Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 1992 - Abstracts

Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 1992
40Ar/39Ar ages of detrital muscovite and whole-rock slate/phyllite, Narragansett Basin, RI-MA, USA: implications for rejuvenation during very low-grade metamorphism.Earth sciencesR.D. Dallmeyer, A. Takasu
87Sr/86Sr and 18O/16O isotopic systematics and geochemistry of granitoid plutons across a steeply-dipping boundary between contrasting lithospheric blocks in western Idaho.Earth sciencesCathryn A. Manduca, Leon T. Silver, Hugh P. Taylor
A boundary layer-induced immiscibility in naturally re-equilibrated H(2)O-CO(2)-NaCl inclusions from metamorphic quartz (Western Carpathians, Czechoslovakia).Earth sciencesVratislav Hurai, Elfrun-Erika Horn
A comment on "Calcic Amphibole Equilibria and a New Amphibole-Plagioclase Geothermometer" by J.D. Blundy and T.J.B. Holland (Contrib Mineral Petrol (1990) 104: 208-224). (Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology)Earth sciencesStefano Poli, Max W. Schmidt
A detailed Th, Sr and O isotope study of Hekla: differentiation processes inan Icelandic volcano.Earth sciencesOlgeir Sigmarsson, Michel Condomines, Serge Fourcade
Ages, rare-earth element enrichment, and petrogenesis of tholeiitic and alkalic basalts from Kahoolawe Island, Hawaii.Earth sciencesF.A. Frey, R.V. Fodor, G.R. Bauer, D.A. Clague
Alkaline and calc-alkaline lavas near Los Volcanes, Jalisco, Mexico: geochemical diversity and its significance in volcanic arcs.Earth sciencesPaul Wallace, Ian S.E. Carmichael
Amphibole composition in tonalite as a function of pressure: an experimental calibration of the Al-in-hornblende barometer.Earth sciencesMax W. Schmidt
An enriched mantle source for potassic basanites: evidence from Karisimbi volcano, Virunga volcanic province, Rwanda.Earth sciencesN.W. Rogers, M. De Mulder, C.J. Hawkesworth
An experimental study of glaucophanic amphiboles in the system Na2O-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2-SiF4 (NMASF): some implications for glaucophane stability in natural and synthetic systems at high temperatures and pressures.Earth sciencesMark D. Welch, Colin M. Graham
An experimental study of two garnet pyroxenite xenoliths from the Bullenmeri and Gnotuk Maars of western Victoria, Australia.Earth sciencesJ. Adam, Thomas Hill Green, R.A. Day
Anhydrous PT phase relations of an Aleutian high-MgO basalt: an investigation of the role of olivine-liquid reaction in the generation of arc high-alumina basalts.Earth sciencesDavid S. Draper, A. Dana Johnston
A numerical approach to boundary layer fractionation: application to differentiation in natural magma systems.Earth sciencesRoger L. Nielsen, Stephen E. DeLong
Aspects of dynamic segregation. (Petrogenesis of Hawaiian Tholeiites, part 2)Earth sciencesS.M. Eggins
A stable isotope study of retrograde alteration in SW Connemara, Ireland.Earth sciencesG.R.T. Jenkin, A.E. Fallick, B.E. Leake
Basalt evolution at low pressure: implications from an experimental study in the system CaO-FeO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2.Earth sciencesPing Shi
Basalt magmatism along the passive continental margin of SE Brazil (Campos basin).Earth sciencesA.M.P. Misuzaki, R. Petrini, P. Comin-Chiaramonti, J. Dias, A. De Min, E.M. Piccirillo
Behavior of isotopic systematics during deformation and metamorphism: a Hf, Nd and Sr isotopic study of mylonitized granite. (hafnium; neodymium; strontium)Earth sciencesKarin M. Barovich, P. Jonathan Patchett
"Calcic Amphibole Equilibria and a New Amphibole-Plagioclase Geothermometer" - reply to the comment of Poli and Schmidt. (response to Stefano Poli and Max W. Schmidt in this issue, p. 273)Earth sciencesJonathan D. Blundy, Timothy J.B. Holland
