Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 1995 - Abstracts

Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 1995
Abrupt changes in magma generation processes along the Central American arc in southeastern Guatemala: flux-dominated melting near the base of the wedge to decompression melting near the top of the wedge.Earth sciencesM.D. Feigenson, J.A. Walker, M.J. Carr, L.C. Patino, C.M. Johnson, R.L. Ward
A clinopyroxene geobarometer for basaltic systems based on crystal-structure modeling.Earth sciencesPaolo Nimis
A comparative fluid inclusion study of the Waterville and Sangerville (Vassalboro) Formations, south-central Maine.Earth sciencesJohn M. Ferry, Sakiko N. Olsen
Age and evolution of scheelite-hosting rocks in the Felbertal deposit (Eastern Alps): U-Pb geochronology of zircon and titanite.Earth sciencesUrs Scharer, Roland Eichhorn, Rudolf Holl
Anatexis of interlayered amphibolite and pelite at 10 kbar: effect of diffusion of major components on phase relations and melt fraction.Earth sciencesKjell P. Skjerlie, Alberto E. Patino Douce
A new Italian carbonatite occurrence at Cupaello (Rieti) and its genetic significance.Earth sciencesF. Stoppa, A. Cundari
An experimental study of partitioning of fluorine between K-richterite, apatite, phlogopite, and melt at 20 kbar.Earth sciencesA.D. Edgar, L.A. Pizzolato
An experimental study of the effects of melt composition on plagioclase - melt equilibria at 5 and 10 kbar: implications for the origin of magmatic high-An plagioclase.Earth sciencesAnthony J. Crawford, Yuenyong Panjasawatwong, Leonid V. Danyushevsky, Keith L. Harris
Anticorrelated Rb-Sr and the K-Ar age discordances, Leuchtenberg granite, NE Bavaria, Germany.Earth sciencesWolfgang Siebel
A revised and internally consistent thermodynamic model for the interpolation and extrapolation of liquid-solid equilibria in magmatic systems at elevated temperatures and pressures.(Chemical Mass Trasfer in Magmatic Processes, part 4)Earth sciencesMark S. Ghiorso, Richard O. Sack
Assessing subcontinental lithospheric mantle sources for basalts: Neogene volcanism in the Pacific Northwest, USA as a test case.Earth sciencesAlan D. Brandon, Gordon G. Goles
A thermodynamic formulation of hydrous cordierite.Earth sciencesJ. William Carey
Bearthite, Ca2Al(PO4)2OH: stability, thermodynamic properties and phase relations.Earth sciencesChristian Chopin, Fabrice Brunet
Behavior of isotopic systematics during deformation and metamorphism: a Hf, Nd and Sr isotopic study of mylonitized granite.(erratum to volume 109, pages 386-393.)(Correction Notice)Earth sciencesK.M. Barovich, P.J. Patchett
Calbuco Volcano and minor eruptive centers distributed along the Liquine-Ofqui Fault Zone, Chile (41 degrees-42 degrees S): contrasting origin of andesitic and basaltic magma in the Southern Volcanic Zone of the Andes.Earth sciencesF.A. Frey, L. Lopez-Escobar, M.A. Parada, R. Hickey-Vargas, P.D. Kempton, H. Moreno
Changes in stable isotope ratios of metapelites and marbles during regional metamorphism, Mount Lofty Ranges, South Australia: implications for crustal scale fluid flow.Earth sciencesMichael Sandiford, Ian Cartwright, Julie Vry
Chlorine, titanium and barium-rich biotites: factors controlling biotite composition and the implications for garnet-biotite geothermometry.Earth sciencesKare Kullerud
Chlorite-rich ultramafic reaction zones in Colorado Plateau xenoliths: recorders of sub-Moho hydration.Earth sciencesDouglas Smith
Comparative study of yttrium and rare-earth element behaviors in fluorine-rich hydrothermal fluids.Earth sciencesPeter Dulski, Michael Bau
Compositional re-equilibrium of fluid inclusions in quartz.Earth sciencesHans Keppler, S. Michael Sterner, Donald L. Hall
