Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal 1996 - Abstracts

Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal 1996
A follow-up study of adopted children from Romania.Sociology and social workGroze, Victor, Ileana, Daniela
A treatment outcome study of bereavement groups for children.Sociology and social workTonkins, Sue Anne Morrison, Lambert, Michael J.
Brief psychotherapy with children and adolescents: a developmental perspective.Sociology and social workSchmidt, Erika
Developmental changes in self-perception: the role of gender in a preadolescent clinical population.Sociology and social workLavitt, Melissa R.
Ethnic and gender differences in parental expectations and life stress.Sociology and social workDuongTran, Quang, Lee, Serge, Khoi, Sokley
History of sexual abuse and parental alcohol misuse: risk, outcomes and protective factors in adolescents.Sociology and social workResnick, Michael D., Blum, Robert W., Chandy, Joseph M.
Intervening with homeless youths: direct practice without blaming the victim.Sociology and social workBronstein, Laura R.
Intervention for victims of child sexual abuse: an evaluation of the children's advocacy model.Sociology and social workJenson, Jeffrey M., Jacobson, Maxine, Unrau, Yvonne, Robinson, Rick Lair
Kids' experience of post-modern stress: new tools for clinicians.(Children's Lives, part 1)Sociology and social workEllis, Helene
Lost in space: the impact of sensorimotor difficulties on emotional and social development in early childhood.Sociology and social workEldridge, Amy
Male victims of child sexual abuse.Sociology and social workCermak, Pamela, Molidor, Christian
Mothers and their adolescent daughters: transitions and transformations.(Children's Lives, part 1)Sociology and social workKenemore, Ellen, Spira, Marcia
Old battles, new frontiers: a study of television violence and social work with children.Sociology and social workLazar, Bonnie A.
Parent-child separation: a comparison of maternally and paternally separated children in military families.Sociology and social workApplewhite, Larry W., Mays, Robert A., Jr.
Physical, sexual and psychological abuse in high school dating relationships: prevalence rates and self-esteem issues.Sociology and social workMolidor, Christian E., Jezl, David R., Wright, Tracy L.
Preparation, support, and satisfaction of adoptive families in agency and independent adoptions.Sociology and social workBarth, Richard P., Berry, Marianne, Needell, Barbara
Psychosocial correlates and depression in Vietnamese adolescents.Sociology and social workDuongTran, Quang
Serving children and adolescents in the school: can social work meet the challenge?Sociology and social workStaudt, Marlys, Powell, Kate Kemp
Sexual identity: conflict and confusion in a male adolescent.Sociology and social workLucente, Randolph L.
Suicide ideation, attempts and abuse among incarcerated gang and nongang delinquents.Sociology and social workEvans, William, Albers, Eric, Macari, Dan, Mason, Alex
Testing a theoretical model of adolescent sexual behavior among rural families in poverty.Sociology and social workBenda, Brent B., Corwyn, Robert Flynn
The chronically traumatized child.Sociology and social workRyan, Katherine
The development of friendship in childhood: a clinical conversation.(Children's Lives, part 1)Sociology and social workBorenstein, Lynn
The diagnosis and treatment of children with nonverbal learning disabilities.Sociology and social workPalombo, Joseph
The differential effects of family violence on adolescent adjustment.Sociology and social workO'Keefe, Maura
The effects of immigration on children in the Mexican-American community.(Children's Lives, part 1)Sociology and social workPartida, Jorge
The Multiethnic Placement Act: implications for social work practice.Sociology and social workCurtis, Carla M., Alexander, Rudolph, Jr.
The power of poetry: validating ethnic identity through a bibliotherapeutic intervention with a Puerto Rican adolescent.Sociology and social workHolman, Warren Dana
The use of bonding studies in child welfare permanency planning.Sociology and social workStokes, John C., Strothman, Linda J.
The vicissitudes of adoption for parents and children.(Children's Lives, part 1)Sociology and social workSilin, Marilyn W.
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