"Calcic Amphibole Equilibria and a New Amphibole-Plagioclase Geothermometer": reply to the comments of Hammarstrom and Zen, and Rutherford and Johnson. (response to Jane M. Hammarstrom and E-an Zen, p.264 and to Malcolm J. Rutherford and Marie C. Johnson, p.266, in this issue)Earth sciencesJonathan D. Blundy, Timothy J.B. Holland
Carbonate metasomatism in the lithospheric mantle: peridotitic xenoliths from a melilititic district of the Sahara basin.Earth sciencesJ.M. Dautria, C. Dupuy, D. Takherist, J. Dostal
Carbon isotope fractionation between calcite, graphite and CO2: an experimental study.Earth sciencesNorbert Scheele, Jochen Hoefs
Cation diffusion in aluminosilicate garnets: experimental determination in spessartine-almadine diffusion couples, evaluation of effective binary diffusion coefficients, and applications.Earth sciencesSumit Chakraborty, Jibamitra Ganguly
Ce and Nd isotope geochemistry on island arc volcanic rocks with negative Ce anomaly: existence of sources with concave REE patterns in the mantle beneath the Solomon and Bonin island arcs. (rare earth elements)Earth sciencesHiroshi Shimizu, Hideyuki Sawatari, Yousuke Kawata, Peter N. Dunkley, Akimasa Masuda
Chemical and isotopic variations in an iron-rich lava flow from the Kirkpatrick Basalt, north Victoria Land, Antarctica: implications for low-temperature alteration.Earth sciencesThomas H. Fleming, David H. Elliot, Lois M. Jones, John R. Bowman, Mary A. Siders
Comment on Blundy and Holland's (1990) "Calcic Amphibole Equilibria and a New Amphibole-Plagioclase Geothermometer." (response to Jonathan D. Blundy and Timothy J.B. Holland, Calcic Amphibole Equilibria and a New Amphibole-Plagioclase Geothermometer, Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, p. 208)Earth sciencesMalcolm J. Rutherford, Marie C. Johnson
Comments "On the Kinetics of Textural Equilibration in Forsterite Marbles" by M.B. Holmes, M.J. Bickle, and C.M. Graham. (response to M.B. Holmes, M.J. Bickle and C.M. Graham, Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, p. 356, vol. 108)Earth sciencesR. Nicholson
Compositional gradients in large reservoirs of silicic magma as evidenced by ignimbrites versus Taylor Creek Rhyolite lava domes.Earth sciencesWendell A. Duffield, Joaquin Ruiz
Compositional zonation in garnets in peridotite xenoliths.Earth sciencesDouglas Smith, Francis R. Boyd
Constraints on the formation of cyclic units in ultramafic zones of large basaltic chambers.Earth sciencesGenevieve Brandeis
Constraints on the origin of mantle-derived low Ca garnets. (calcium-containing garnets)Earth sciencesDante Canil, Kejian Wei
Convection and crystal settling in sills.Earth sciencesFergus G Gibb F., Michael B. Henderson
Diamondiferous garnet harzburgites from the Finsch kimberlite, Northern Cape, South Africa.Earth sciencesK.S. Viljoen, P.M. Swash, M.L. Otter, D.J. Schulze, P.J. Lawless
Differential response of zircon U-Pb isotopic systematics to metamorphism across a lithologic boundary: an example from the Hope Valley Shear Zone, southeastern Massachusetts, USA. (uranium-lead)Earth sciencesDavid M. Wayne, A. Krishna Sinha, David A. Hewitt
Differential unroofing within the Central Metasedimentary Belt of the Grenville Orogen: constraints from 40Ar/39Ar thermochronology.Earth sciencesMichael A. Cosca, Eric J. Essene, Michael J. Kunk, John F. Sutter
Diffusion in coronas around clinopyroxene: modelling with local equilibrium and steady state, and a non-steady-state modification to account for zoned actinolite-hornblende. (includes appendices)Earth sciencesJ.R. Ashworth, J.J. Birdi, T.F. Emmett
Discussion of Blundy and Holland's (1990) "Calcic Amphibole Equilibria and a New Amphibole-Plagioclase Geothermometer." (response to Jonathan D. Blundy and Timothy J.B. Holland, Calcic Amphibole Equilibria and a New Amphibole-Plagioclase Geothermometer, Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, p. 208)Earth sciencesJane M. Hammarstrom, E-an Zen