Constraints on the origin of alkaline and calc-alkaline magmas from the Tuxtla Volcanic Field, Veracruz, Mexico.Earth sciencesStephen A. Nelson, Erika Gonzalez-Caver, T. Kurtis Kyser
Contrasting fluid flow patterns at the Bufa del Diente contact metamorphic aureole, north-east Mexico: evidence from stable isotopes. (Bufa del Diente alkali syenite, Mexico)Earth sciencesWilhelm Heinrich, Radegund Hoffbauer, Hans-Wolfgang Hubberten
Contrasting P-T conditions recorded in ultramafic high-pressure rocks from the Variscan Schwarzwald (F.R.G.).Earth sciencesRainer Altherr, Angelika Kalt, Michael Hanel
Convective crystal dissolution.(processes involved in dissolution of crystals in geological situations)Earth sciencesRoss C. Kerr
Crustal assimilation during turbulent magma ascent (ATA); new isotopic evidence from the Mull Tertiary lava succession, N.W. Scotland.Earth sciencesAndrew C. Kerr, Robert N. Thompson, Pamela D. Kempton
Crustal contamination in early Basin-and-Range hawaiites of the Los Encinos Volcanic Field, central Mexico.Earth sciencesJames F. Luhr, Jean G. Pier, Jose J. Aranda-Gomez, Frank A. Podosek
Crustal xenoliths from Calbuco Volcano, Andean Southern Volcanic Zone: implications for crustal composition and magna-crust interaction.Earth sciencesRosemary Hickey-Vargas, Mohammad J. Abdollahi, Miguel A. Parada, Leopoldo Lopez-Escobar, Fred A. Frey
Crystallization processes in an artificial magma: variations in crystal growth, growth rate and composition with melt cooling history.Earth sciencesNelia W. Dunbar, Gary K. Jacobs, Michael T. Naney
Differentiation processes in an unusual iron-rich alumina-poor Archean ultramafic/mafic igneous body, Ontario.Earth sciencesMichael E. Fleet, William E. Stone, James H. Crocket
Diffusion of lead in plagioclase and K-fledspar: an investigation using Rutherford Backscattering and Resonant Nuclear Reaction Analysis.Earth sciencesD.J. Cherniak
Evaluation of the Pattison and Newton (1989) experiments. (D.R.M. Pattison and R.C. Newton)(Reassessment of the garnet-clinopyroxene Fe-Mg exchange thermometer)Earth sciencesL.Y. Aranovich, D.R.M. Pattison
Evidence for excess argon during high pressure metamorphism in the Dora Maira Massif (western Alps, Italy), using an ultra-violet laser ablation microprobe (super 40)Ar-(super 39)Ar technique.Earth sciencesN.O. Arnaud, S.P. Kelley
Evidence of hydrous differentiation and crystal accumulation in the low-MgO, high-AI2O3 Lake Basalt from Medicine Lake volcano, California.Earth sciencesT.L. Grove, T.P. Wagner, J.M. Donnelly-Nolan
Evolution of Archaean southern Indian lithospheric mantle: a geochemical study of Proterozoic Agali-Coimbatore dykes.Earth sciencesD.G. Pearson, T. Radhakrishna, John Mathai
Evolution of the Skaergaard magma: evidence from crystallized melt inclusions.Earth sciencesC. Kent Brooks, Minik T. Rosing, Karen Hanghoj
Experimental and thermodynamic study of heterogeneous and homogeneous equilibria in the system NaAlSiO4-SiO2.Earth sciencesTanja Waterwiese, Niranjan D. Chatterjee, Ivana Dierdorf, Jorg Gottlicher, Herbert Kroll
Experimental determination of the reaction dolomite + 2 coesite = diopside + 2 CO2 to 6 GPa.Earth sciencesRobert W. Luth
Experimental measurements of the graphite C-O equilibrium and CO2 fugacities at high temperature and pressure.Earth sciencesBernard J. Wood, Daniel J. Frost
Experimental modal metasomatism of a spinel lherzolite and the production of amphibole-bearing peridotite.Earth sciencesTodd Dunn, Cuneyt Sen
Experimental tests of garnet peridotite oxygen barometry.Earth sciencesB.J. Wood, G. Gudmundsson
Exposure of a Late Cretaceous layered mafic-felsic magma system in the central Sierra Nevada batholith, California.Earth sciencesJ.S. Miller, D.S Coleman, A.F. Glazner, K.J. Bradford, T.P. Frost, J.L. Joye, C.A. Bachl
