Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal 1998 - Abstracts

Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal 1998
Accountability factors associated with the delivery of mental health services to children.Sociology and social workO'Neal, Gwenelle Styles
A community response to tragedy: individualized services for families.Sociology and social workRay, JoAnn, Stromwall, Layne K., Neumiller, Steven, Roloff, Marilee
Adoptee dissimilarity from the adoptive family: clinical practice and research implications.Sociology and social workHollingsworth, Leslie Doty
Adoption and antisocial personality: genetic and environmental factors associated with antisocial outcomes.Sociology and social workRoth, Wendy E., Finley, Gordon E.
AIDS, sexuality and African American adolescent females.(Promoting Development Through Schooling, part 1)Sociology and social workBurson, Jo Ann
Communion with Colin: a case study of halting a retreat from anxiety.(Promoting Development Through Schooling, part 1)Sociology and social workHimrod, Lola K.
Facilitating social growth: collaboration between school and therapist.Sociology and social workSilin, Marilyn W.
HIV risk and the freedom to act without thinking: alcohol use and sexual behavior among adolescents on probation.Sociology and social workPiercy, Fred, Fontes, Lisa A., Choice, Pamela, Bourdeau, Beth
Identity and boundary tensions when educators and mental health professioanls collaborate: between wish and reality.Sociology and social workMitchener, Carole P., Field, Kay
Individual counseling for sexually abused children: a role for animals and storytelling.Sociology and social workReichert, Elisabeth
Making schools meaningful.(Promoting Development Through Schooling, part 1)Sociology and social workMitchener, Carole P., Schmidt, Erika S.
Pregnant and postpartum adolescents' perceptions of the consequences of child abuse.Sociology and social workSmith, Peggy B., Weinman, Maxine L., Geva, Judith, Buzi, Ruth S.
Promoting adolescent voice through Latina fiction.(Promoting Development Through Schooling, part 1)Sociology and social workAverback, Leslie
Risk and resilience in late adolescence.Sociology and social workReinherz, Helen Z., Carbonell, Dina M., Giaconia, Rose M.
Seeing student/teacher relationships as hidden dramas of personal development.Sociology and social workNovak, Bruce, Fischer, Brian
Sense of school coherence, perceptions of danger at school, and teacher support among youth at risk of school failure.Sociology and social workRichman, Jack M., Bowen, Gary L., Brewster, Ann, Bowen, Natasha
Sensory processing problems in post-institutionalized children: implications for social work.Sociology and social workGroza, Victor, Cermak, Sharon
Strengths of gay male youth: an untold story.Sociology and social workAnderson, Andrew L.
The evaluation of a stress management program for middle school adolescents.Sociology and social workAnda, Diane de
The fatherbook: a document for therapeutic work with father-absent early adolescent boys.Sociology and social workHolman, Warren Dana
The importance of the person in the role of teacher.(Promoting Development Through Schooling, part 1)Sociology and social workHansen, David T.
The influence of the psychoanalytic community of emigres (1930-1950) on clinical social work with children.Sociology and social workAiello, Theresa
The live creature: understanding the school and its passions.(school life)Sociology and social workFrank, Daniel B.
The lull of tradition: a grounded theory study of television violence, children and social work.Sociology and social workLazar, Bonnie A.
]The relationship between parent and child reports of parental supportiveness and psychopathology of sexually abused children.Sociology and social workAvery, Lisa, Lundy, Marta, Massat, Carol Rippey
The schoolkid self.Sociology and social workEllis, Helene
The use of peer-pairing in schools to improve socialization.Sociology and social workMervis, Bonnie Aaron
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