Distribution of titanium and the rare earth elements between peridotitic minerals.Earth sciencesW.F. McDonough, H.-G. Stosch, N.G. Ware
Eclogite facies relics and a multistage breakdown in metabasites of the KTB pilot hole, NE Bavaria: implications for the Variscan tectonometamorphic evolution of the NW Bohemian Massif.Earth sciencesPatrick J. O'Brien, Christian Rohr, Martin Okrusch, Margarete Patzak
Eclogite-facies rocks in the Saxonian Erzgebirge, Germany: high pressure metamorphism under contrasting P - T conditions. (pressure - temperature)Earth sciencesMartin Okrusch, Esther Schmadicke, Wolfgang Schmidt
Eclogites of the D'Entrecasteaux Islands.Earth sciencesHugh L. Davies, R.G. Warren
Electron optical and X-ray powder diffraction study of synthetic and natural potassic cordierites.Earth sciencesP. Daniels, W.V. Maresch, W. Schreyer, K. Sahl
Enstatite-jadeite join and its role in the earth's mantle.Earth sciencesTibor Gasparik
Entropy dependence of viscosity and the glass-transition temperature of melts in the system diopside-anorthite.Earth sciencesH. Taniguchi
Evidence for inherited Sm-Nd isotopes in granitoid zircons.Earth sciencesBruce A. Paterson, W. Edryd Stephens, Graeme Rogers
Evidence for the trapped liquid shift effect in the Mount Ayliff Intrusion, South Africa.Earth sciencesR. Grant Cawthorn, Bernhard K. Sander, Ian M. Jones
Evolution of the upper mantle beneath the southern Baikal rift zone: an Sr-Nd isotope study of xenoliths from the Bartoy volcanoes.Earth sciencesD.A. Ionov, U. Kramm, H.G. Stosch
Experimental constraints on the low-pressure evolution of transitional and mildly alkalic basalts: multisaturated liquids and coexisting augites.Earth sciencesP. Thy, G.E. Lofgren
Experimental determination of pargasite stability relations in the presence of orthopyroxene.Earth sciencesRichard W. Lykins, David M. Jenkins
Experimentally determined mineral-melt partition coefficients for Sc, Y and REE for olivine, orthopyroxene, pigeonite, magnetite and ilmenite.Earth sciencesRoger L. Nielsen, William E. Gallahan, Florence Newberger
Exsolution of Ca-amphibole from glaucophane and the miscibility gap between sodic and calcic amphiboles.Earth sciencesDavid R. Veblen, Eugene A. Smelik
Feldspar microtextures and multistage thermal history of syenites from the Coldwell Complex, Ontario.Earth sciencesKim A. Waldron, Ian Parsons
Fluid inclusions in granulite-facies metapelites of the Hercynian ancient lower crust of the Serre, Calabria, southern Italy.Earth sciencesPetra Herms, Volker Schenk
Fluid variability in 2 GPa eclogites as an indicator of fluid behavior during subduction.Earth sciencesJane Selverstone, Gerhard Franz, Sabine Thomas, Stephen Getty
Four- and five-phase peridotites from a continental rift system: evidence for upper mantle uplift and cooling at the Ross Sea margin (Antarctica).Earth sciencesJ. Zipfel, G. Worner
Geobarometers involving clinopyroxene, garnet, plagioclase, ilmenite, rutile, sphene and quartz: estimation of pressure in quartz-absent assemblages.Earth sciencesA. Bhattacharya, L. Mohanty, A. Mukhopadhyay
Geochemical evolution of Jurassic diorites from the Bristol Lake region, California, USA, and the role of assimilation.Earth sciencesJoseph L. Wooden, Edward D. Young, Shieh Yuch-Ning, Daniel Farber
Geochemical stratigraphy of the Huronian continental volcanics at Thessalon, Ontario: contributions of two-stage crustal fusion.Earth sciencesWayne T. Jolly, A.P. Dickin, Tsai-Way Wu
Geochemistry of mafic dikes in the Adirondack mountains: implications for late Proterozoic continental rifting.Earth sciencesR.A. Coish, C.W. Sinton