Extreme Nd isotopic variation in the Trinity Ophiolite Complex and the role of melt/rock reactions in the oceanic lithosphere.(Neodymium)Earth sciencesC. Lecuyer, G. Gruau, J. Bernard-Griffiths, O. Henin, J. Mace, M. Cannat
Feasibility of AFC models for the petrogenesis of calc-alkaline magma series.(assimilation and fractional crystallization)Earth sciencesJohn D. Clemens, Malcolm P. Roberts
Feldspar-bearing lherzolite xenoliths in alkali basalts from Hamar-Daban, southern Baikal region, Russia.Earth sciencesDmitri A. Ionov, Suzanne Y.O. O'Reilly, Igor V. Ashchepkov
Fluid composition and evolution in coesite-bearing rocks (Dora-Maira massif, Western Alps): implications for element recycling during subduction.Earth sciencesJean Dubessy, Pascal Philippot, Pierre Chevallier, Christian Chopin
Fluid flow in subduction zones: evidence from Nd- and Sr-isotope variations in metabasalts of the Franciscan complex, California.Earth sciencesBruce K. Nelson
Formation of a third volcanic chain in Kamchatka: generation of unusual subduction-related magmas.Earth sciencesYoshiyuki Tatsumi, Tetsu Kogiso, Susumu Nohda
Genesis of high Mg# andesites and the continental crust.Earth sciencesPeter B. Kelemen
Genetic and chemical relationships between berthierine, chlorite and cordierite in nodules associated to granitic pegmatites of Sierra Albarrana (Iberian Massif, Spain).Earth sciencesMaria del mar Abad-Ortega, Fernando Mieto
Geochemical characteristics of lava-field basalts from eastern Australia and inferred sources: connections with the subcontinental lithospheric mantle?Earth sciencesMing Zhang, Suzanne Y. O'Reilly
Geochemical reversals within the lower 100 m of the Palisades sill, New Jersey.Earth sciencesMatthew L. Gorring, H.R. Naslund
Geochemistry of the Grenville Dyke Swarm: role of plume-source mantle in magma genesis.Earth sciencesKaren St. Seymour, P. Stephen Kumarapeli
Grain boundary diffusion of oxygen, potassium and calcium in natural and hot-pressed feldspar aggregates.Earth sciencesJohn R. Farver, Richard A. Yund
Graphite- and diamond-bearing eclogite xenoliths from the Bellsbank kimberlites, Northern Cape, South Africa.Earth sciencesK.S. Viljoen
Graphite precipitation in C-O-H fluid inclusions: closed system compositional and density changes, and thermobarometric implications.Earth sciencesBernardo Cesare
Halogen geochemistry of the Great Dyke, Zimbabwe.Earth sciencesA.E. Boudreau, C. Love, M.D. Prendergast
High-Al gabbros in the Laramie Anorthosite Complex, Wyoming: implications for the composition of melts parental to Proterozoic anorthosite.Earth sciencesCarol D. Frost, Jeremy N. Mitchell, James S. Scoates
Imprint of meteoric water on the stable isotope compositions of igneous and secondary minerals, Kap Edvard Holm Complex, East Greenland.Earth sciencesJames R. O'Neil, Dennis K. Bird, Mark E. Brandriss, Richard J. Nevle
Ion microprobe evidence for the mechanisms of stable isotope retrogression in high-grade metamorphic rocks.Earth sciencesC.M. Graham, J.M. Eiler, J.W. Valley, L.P. Baumgartner
Isotopic and chemical constraints on the crustal evolution and source signature of Ferrar magmas, north Victoria Land, Antarctica.Earth sciencesThomas H. Fleming, David H. Elliot, Kenneth A. Foland
Jurassic plutonism and crustal evolution in the central Mojave Desert, California.Earth sciencesJonathan S. Miller, Allen F. Glazner
Late Archaean crust-mantle interactions: geochemistry of LREE-enriched mantle derived magmas. Example of the Closepet batholith, southern India.Earth sciencesH. Martin, M. Jayananda, J-J. Peucat, B. Mahabaleswar
Late Cenozoic magmatism of the Bolivian Altiplano.Earth sciencesJon P. Davidson, Shanaka L. de Silva
Mafic magma batches at Vesuvius: a glass inclusion approach to the modalities of feeding stratovolcanoes.Earth sciencesR. Santacroce, P. Marianelli, N. Metrich, A. Sbrana
