Choice (Chippendale, Australia) 1997 - Abstracts

Choice (Chippendale, Australia) 1997
1997 wrapped up.(practical gift ideas for the holiday season)(Buyers Guide)Consumer news and advice 
400 L fridges.(refrigerators)(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
A big step up: some ladder manufacturers reacted promptly to the safety concerns raised by CHOICE; thanks to some simple design changes, we can now recommend more of their models.(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Advanced per se?(Advanced Photo System cameras)(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Alternative health: moving into the mainstream.Consumer news and advice 
Aluminum and plastic wraps.(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Are you driving a lemon?(automobile reliablility)(Cover Story)Consumer news and advice 
Are you short of iron?(Bodywise)Consumer news and advice 
Battle of the fibres.(home insulation)(Buyers Guide)(Cover Story)Consumer news and advice 
Beat the heat and kill the cold.(includes buyers' guide for air conditioners)Consumer news and advice 
Boning up on calcium.(calcium and health)Consumer news and advice 
Breadmakers - do you really knead one? (includes baking tips)(Test Report)(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Budget changes to your super.(Australia - superannuation retirement income system)(Your Money)Consumer news and advice 
Burning rubber.(tire disposal laws)Consumer news and advice 
Buying an investment property. (techniques for investing in real estate)Consumer news and advice 
Buying a used car.(automobile reliablility)(Cover Story)Consumer news and advice 
Buy! Sell! Buy!(investing in the Australian sharemarket)Consumer news and advice 
Canned or conned. (value for money in canned foods)Consumer news and advice 
Car insurance.(Buyers Guide)Consumer news and advice 
Cereals - your best wake-up call?(Test Report)(includes related articles on nutrition)(Buyers Guide)(Cover Story)Consumer news and advice 
Chardonnay: wine of the '90s.(guide to wines priced under $20)(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Cheap software - with hidden costs. (potential problems with shareware)Consumer news and advice 
Childbirth choices.(in Australia)Consumer news and advice 
Choosing foods - does a tick help?(Heart Foundation's 'tick' packaging check mark)(Bodywise)Consumer news and advice 
Compact microwaves.(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Complaining about private health insurance.(Private Health Insurance Complaints Commissioner Mary Perrett)Consumer news and advice 
Compulsory motor accident insurance.(Australia)Consumer news and advice 
Computing on the go: notebook computers offer battery-powered mobility and constantly improving performance - but, compared to desktop computers, at a much higher price; are they for you?(includes information of manufacturer telephone support lines and Web sites in Australia)(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Consumer affairs departments: just what does your tax dollar buy?Consumer news and advice 
Conveyancing.(residential real estate law in Australia)Consumer news and advice 
Eggspectations.(labeling of eggs in Australia from the point of view of kindness to animals)Consumer news and advice 
Electric ranges: test report.(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Expert coffee-making.(espresso makers)(Test Report)(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Fighting fire. (techniques for limiting damage from domestic fires)Consumer news and advice 
Finding a driving instructor.(Driving Lessons)Consumer news and advice 
Fluoridation - friend or foe?(opposing views on fluoridation of drinking water)Consumer news and advice 
Food poisoning - could it happen to you?(Cover Story)Consumer news and advice 
Food processors.(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Genetically modified corn.(Special Report)Consumer news and advice 
Getting out of the transaction account trap. (investment alternatives)(Money Report)Consumer news and advice 
Gone mobile.(evaluating mobile telephone services)Consumer news and advice 
Green power or greenhouse?(alternative energy sources; includes related article on Tasmania's Hydro-Electric Corp.'s dam that serves its hydroelectric power station)Consumer news and advice 
GST - what's in it for me. (Australian sales tax)Consumer news and advice 
Hifi with your video? (stereo video recorders)(Test Report)(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Home loans.Consumer news and advice 
Hormone mysteries. (effect of chemicals in the environment on humans and animals)Consumer news and advice 