Geochemistry of tholeiites from Lanai, Hawaii.Earth sciencesH.B. West, M.O. Garcia, D.C. Gerlach, J. Romano
Groundmass crystallization of Mount St. Helens dacite, 19880-1986: a tool for interpreting shallow magmatic processes.Earth sciencesKatharine V. Cashman
Heat capacities of Fe2O3-bearing silicate liquids.Earth sciencesAlexandra Navrotsky, Rebecca A. Lange
High-density CO2-N2 inclusions in eclogite-facies metasediments of the Munchberg gneiss complex, SE Germany.Earth sciencesR. Klemd, A.M. van den Kerkhof, E.E. Horn
Highly reducing conditions during Alpine metamorphism of the Malenco peridotite (Sondrio, northern Italy) indicated by mineral paragenesis and H(2) in fluid inclusions.Earth sciencesAdolf Peretti, Jean Dubessy, Josef Mullis, B. Ronald Frost, V. Trommsdorff
Hydrothermal alteration and REE-Th mineralization at the Rodeo de Los Molles deposit, Las Chacras batholith, central Argentina. (rare earth elements-thorium)Earth sciencesRaul Lira, Edward M. Ripley
Hydrothermal alterations in the Echassieres granitic cupola (Massif Central, France).Earth sciencesThierry Merceron, Philippe Vieillard, Ann-Marie Fouillac, Alain Meunier
Infrared spectroscopic investigations of the calcite-rhodochrosite and parts of the calcite-magnesite mineral series.Earth sciencesM.E. Bottcher, P.L. Gehlken, E. Usdowski
Interactions and mixing properties in the (C2/c) clinopyroxene quadrilateral.Earth sciencesG. Ottonello
Intercrystalline stable isotope diffusion: a fast grain boundary model.Earth sciencesJohn M. Eiler, Lukas P. Baumgartner, John W. Valley
Internal control of fluid compositions in amphibolite-facies scapolitic calc-silicates, Mary Kathleen, Australia. (Mary Kathleen Fold Belt)Earth sciencesNicholas H.S. Oliver, Victor J. Wall, Ian Cartwright
Internally consistent gahnitic spinel-cordierite-garnet equilibria in the FMASHZn system: geothermobarometry and applications.Earth sciencesGeoffey T. Nichols, Ron F. Berry, David H. Green
Isotopic relationships of volatile and lithophile trace elements in continental ultramafic xenoliths.Earth sciencesR.K. O'Nions, D.R. Porcelli, S.J.G. Galer, A.S. Cohen, D.P. Mattey
Kinetically induced compositional zoning in titanite: implications for accessory-phase/melt partitioning of trace elements.Earth sciencesBruce A. Paterson, W. Edryd Stephens
Loss of isotopic (Nd,O) and chemical (REE) memory during metamorphism of komatiites: new evidence from eastern Finland.Earth sciencesG. Gruau, S. Tourpin, S. Fourcade, S. Blais
Melt inclusions and crystal-liquid separation in rhyolitic magma of the Bishop Tuff.Earth sciencesLu Fangqiong, Alfred T. Anderson, Andrew M. Davis
Metasomatism and fluid flow in ductile fault zones.Earth sciencesGregory M. Dipple, John M. Ferry
Methane-bearing, aqueous, saline solutions in the Skaergaard intrusion, east Greenland.Earth sciencesRune B. Larsen, C. Kent Brooks, Dennis K. Bird
Mid-Pleistocene lavas from the Seguam volcanic center, central Aleutian arc: closed-system fractional crystallization of a basalt to rhyodacite eruptive suite.Earth sciencesBradley S. Singer, James D. Myers, Carol D. Frost
Mildly peraluminous high-silica granites in a continental rift: the Drammen and Finnemarka batholiths, Oslo Rift, Norway.Earth sciencesReidar G. Tronnes, Alan D. Brandon
Mineral chemistry and geochemistry of vanadian silicates in the Hemlo gold deposit, Ontario, Canada.Earth sciencesYuanming Pan, Michael E. Fleet
Mixing of rhyolite, trachyte and basalt magma erupted from a vertically and laterally zoned reservoir, composite flow P1, Gran Canaria.Earth sciencesArmin Freundt, Hans-Ulrich Schmincke
Modeling of the transport and deposition of tungsten in the scheelite-bearing calc-silicate gneisses of the Montagne Noire, France.Earth sciencesFrancois Gibert, Bernard Moine, Jacques Schott, Jean-Louis Dandurand