Magnetic metasomatism and formation of the Merensky reef, Bushveld Complex.Earth sciencesE.A. Mathez
Mechanisms of Mg-phyllosilicate formation in a hydrothermal system at a sedimented ridge (Middle Valley, Juan de Fuca).Earth sciencesGretchen L. Fruh-Green, Martine D. Buatier, Anne Marie Karpoff
Melilitites: partial melts of the thermal boundary layer?Earth sciencesMarjorie Wilson, Jeffrey M. Rosenbaum, Elizabeth Ann Dunworth
Melt inclusions in high-An plagioclase from the Gorda Ridge: an example of the local diversity of MORB parent magmas.Earth sciencesMartin R. Fisk, Roger L. Nielsen, David M. Christie, Jennifer Crum, Rene Bourgeois, Kaylea Hascall, Lance M. Forsythe
Melting of metasomatized subcontinental lithosphere: undersaturated mafic lavas from Rungwe, Tanzania.Earth sciencesTanya Furman
Metamorphic evolution of the assemblage tremolite + talc + calcite + dolomite + quartz within a sample of siliceous dolomite from the southern Damara Orogen (Namibia).Earth sciencesD. Puhan
Metamorphic reactions between fluid inclusions and mineral hosts, part 1: Progress of the reaction calcite + quartz = wollastonite + CO2 in natural wollastonite-hosted fluid inclusions.Earth sciencesWilhelm Heinrich, Matthias Gottschalk
Metasomatic overprinting by juvenile igneous fluids, Igdlerfigsalik, South Greenland.Earth sciencesAdrian Finch
Metasomatism in mantle xenoliths from Gees, West Eifel, Germany: evidence for the genesis of calc-alkaline glasses and metasomatic Ca-enrichment.Earth sciencesE. Zinngrebe, S.F. Foley
Migmatization and 'secondary' granite magmas: effect of emplacement and crystallization of 'primary' granitoids in Southern Bohemia, Austria.Earth sciencesJohn D. Clemens, Fritz Finger
Mixing of magmas from enriched and depleted mantle sources in the northeast Pacific: West Valley segment, Juan de Fuca Ridge.Earth sciencesBrian L. Cousens, James F. Allan, Matthew I. Leybourne, R.L. Chase, Nancy Van Wagoner
Mixing properties and stability of jadeite-acmite pyroxene in the presence of albite and quartz.Earth sciencesJun Liu, Steven R. Bohlen
Moderate pressure metamorphism and anatexis due to anorthosite intrusion, western Adirondack Highlands, New York.Earth sciencesF.P. Florence, R.S. Darling, S.E. Orrell
Multipath diffusion in geochronology.Earth sciencesJames K.W. Lee
Nature of mantle source contributions and the role of contamination and in situ crystallisation in the petrogenesis of Proterozoic mafic dykes and flood basalts Labrador.Earth sciencesA.C. Cadman, J. Tarney, W.R.A. Baragar
Nd isotopic evidence for juvenile crust in the Carolina terrane, southern Appalachians.Earth sciencesScott D. Samson, James P. Hibbard, Greg L. Wortman
Nd, Sr, Pb, Ar, and O isotopic systematics of Sturgeon Lake kimberlite, Saskatchewan, Canada: constraints on emplacement age, alteration, and source composition.Earth sciencesE. Hegner, J.C. Roddick, S.M. Fortier, L. Hulbert
Nitrogen-rich fluid in the upper mantle: fluid inclusions in spinel dunite from Lanzarote, Canary Islands.Earth sciencesT. Andersen, E.A.J. Burke, E.-R. Neumann
On the causes of O(super 18)-depletion and O(super 18)O(super 16) homogenization during regional metamorphism; the East Humboldt Range core complex, Nevada.Earth sciencesMark T. Peters, Stephen M. Wickham
Oxygen isotope geochemistry of the Mesozoic anorogenic complexes of Damaraland, northwest Namibia: evidence for crustal contamination and its effect on silica saturation.Earth sciencesChris Harris
Oxygen isotope heterogeneity of the mantle deduced from global 18O systematics of basalts from different geotectonic settings.Earth sciencesJochen Hoefs, Russell S. Harmon
Paleoproterozoic (1.90-1.86 Ga) arc volcanism in the Flin Flon belt, Trans-Hudson Orogen, Canada.Earth sciencesRichard A. Stern, Eric C. Syme, Alan H. Bailes, Stephen B. Lucas