Hot prospects.(investing in a unit trust)Consumer news and advice 
How safe is your car?(Australian New Car Assessment Program crash test results)Consumer news and advice 
How to save the earth and your money.(reducing household energy bills)Consumer news and advice 
Insuring your income.(includes related buying-guide article)Consumer news and advice 
Irons.(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Is our healthcare system in crisis?Consumer news and advice 
Large-screen TVs.(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Mac attack!(Apple Macintosh Performa compared with Gateway 2000)(Test Update)(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Making an impact.(electric impact drills)(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Making your garden grow.(use of fertilizers in gardening)Consumer news and advice 
More than just a mower.(includes buyers' guide for lawnmowers)Consumer news and advice 
Need an oil change?(evaluating cooking oils)Consumer news and advice 
No strings attached?(cordless phones)(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Not so dusty.(vacuum cleaners with dust-retention claims)(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Oils ain't oils. (motor oils)Consumer news and advice 
One step up?(buying ladders)(Evaluation)(Cover Story)Consumer news and advice 
Over-the-counter painkillers.(Test Report)Consumer news and advice 
Pharmacies on trial.Consumer news and advice 
Playing your cards right.(credit card use)Consumer news and advice 
Pramettes.(pram/stroller combininations)(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Quenching the thirst.(soft drinks and fruit juices)Consumer news and advice 
Rating the airlines. (consumer rating of Australian air carriers)Consumer news and advice 
Read the news today?(Internet newsgroups)Consumer news and advice 
Revolution on our roads.(changes in Australian drivers' licensing)Consumer news and advice 
Safe but slow. (electric oil-filled column heaters)(Test Report)(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Saving for education.Consumer news and advice 
Savings: on no account.(evaluating bank accounts and services)Consumer news and advice 
Setting up a personal trust fund.(Consumer-In-Law)Consumer news and advice 
Shopping hassles.(consumer rights in Australia)Consumer news and advice 
Sizing the sound: mini stereo systems are becoming increasingly popular.(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Spilling the 'gene beans'.(importing genetically engineered soy foods in Australia)Consumer news and advice 
Spinning a line.(gas lawn trimmers)(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Surrounded by sound.(home theater, surround sound systems)Consumer news and advice 
The best thing since sliced bread?(toasters)(Test Report)(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
The cost of a bingle.(costs of repairing low-speed crash damage to cars)Consumer news and advice 
The final farewell.(planning a funeral)Consumer news and advice 
The financial risks of renting a car.(insurance risks; includes related articles on pre-existing conditions, liability and risks involved in single-vehicle accident)Consumer news and advice 
Tips for buying a computer.(Christmas gift-giving advice)Consumer news and advice 
Wait! Before you dial that number.... (extra-fee telephone numbers)Consumer news and advice 
Washing machines - from the high end of the market.(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Washing machines - full up and fit to bust?(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
Washing your car - the green way.Consumer news and advice 
Wash the dishes, dry the dishes.... (dishwashers)(Evaluation)Consumer news and advice 
What a corker: in an attempt to find the ultimate wine drinker's friend, we put 13 corkscrews and cork extractors to the test.(includes information on corkscrews for people with visual or manual disabilities)(Buyers Guide)Consumer news and advice 
What not to buy for Christmas.(Choice subscribers' recommendations; includes questions to ask before buying kitchen gadgets)Consumer news and advice 
What price health insurance?(Australia)Consumer news and advice 
Where there's smoke, there should be a smoke alarm. (evaluation of smoke alarms)Consumer news and advice 
Which brands to trust?(consumer appliances)(Cover Story)Consumer news and advice 
Why can't we have cheaper CDs?Consumer news and advice 
Your heating options. (comparing home heating equipment)(Report)(Buyers Guide)Consumer news and advice 
You were asking ....(about CHOICE magazine and the Australian Consumers' Association)(Editorial)Consumer news and advice 
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