Nd-, Sr-, O-isotopic and chemical evidence for a two-stage contamination history of mantle magma in the Central-Alpine Bergell intrusion. (neodymium, strontium and oxygen isotopes)Earth sciencesFriedhelm von Blackenburg, Gretchen Fruh-Green, Karlheinz Diethelm, Peter Stille
Neodymium isotopic evidence for the tectonic assembly of late Archean crust in the Slave Province, northwest Canada.Earth sciencesWilliam J. Davis, Ernst Hegner
Non-ideal mixing in the phlogopite-annite binary: constraints from experimental data on Mg-Fe partitioning and a reformulation of the biotite-garnet geothermometer.Earth sciencesS.K. Sen, A. Bhattacharya, L. Mohanty, A. Maji, M. Raith
Non-linear temperature dependence of liquid volumes in the system albite-anorthite-diopside.Earth sciencesR. Knoche, D.B. Dingwell, S.L. Webb
Order-disorder kinetics in orthopyroxenes of ophiolite origin.Earth sciencesHenrik Skogby
Origin of Archean lamprophyre dykes, Superior Province, Canada: rare earth element and Nd-Sr isotopic evidence.Earth sciencesRichard A. Stern, Gilbert N. Hanson
Origin of mantled (rapakivi) feldspars: experimental evidence of a dissolution- and diffusion-controlled mechanism.Earth sciencesDavid A. Wark, James A. Stimac
Oxygen and carbon isotope profiles in metasediments from Lizzies Basin, EastHumboldt Range, Nevada: constraints on mid-crustal metamorphic and magmatic volatile fluxes.Earth sciencesMark T. Peters, Stephen M. Wickham
Oxygen and hydrogen isotope evidence for meteoric water infiltration during mylonitization and uplift in the Ruby Mountains-East Humboldt Range core complex, Nevada.Earth sciencesHenry C. Fricke, Stephen M. Wickham, James R. O'Neil
Petrogenesis and significance of late Caledonian granitoid magmatism in western Norway.Earth sciencesKjell Petter Skjerlie
Petrogenesis of anomalous K-enriched MORB from the Southwest Indian Ridge: 11 degrees 53 minutes E to 14 degrees 38 minutes E. (mid-ocean ridge basalts)Earth sciencesHenry J.B. Dick, Anton P. Le Roex, Ronald T. Watkins
Petrogenesis of Variscan high-temperature Group A eclogites from the Moldanubian Zone of the Bohemian Massif, Czechoslavakia.Earth sciencesBrian L. Beard, L. Gordon Medaris Jr., Clark M. Johnson, Hannes K. Brueckner, Zdenek Misar
Petrology and geochemistry of spinel peridotite xenoliths from the western Pannonian Basin (Hungary): evidence for an association between enrichment and texture in the upper mantle.Earth sciencesH. Downes, A. Embey-Isztin, M.F. Thirlwall
Petrology of the late-Carboniferous Punta Falcone gabbroic complex, northern Sardinia, Italy.Earth sciencesSimone Tommasini, Giampiero Poli
Phase equilibria and oxygen isotopes in the evolution of metapelitic migmatites: a case study from the Pre-Alpine basement of Northern Switzerland.Earth sciencesMartin Mazurek
Phase equilibria constraints. (Petrogenesis of Hawaiian Tholeiites, part 1)Earth sciencesS.M. Eggins
Phase relationships in Buchan facies series pelitic assemblages: calculations with application to andalusite-staurolite parageneses in the Mount Lofty Ranges, South Australia.Earth sciencesPeter Dymoke, Michael Sandiford
Phyllosilicates in hydrothermally altered basalts from DSDP Hole 504B, Leg 83- a TEM and AEM study. (transmission electron microscopy; analytical electronmicroscopic analysis)Earth sciencesDonald R. Peacor, Yen-Hong Shau
Possible role of amphibole in the origin of andesite: some experimental and natural evidence.Earth sciencesJ.D. Foden, D.H. Green
Potassium loss during metasomatic alteration of mica pyroxenite from Oldoinyo Lengai, northern Tanzania: contrasts with fenitization.Earth sciencesJ.B. Dawson, J.V. Smith
Processes and timescales in the evolution of a chemically zoned trachyte: Fogo A, Sao Miguel, Azores.Earth sciencesE. Widom, H.U. Schmincke, Gill. J.B.