Partial melting and phase relations in high-grade metapelites: an experimental petrogenetic grid in the KFMASH system.Earth sciencesD.P. Carrington, S.L. Harley
Pb-Sr-Nd isotopic compositions and trace element geochemistry of megacrysts and melilitites from the Tertiary Urach volcanic field: source composition of small volume melts under SW Germany.Earth sciencesE. Hegner, H.J. Walter, M. Satir
Petrogenesis of basalt-comendite and basalt-pantellerite suites, Terceira, Azores, and some implications for the origin of ocean-island rhyolites.Earth sciencesJ.E. Mungall, R.F. Martin
Petrological and Sr-Nd evidence bearing on early Proterozoic magmatic events of the subcontinental mantle: Sao Francisco craton (Uaua, NE-Brazil).Earth sciencesR. Petrini, A. De Min, E.M. Piccirillo, G. Bellieni, V.A.V. Girardi, A.B. Menezes Leal, W. Teixeira, L.R. Bastos Leal, P. Comin Chiaramonti, M.A.F. Tanner de Oliveira
Petrologic diversity in Mount St. Helens dacites during the last 4, 000 years: implications for magma mixing.Earth sciencesMalcolm J. Rutherford, James E. Gardner, Steve Carey, Haraldur Sigurdsson
PGE in solid solution in base metal sulfides and the down-temperature equilibration history of Merensky ores.(Platinum-Group Elements in the Merensky Reef, part 1)Earth sciencesC.G. Ryan, C. Ballhaus
Phase diagram methods for graphite rocks and application to the system C-O-H-FeO-TiO2-SiO2.Earth sciencesJ.A.D. Connolly
Phase equilibrium and stable isotope constraints on the formation of metasomatic garnet-vesuvianite veins (SW Adamello, N Italy).Earth sciencesRainer Abart
Phase relations between Ca3Fe(super 3+)(sub 2)Si3O12-Fe(super 2+)(sub 3)Fe(super 3+)(sub 2)Si3O12 garnet and CaFeSi2O6-Fe2Si2O6 pyroxene solid solutions.Earth sciencesAlan B. Woodland, Hugh St C. O'Neil
Pre-ore hydrothermal alteration in an unconformity-type uranium deposit.Earth sciencesA. Komninou, D.A. Sverjensky
Primary Ca-rich carbonatite magma and carbonate-silicate-sulphide liquid immiscibility in the upper mantle.Earth sciencesL.N. Kogarko, C.M.B. Henderson, H. Pacheco
P-T history of a mantle diapir: the Horoman peridotite complex, Hokkaido, northern Japan.Earth sciencesN. Takahashi, K. Ozawa
PT paths from modal proportions: application to the Koralm complex, Eastern Alps.(pressure and temperature)Earth sciencesKurt Stuwe, Roger Powell
P-T-X effects on equilibrium carbonate-H2O-CO2-NaCl dihedral angles: constraints on carbonate permeability and the role of deformation during fluid infiltration.Earth sciencesC.M. Graham, M.B. Holness
Quantitative determination of metamorphic reaction history: mass balance relations between groundmass and mineral inclusion assemblages in metamorphic rocks.Earth sciencesDonna L. Whitney, Helen M. Lang, Edward D. Ghent
Replenishment of magma chambers: comparison of fluid mechanic experiments with field relations.Earth sciencesStephen Tait, Don Snyder
Ridge axis deformation and coeval melt migration within layer 3 gabbros: evidence from the Lizard Complex, U.K.Earth sciencesS. Roberts, L. Hopkinson
Seawater-sediment-basalt interactions: stable isotope (H, O) and elementary fluxes within the Ordovician volcano-sedimentary sequence of Erquy (Brittany, France).Earth sciencesC. Lecuyer, P. Grandjean, F. Martineau
Sources of continental magmatism adjacent to the late Archean Kolar Suture Zone, south India: distinct isotopic and elemental signatures of two late Archean magmatic series.Earth sciencesE.J. Krogstad, G.N. Hanson, V. Rajamani
Sr and Nd isotope data of apatite, calcite and dolomite as indicators of source, and the relationships of phoscorites and carbonatites from the Kovdor massif, Kola peninsula, Russia.Earth sciencesKeith Bell, Anatoly Zaitsev
