Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal 1995 - Abstracts

Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal 1995
An exploratory investigation of family functioning for child inpatients: implications for practice.Sociology and social workKline, Paul M.
An intensive reunification program for children in foster care.(includes bibliography)Sociology and social workGillespie, James M., Byrne, Barbara, Workman, Lynda J.
Assessing clinical progress: a case study of Daryl.Sociology and social workChilds, Lisa Salladin, Timberlake, Elizabeth M.
A treatment program for children with sexual behavior problems.Sociology and social workSmith, Valerie, Ray, JoAnn, Peterson, Terry, Gray, Judith, Schaffner, Jennifer, Houff, Myia
Attention deficit disorder: problems with preconceived diagnosis.Sociology and social workDesgranges, Kathleen, Desgranges, Louise, Karsky, Kenneth
Children with emotional disabilities: perceptions of siblings.Sociology and social workLitzelfelner, Pat
Coping with pediatric migraine: differences between copers and non-copers.Sociology and social workGilbert, M. Carlean
Effects of therapeutic intervention on self-concepts of children with learning disabilities.Sociology and social workRawson, Harve E., Cassady, Jerrell C.
Emotional and behavioral problems of Asian American adolescents: a comparative study.(includes bibliography)Sociology and social workLorenzo, May Kwan, Reinherz, Helen Z., Pakiz, Bilge, Frost, Abbie
Evaluation of the Late Nite Basketball Project.Sociology and social workDerezotes, David
Expanding employment skills and social networks among teen mothers: case study of a mentor program.Sociology and social workZippay, Allison
Gender differences of psychological abuse in high school dating relationships.Sociology and social workMolidor, Christian E.
Group issues and activities for female teen survivors of sexual abuse.Sociology and social workTrolley, Barbara C.
Healthy children in families affected by AIDS: epidemiological and psychosocial considerations.(includes bibliography)Sociology and social workWiener, Lori, Fair, Cynthia D., Spencer, Elizabeth DuPont, Riekert, Kristen
HIV/AIDS among youth: a community needs assessment study.Sociology and social workShields, Glenn, Adams, Judy
Implementing the Family Preservation Program: feedback from focus groups with consumers and providers of services.Sociology and social workHenry, Susan, Gibbs, Michael, Drake, Brett, Berfield, Michael, D'Gama, Lisa Ann, Gallagher, J.P., Lin, Diana
Independent living programs: do they make a difference?Sociology and social workScannapieco, Maria, Schagrin, Judith, Scannapieco, Tina
International adoption: issues of acknowledgement of adoption and birth culture.Sociology and social workHansen, James, Trolley, Barbara C., Wallin, Julia
Kinship care: two case management models.Sociology and social workScannapieco, Maria, Hegar, Rebecca L.
Mentors for adolescents in foster care.Sociology and social workMech, Edmund V., Pryde, Julie A., Rycraft, Joan R.
Psychological maltreatment by siblings: an unrecognized form of abuse.Sociology and social workWhipple, Ellen E., Finton, Sara E.
Recent legal trends in child sexual abuse cases: direction for child protection workers.(includes bibliography)Sociology and social workAlexander, Rudolph, Jr.
Ropes course training for youth in a rural setting: 'At first I thought it was going to be boring....'Sociology and social workDavis, Diane, Ray, JoAnne, Sayles, Claudette
Services for substance abuse-affected families: the Project Connect experience.(includes bibliography)Sociology and social workOlsen, Leonore J.
Sibling therapy with children under three.Sociology and social workNorris-Shortle, Carole, Colletta, Nancy Donohure, Cohen, Martha Beyer, McCombs, Regina
The significance of fathers for inner-city African-American teen mothers.Sociology and social workChadiha, Letha A., Danziger, Sandra K.
The use of puppets in play therapy.Sociology and social workBromfield, Richard
What do teenagers want? What do teenagers need?Sociology and social workSinger, Mark I., Strom, Kimberly, Oguinick, Craig M.
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