Pyrometamorphism and partial melting of shales during combustion metamorphism: mineralogical, textural and chemical effects.Earth sciencesBryan H. Clark, Donald R. Peacor
Radiometric age constraints on mineral growth, metamorphism, and tectonism of the Gummfluh Klippe, Brianconnais domain of the Prealpes, Switzerland.Earth sciencesSylvain Huon, Michael A. Cosca, Johannes C. Hunziker, Henry Masson
Rb-Sr, K-Ar and fission track ages for granites from Penang Island, West Malaysia: an interpretation model for Rb-Sr whole-rock and for actual and experimental mica data.Earth sciencesT.S. Kwan, R. Krahenbuhl, E. Jager
Recrystallization of oscillatory zoned zircon: some geochronological and petrological implications.Earth sciencesR.T. Pidgeon
REE-bearing minerals in a Ti-rich vein from the Adamello contact aureole (Italy). (rare earth elements)Earth sciencesReto Giere, C. Terry Williams
Reinvestigation of fayalite + anorhite = garnet.Earth sciencesDexter Perkins, Daniel Vielzeuf
Relations among net-transfer reaction progress, 18O-13C depletion, and fluid infiltration in a clinohumite-bearing marble.Earth sciencesEdward D. Young, Jean Morrison
Relationships between chamber margin accumulates and pore liquids: evidence from arrested in situ processes in ejecta, Latera caldera, Italy.Earth sciencesB.N. Turbeville
Reply to comments "On the Kinetics of Textural Equilibrium in Forsterite Marbles" by M.B. Holmes, M.J. Bickle, and C.M. Graham. (response to R. Nicholson in this issue, p. 420)Earth sciencesM.B. Holmes, M.J. Bickle, C.M. Graham
Response of zircon U-Pb isotopes and whole-rock geochemistry to CO2 fluid-induced granulite facies metamorphism, Kabbaldurga, Karnataka, South India.Earth sciencesC.R.L. Friend, A.P. Nutman
Retrograde evolution of eclogites: evidences from microstructures and 40Ar/39Ar white mica dates, Munchberg Massif, northern Bavaria.Earth sciencesK. Hammerschmidt, G. Franz
Selectively contaminated magmas of the Tertiary East Greenland macrodike complex.Earth sciencesJanne Blichert-Toft, Charles E. Lesher, Minik T. Rosing
Small scale heterogeneity of Phanerozoic lower crust: evidence from isotopic and geochemical systematics of mid-Cretaceous granulite gneisses, San Gabriel Mountains, southern California.Earth sciencesAndrew P. Barth, J.L. Wooden, D.J. May
Spatial variations of Sr and Nd isotope ratios of Cretaceous-Paleogene granitoid rocks, Southwest Japan arc.Earth sciencesH. Kagami, S. Iizumi, Y. Tainosho, M. Owada
Stable and Sr-isotope evidence for fluid advection during thrusting of the Glarus nappe (Swiss Alps).Earth sciencesM. Burkhard, R. Kerrich, R. Maas, W.S. Fyfe
Stable isotope evidence for regional-scale fluid migration in a Barrovian metamorphic terrane, Vermont, USA.Earth sciencesC. Page Chamberlain, John M. Ferry, Libby A. Stern, Daniel E. Barnett
Strontium and neodymium isotopic study of the western Mogollon-Datil volcanic region, New Mexico, USA.Earth sciencesMichael Bikerman, Keith Bell, Jeffrey W. Card
Temporal geochemical evolution in oceanic intra-plate volcanics: a case study from the Marquesas (French Polynesia) and comparison with other hotspots.Earth sciencesJon D. Woodhead
The adaptation of Pearce element ratio diagrams to complex high silica systems.Earth sciencesTimothy K. Bradshaw
The age and source of late Hercynian magmatism in the central Alps: evidence from precise U-Pb ages and initial Hf isotopes.Earth sciencesUrs Schaltegger, Fernando Corfu
