Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal 2003 - Abstracts

Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal 2003
A multi-method impact evaluation of a therapeutic summer camp program.Sociology and social workMichalski, Joseph H., Mishna, Faye, Worthington, Catherine, Cummings, Richard
Assessing depression in childhood and adolescence: a guide for social work practice.Sociology and social workAllen, Meares, Paula, Colarossi, Lisa, Oyserman, Daphna, DeRoos, Yosikazu
Consumer satisfaction with children's mental health services.Sociology and social workMartin, Jocelyn S., Petr, Christopher G., Kapp, Stephen A.
Depressive symptomalogy and child abuse in adolescents with behavioral problems.Sociology and social workGarnefski, Nadia, Westenberg, Esther A.M.
Is there a primary mom? Parental perceptions of attachment bond hierarchies within lesbian adoptive families.Sociology and social workBennett, Susanne
Preparing parents for adoption: an agency experience.Sociology and social workFarber, Michaela L.Z., Timberlake, Elizabeth, Mudd, Helen Patricia, Cullen, Linda
Random acts of delinquency: trauma and self-destructiveness in juvenile offenders.Sociology and social workBaer, Judith; Maschi, Tina
Representations of attachment to father in the narratives of preschool girls in post-divorce families: implications for family relationships and social development.Sociology and social workPage, Timothy; Bretherton, Inge
Sociocultural variations in adolescent girls' expressions of distress: what we know and need to know.Sociology and social workAbrams, Laura S.
Trauma related critical incident debriefing for adolescents.Sociology and social workKirk, Alan B.; Madden, Liddell L.
"Uncle Long Legs' Letter Box": a letter counseling service for children in Hong Kong.Sociology and social workYeung, Frederick Ka Ching, Cheng, So Fong, Chau, Garrie Yuk Ying
Using attachment theory when placing siblings in foster care.Sociology and social workWhelan, David J.
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