Comparative Drama 1995 - Abstracts

Comparative Drama 1995
A proposal for a theater museum: staging the fragments of Greek and Roman drama.Literature/writingWutrich, Timothy Richard
A reassessment of the date and provenance of the Cornish 'Ordinalia.'Literature/writingBetcher, Gloria J.
Drama and ritual once again: notes toward a revival of tragic theory.Literature/writingHinden, Michael
Emblematic pictures for the less privileged in Shakespeare's England.Literature/writingTruax, Elizabeth
Euripides in South Africa: 'Medea' and 'Demea.'Literature/writingWertheim, Albert
Jonson and the emblematic tradition: Raleigh, Brant, the poems, 'The Alchemist,' and 'Volpone.'Literature/writingEvans, Robert C.
Liturgy and community in N-town 'Passion Play I.'Literature/writingScherb, Victor I.
Mary's obedience and power in the trial of Mary and Joseph.Literature/writingCarlson, Cindy L.
"Master Harold" and the Bard: education and succession in Fugard and Shakespeare.Literature/writingHoegberg, David E.
Mocking the meat it feeds on: representing Sarah Churchill's hystericks in Addison's 'Rosamond'. (Joseph Addison)Literature/writingGamez, Luis R.
Nativity and Magi plays in Renaissance Florence.Literature/writingEisenbichler, Konrad
Quarles as dramatist. (playwright and artist Francis Quarles)Literature/writingHill, Elizabeth K.
Questions of identity in contemporary Hong Kong theater.Literature/writingMacKenzie, Clayton G.
Settling house in Middleton's 'Women Beware Women.'(Thomas Middleton)Literature/writingChristensen, Ann C.
Shakespeare's Italian dream: Cinquecento sources for 'A Midsummer Night's Dream.'Literature/writingLeslie, Robert W.
'Sinnekins' and the vice: prolegomena.Literature/writingHappe, Peter, Husken, Wim
Social disorder, festive celebration, and Jean Michel's 'Le Mistere de la Passion JesusCrist.Literature/writingBillington, Sandra
Speaking sweat: emblems in the plays of John Ford.Literature/writingHopkins, Lisa
Spring and winter in 'Love's Labor Lost': an iconographic reconstruction.Literature/writingKiefer, Frederick
'Sweet power of music': the political magic of 'the miraculous harp' in Shakespeare's 'The Tempest.'Literature/writingSimonds, Peggy Munoz
Temperance and the end of time: emblematic 'Antony and Cleopatra.'Literature/writingWortham, Christopher
The farced epistle as dramatic form in the twelfth century Renaissance.Literature/writingDunn, E. Catherine
The masks of cupid and death.Literature/writingDundas, Judith
Trolls, trills, and tofu: Ibsen, Verdi, and Kabuki.(Henrik Ibsen, Giuseppe Verdi)Literature/writingPronko, Leonard C.
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