Chinese Sociology & Anthropology 2005 - Abstracts

Chinese Sociology & Anthropology 2005
A metropolitan village: Nanjing.Sociology and social workSun Qubgzhong
Changing mechanisms for control of the labor process.Sociology and social workLong Yan
Family enterprises and extending research on the fieldwork of Francis L.K. Hsu.(family structure)Sociology and social workZhang Huazhi
Follow-up investigations of Phoenix village.Sociology and social workZhou Daming
Follow-up research on the Potters' investigation of Chashan, South China.Sociology and social workQin Deqing
Guest editor's introduction.Sociology and social workZhou Daming, Zhuang Kongshao
Labor unions in enterprises.Sociology and social workTong Xin
"Misreading" of the law and the "Imagined Home" in Z factory.Sociology and social workZhu Xiaoyang
Social foundations of political participation by workers: The case of worker participation in a democratic trade union election at a Taiwan-owned enterprise.Sociology and social workZhu Qinghua
Social transition and positive adjustments in the state enterprise-worker relationship.Sociology and social workFeng Tongqing
Staff and workers' representative Congress: An institutionalized channel for expression of employees' interests?Sociology and social workZhu Xiaoyang, Anita Chan
The cultural basis of workers' collective action in a transitional state-owned enterprise during a time of transition.Sociology and social workTong Xin
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