The cumulus and post-cumulus evolution of chrome-spinels in ultrabasic layered intrusions: evidence from the Cuillin Igneous Complex, Isle of Skye, Scotland.Earth sciencesBrian R. Bell, Russell V. Claydon
The distribution of hydroxyl in garnets from the subcontinental mantle of southern Africa.Earth sciencesDavid R. Bell, George R. Rossman
The generation and crystallization conditions of the Proterozoic Harney Peak Leucogranite, Black Hills, South Dakota, USA: petrologic and geochemical constraints.Earth sciencesP.I. Nabelek, C. Russ-Nabelek, J.R. Denison
The influence of amphibole fractionation on the evolution of calc-alkaline andesite and dacite tephra from the central Aleutians, Alaska.Earth sciencesJay D. Romick, Suzanne Mahlburg Kay, Robert W. Kay
The influence of crystallography and kinetics on phengite breakdown reactions in a low-pressure metamorphic aureole.Earth sciencesR.H. Worden, G.T.R. Droop, P.E. Champness
The Mud Tank carbonatite complex, central Australia - an example of metasomatism at mid-crustal levels.Earth sciencesK.L. Currie, J. Knutson, P.A. Temby
The Northeast Kingdom batholith, Vermont: magmatic evolution and geochemical constraints on the origin of Acadian granitic rocks.Earth sciencesRobert A. Ayuso, Joseph G. Arth
The oxidation state of subcontinental mantle: oxygen thermobarometry of mantle xenoliths from central Asia.Earth sciencesB.J. Wood, D.A. Ionov
The relationship between E- and N-type magmas in the Baffin Bay lavas.Earth sciencesI. Robillard, D. Francis, J.N. Ludden
Thermal history of the upper mantle beneath a young back-arc extensional zone: ultramafic xenoliths from San Luis Potosi, Central Mexico.Earth sciencesWilliam Heinrich, Thomas Besch
The role of the crust in the magmatic evolution of the island of Lipari (Aeolian Islands, Italy).Earth sciencesS. Esperanca, G.M. Crisci, R. de Rosa, R. Mazzuoli
The solubility of water in NaAlSi3O8 melts: a re-examination of Ab-H2O phaserelationships and critical behavior at high pressures.Earth sciencesOlivier Paillat, Stephen C. Elphick, William L. Brown
The stability of merwinite in the system CaO-MgO-SiO(2)-H(2)O-CO(2) with CO(2)-poor fluids.Earth sciencesJincheng Zhou, L.C. Hsu
Timing and origin of midcontinent rift alkaline magmatism, North America: evidence from the Coldwell Complex.Earth sciencesL.M. Heaman, N. Machado
Tourmaline in a low grade clastic metasedimentary rock: an example of the petrogenetic potential of tourmaline.Earth sciencesDarrell J. Henry, Barbara L. Dutrow
Trace element modelling of pelite-derived granites.Earth sciencesN.B.W. Harris, S. Inger
Two-stage contamination during crustal assimilation: isotopic evidence from volcanic rocks in eastern Nevada.Earth sciencesAnita L. Grunder
Ultra-high temperatures from oxygen isotope thermometry of a coesite-sanidine grospydite.Earth sciencesZ.D. Sharp, E.J. Essene, J.R. Smyth
U-Pb zircon and Sm-Nd geochronology of mafic and ultramafic rocks from the central part of the Tauern Window (eastern Alps). (uranium-lead zircon and samarium-neodymium geochemical analyses)Earth sciencesAlbrecht von Quadt
Variations in trapping temperatures and trace elements in peridotite-suite inclusions from African diamonds: evidence for two inclusion suites, and implications for lithosphere stratigraphy.Earth sciencesW.L. Griffin, J.J. Gurney, C.G. Ryan
Zoning and recrystallization of phengitic micas: implications for metamorphic equilibration.Earth sciencesT.J. Dempster
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