Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal 1999 - Abstracts

Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal 1999
Abstinence and birth control among rural adolescents in impoverished families: a test of theoretical discriminators.Sociology and social workBenda, Brent B., Flynn, Robert
Adoptive fathers and birthfathers: a study of attitudes.Sociology and social workBaumann, Carol
Aspects of foster fathering.Sociology and social workInch, Leslie J.
Childhood and adolescent abuse history, fear of negative evaluation, and social interaction self-statements: a correlational analysis.Sociology and social workBeth, Patti
Children in kinship foster care speak out: "We think we're doing fine.".Sociology and social workAltshuler, Sandra J.
Enhancing children's memory through cognitive interviewing: an assessment technique for social work practice.Sociology and social workAldridge, Nancy C.
Factors influencing custody decisions in contested adoption cases.Sociology and social workWillemsen, Eleanor W., Boccaccini, Marcus, Pardini, Dustin
Grandmothers who are caregivers: an overlooked population.Sociology and social workRodgers, Antoinette Y., Jones, Rosa L.
Groundswell change in adoption requires anchoring by research.Sociology and social workReitz, Miriam
Mentoring as a bridge to positive outcomes for teen mothers and their children.Sociology and social workBrown, Bernice, Waller, Margaret A., Whittle, Brenda
Organizing on behalf of families: facilitating a "community application" to a state block grant to reduce teenage pregnancies.Sociology and social workBrun, Carl, Giga, Susan
"Positive feelings": group support for children of HIV-infected mothers.Sociology and social workWitte, Susan S., Ridder, Nelly F., de
Post-traumatic stress disorder in childhood sexual abuse: a synthesis and analysis of theoretical models.Sociology and social workMorrissette, Patrick J.
Self and alma mater: a study of adopted college students.Sociology and social workKryder, Sandra
Supporting and encouraging father involvement in families of children who have a disability.Sociology and social workQuinn, Peggy
The attachment partnership as conceptual base for exploring the impact of child maltreatment.Sociology and social workPage, Timothy
The beginnings of child welfare research in the United States.Sociology and social workCurtis, Patrick A.
The effectiveness of court appointed special advocates to assist in permanency planning.Sociology and social workCalkins, Cynthia A., Millar, Murray
Therapeutic termination with the early adolescent who has experienced multiple losses.Sociology and social workBembry, James X., Ericson, Carolyn
The workers' view: strategies and coping skills in a family preservation program.Sociology and social workBanach, Mary
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