Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal 1997 - Abstracts

Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal 1997
A child's conception of another world: a Chinese boy's view of Canada.Sociology and social workTsui Ming-Sum
A cultural perspective on the study of Chinese adolescent development.Sociology and social workChing Man Lam
Adolescent fathers: what we know and what we need to know.Sociology and social workMiller, David B.
Adolescent immigrants in search of identity: clingers, eradicators, vacillators and integrators.Sociology and social workBerger, Roni
A solution-oriented approach to working with juvenile offenders.Sociology and social workCorcoran, Jacqueline
Attitudes and behavior: a comparison of immigrant and non-immigrant adolescents in Israel.Sociology and social workSlonim-Nevo, Vered, Sharaga, Yana
Building a clinically relevant picture of attachment from case study observations in a parent-infant play group.Sociology and social workFish, Betty, McCollum, Jeanette A.
Children of adolescent mothers: cognitive and behavioral status at age six.Sociology and social workLewis, Steven M., White, Rachelle D., Spieker, Susan J., Larson, Nancy C., Gilchrist, Lewayne
Effective recruitment for parenting programs within ethnic minority communities.Sociology and social workHarachi, Tracy W., Catalano, Richard F., Hawkins, J. David
Entering into a collaborative search for meaning with gay and lesbian youth in out-of-home care: an empowerment-based model for training child welfare professionals.Sociology and social workMallon, Gerald P.
Examining where we were and where we are: clinical issues in adoption 1985-1995.Sociology and social workBaumann, Carol
Infant simulator lifespace intervention: pilot investigation of an adolescent pregnancy prevention program.Sociology and social workStrachan, William, Gorey, Kevin M.
Peer group acceptance and academic performance among adolescents participating in a dropout prevention program.Sociology and social workBowen, Gary L., Walters, Kathryn
Pregnancy prevention from the teen perspective.Sociology and social workCorcoran, Jacqueline, Franklin, Cynthia, Bell, Holly
Prevention of childhood mental disorders: a literature review reflecting hope and a vision for the future.Sociology and social workDulmus, Catherine N., Wodarski, John S.
Promoting justice in the delivery of services to juvenile delinquents: the ecosystemic natural wrap-around model.Sociology and social workNorthey, William F., Jr., Primer, Vicky, Christensen, Lisa
Social work with polygamous families.Sociology and social workGraham, John R., Al-Krenawi, Alean, Al-Krenawi, Salem
The effect of the primary caretaker's distress on the sexually abused child: a comparison of biological and foster parents.Sociology and social workLipton, Marjorie
Treatment of juvenile sex offenders: a review of the literature.Sociology and social workMcNamara, John R., Ertl, Melissa A.
Unjust freedom: the ethics of client self-determination in runaway youth shelters.Sociology and social workKirk, Stuart A., Staller, Karen M.
Utility theory and adolescent drug abusers in Hong Kong.Sociology and social workChou, Kee-Lee, Chi'en, James M.N.
What happens to foster kids: educational experiences of a random sample of foster care youth and a matched group of non-foster care youth.Sociology and social workBlome, Wendy Whiting
When you can't afford to leave home: clinical implications of economic realities.Sociology and social workKeenan, Elizabeth King
'Who Would Find You?': A question for working with suicidal children and adolescents.Sociology and social workHolman, Warren Dana
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