Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal 2000 - Abstracts

Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal 2000
Adjustments of transracially and inracially adopted young adults.Sociology and social workFeigelman, William
A new understanding of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: alternate concepts and interventions.Sociology and social workYeschin, Natalie J.
Children exposed to community violence: issues for assessment and treatment.Sociology and social workAisenberg, Eugene, Mennen, Ferol E.
Death in public child welfare.Sociology and social workGustavsson, Nora S., MacEachron, Ann E.
Dimensions of cross cultural treatment with late adolescent college students.Sociology and social workShonfeld-Ringel, Shoshana
Early-onset schizophrenia: a literature review of empirically based interventions.Sociology and social workDulmus, Catherine N., Smyth, Nancy J.
Editor's comments.Sociology and social work 
Effects of a solution-focused mutal aid group for Hispanic children of incarcerated parents.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workRubin, Allen, Springer, David W., Lynch, Courtney
Evaluation of yoga and meditation trainings with adolescent sex offenders.Sociology and social workDerezotes, David
From parent verbal abuse to teenage physical aggression?(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workSpillane-Grieco, Eileen
How runaway and homeless youth navigate troubled waters: personal strengths and resources.Sociology and social workLindsey, Elizabeth W.
How runaway and homeless youth navigate troubled waters: the role of formal and informal helpers.Sociology and social workLindsey, Elizabeth W., Kurtz, P. David, Jarvis, Sara, Nackerud, Larry
Keeping foster children connected to their biological parents: the impact of foster parent training and support.Sociology and social workSanchirico, Andrew, Jablonka, Kary
"Lost childhood"--lessons from the Holocaust: implications for adult adjustment.Sociology and social workSternberg, Malka, Rosenbloom, Maria
Meeting the service needs of young fathers.Sociology and social workLane, Terry S., Clay, Cassandra M.
Multiethnic children portrayed in children's picture books.Sociology and social workCole, Erin Michelle, Valentine, Deborah P.
Multi-ethnic comparison of risk and protective factors for adolescent pregnancy.Sociology and social workBerry, E. Helen
On being a strength coach: child welfare and the strengths model.Sociology and social workNoble, Dorinda N.
Posttraumatic stress and mental health functioning of sexually abused children.Sociology and social workAvery, Lisa, Rippey, Carol, Lundy, Marta
Predictors of adolescent adjustment: parent-peer realtionships and parent-child conflict.Sociology and social workBarber, James G., Delfabbro, Paul
Psychological and social adjustment of Russian-born and Israeli-born Jewish adolescents.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workSlonim-Nevo, Vered, Sharaga, Yanna
Social and emotional functioning of older Asian American adolescents.Sociology and social workLorenzo, May Kwan, Frost, Abbie K., Reinherz, Helen Z.
Social support as a potential moderator of adolescent delinquent behaviors.Sociology and social workStewart, J. Chris, MacNeil, Gordon, Kaufman, Allan V.
Social support networks and school outcomes: the centrality of the teacher.Sociology and social workRosenfeld, Lawrence B., Richman, Jack M., Bowen, Gary L.
Treatment of children with absent fathers.Sociology and social workWineburgh, Alan L.
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