phase in the system MgO-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O (MASH) at 800 degrees C and 10 kbar water pressure, and in the influence of FeNaCa impurities.Earth sciencesW.V. Maresch, W. Schreyer, H. Fischer
Systematics of calcium partitioning between olivine and silicate melt: implications for melt structure and calcium content of magmatic olivines.Earth sciencesGuy Libourel
The causes and petrological significance of cathodoluminescence emissions from alkali feldspars.Earth sciencesAdrian A. Finch, Jeanette Klein
The dependence of the partitioning of iron and europium between plagioclase and hydrous tonalitic melt on oxygen fugacity.(Statistical Data Included)Earth sciencesHarald Behrens, Max Wilke
The Finero phlogopite-peridotite massif: an example of subduction-related metasomatism.Earth sciencesMaurizio Mazzucchelli, Giorgio Rivalenti, Riccardo Vannucci, Alberto Zanetti
The influence of crystal field stabilization energy on Fe(2+) partitioning in paragenetic minerals.(Statistical Data Included)Earth sciencesKlaus Langer, Vladimir M. Khomenko
The limited extent of plume-lithosphere interactions during continental flood-basalt genesis: geochemical evidence from Cretaeous magmatism in Southern Brazil.(Statistical Data Included)Earth sciencesR.N. Thompson, S.A. Gibson, A.P. Dickin, O.H. Leonardos, J.G. Mitchell
The petrogenesis of leucogranitic dykes intruding the northern Semail ophiolite, Unitee Arab Emirates: field relationships, geochemistry and Sr/Nd isotope systematics.(Statistical Data Included)Earth sciencesMike Searle, Jon Cox, Rolf Pedersen
The timing of high-temperature retrogression in the Reynolds Range, central Australia: constraints from garnet and epidote Pb-Pb dating.Earth sciencesIan Cartwright, Ian S. Buick, Robert Frei
Trace element distribution within olivine-bearing gabbros from the Northern Apennine ophiolites (Italy): evidence for post-cumulus crystallization in MOR-type gabbroic rocks.Earth sciencesRiccardo Vannucci, Piero Bottazzi, Riccardo Tribuzio, Massimo Tiepolo
U-Pb monazite, xenotime and titanite geochronological constraints on the prograde to post-peak metamorphic thermal history of Paleoproterozoic migmatites from the Grand Canyon, Arizona.Earth sciencesSamuel A. Bowring, David P. Hawkins
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