Sr-Nd-Pb isotope data for ultramafic xenoliths from Hierro, Canary Islands: melt infiltration processes in the upper mantle.Earth sciencesE.-R. Neumann, M.J. Whitehouse
Strontium and oxygen isotope profiles across marble-silicate contacts, Lizzies Basin, East Humboldt Range, Nevada: constraints on metamorphic permeability contrasts and fluid flow.Earth sciencesM.J. Bickle, H.J. Chapman, S.M. Wickham, M.T. Peters
Temporal evolution of the Kerguelen plume: geochemical evidence from approximately 38 to 82 Ma lavas forming the Ninetyeast ridge.Earth sciencesDominique Weis, Frederick A. Frey
Tephroite-hausmannite-galaxite from a granulite-facies manganese rocks of the United Arab Emirates.Earth sciencesEdwin Gnos, Tjerk Peters
Textural evolution of synthetic fluid inclusions during reequilibration, with applications to tectonic reconstruction.Earth sciencesMaxim O. Vityk, Robert J. Bodnar
The effect of dissolved water on the oxidation state of iron in natural silicate liquids.Earth sciencesGordon E. Moore, Kevin Righter, I.S.E Carmichael
The effect of feldspar on quartz-H2O-CO2 dihedral angles at 4 kbar, with consequences for the behaviour of aqueous fluids in migmatites.Earth sciencesMarian B. Holness
The partitioning of copper between silicate melts and two-phase aqueous fluids: an experimental investigation at 1 kbar, 800 degrees C and 0.5 kbar, 850 degrees C.(centigrade)Earth sciencesThomas J. Williams, Philip A. Candela, Philip M. Piccoli
The relationship between the hawaiites and basalts of the Itcha Volcanic Complex, central British Columbia.Earth sciencesAnne Charland, Don Francis, John Ludden
The relationship between websterite and peridotite in the Balmuccia peridotite massif (NW Italy) as revealed by trace element variations in clinopyroxene.Earth sciencesAlbrecht W. Hofmann, Luisa Ottolini, Maurizio Mazzucchelli, Giorgio Rivalenti, Riccardo Vannucci, Piero Bottazzi, Walter Obermiller
Thermal expansivities and compressibilities of hydrous phases in the system MgO-SiO2-H2O: talc, phase A and 10-angstrom phase.Earth sciencesBernard J. Wood, Alison R. Pawley, Simon A.T. Redfern
Thermodynamic analysis.(Reassessment of the garnet-clinopyroxene Fe-Mg exchange thermometer, part 2)Earth sciencesD.R.M. Pattison, R.G. Berman, L. Ya Aranovich
Thermodynamic data from redox reactions at high temperatures: v. thermodynamic properties of Nio-MnO solid solutions from emf measurements.Earth sciencesMark I. Pownceby, Hugh St. C. O'Neill
The role of hybridization in the genesis of Hercynian granitoids in the Gredos Massif, Spain: inferences from Sr-Nd isotopes.Earth sciencesGraeme Rogers, Inaki Moreno-Ventas, Antonio Castro
The stability of annite + quartz: reversed experimental data for the reaction 2 annite + 3 quartz = 2 sanidine + 3 fayalite + 2H2O.Earth sciencesEdgar Dachs, Artur Benisek
The stable isotopic evolution of a metamorphic complex, Naxos, Greece.Earth sciencesAlan Matthews, Judy Baker
The temperature dependence of the speciation of water in NaAlSi3O8-KAlSi3O8 melts: an application of fictive temperatures derived from synthetic fluid-inclusions.Earth sciencesD.B. Dingwell, C. Romano, H. Behrens
Timing of the cataclastic deformation along the Akaishi Tectonic line, central Japan.Earth sciencesHidemi Tanaka, Tetsumaru Itaya, Nobuo Uehara
Volatiles associated with the alkaline-carbonatite magmatism at Alno, Sweden: a study of fluid and solid inclusions in minerals from the Langarsholmen ring complex.Earth sciencesViorica Morogan, Sten Lindblom
Water in boninite glass and coexisting orthopyroxene: concentration and partitioning.Earth sciencesHenrik Skogby, George R. Rossman, Patrick F. Dobson
Wollastonite at Nuliyam, Kerala, southern India: a reassessment of CO2- infiltration and charnockite formation at a classic locality.Earth sciencesSimon L. Harley, M. Santosh
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