Chemical Reviews 2000 - Abstracts

Chemical Reviews 2000
1,n-dicarbanionic titanium intermediates from monocarbanionic organometallics and their application in organic synthesis.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryOleg G. Kulinkovich, Armin de Meijere
Accurate intermolecular potentials obtained from molecular wave functions: bringing the gap between quantum chemistry and molecular simulations.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryPer-Olof Astrand, Ola Engkvist, Gunnar Karlstrom
Acoustic wave microsensor arrays for vapor sensing.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryJay W. Grate
Acylvinyl and vinylogous synthons.ChemistryRafael Chinchilla, Carmen Najera
Amides of trivalent phosphorous acids as phosphorylating reagents for proton-donating nucleophiles.ChemistryEdward E. Nifantiev, Mikhail K. Grachev, Sergei Yu Burmistrov
An ultrafast glimpse of cluster solvation effects on reaction dynamics.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryQ. Zhong, A. W. Castleman Jr.
Bacteriorhodopsin as a photochromic retinal protein for optical memories.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryNorbert Hampp
Bicyclo[1.1.1]pentanes, [n[staffanes, [1.1.1]propellanes, and tricyclo[ 2,5)]pentanes.(100th Volume Commemorative Issue)ChemistryMichael D. Levin, Piotr Kaszynski, Josef Michl
Biocatalytic selective modifications of conventional nucleosides, carbocyclic nucleosides, and C-nucleosides.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryMiguel Ferrero, Vicente Gotor
Bipyridine: the most widely used ligand. a review of molecules comprising at least two 2,2'-bipyridine units.ChemistryAlexander Katz, Christian Kaes, Mir Wais Hosseini
Blue-shifting hydrogen bonds.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryPavel Hobza, Zdenek Halvas
Carbocationic alkene polymerizations initiated by organotransition metal complexes: an alternative, unusual role for soluble Ziegler-Natta catalysts.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryMichael C. Baird
Carbohydrate complexes of platinum-group metals.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryDirk Steinborn, Henricke Junicke
Carbohydrate structural determination by NMR spectroscopy: modern methods and limitations.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryJens O. Duus, Charlotte H. Gotfredsen, Klaus Bock
Charge separation in molecular clusters: dissolution of a salt in a salt-(solvent) (sub)n cluster.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryClaude Dedonder-Lardeux, Gilles Gregoire, Christophe Jouvet, Severine Martrenchard, Daniel Solgadi
Chelate complexes of cyclopentadienyl ligands bearing pendant O-donors.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryUlrich Siemeling
Chemistry, design, and structure-activity relationship of cocaine antagonists.ChemistrySatendra Singh
Chiral separations in capillary electrophoresis.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryRadim Vespalec, Petr Bocek
Chiroptical molecular switches.ChemistryBen L. Feringa, Richard A. van Delden, Nagatoshi Koumura, Edzard M. Geertsema
Cocatalysts for metal-catalyzed olefin polymerization: activators, activation processes, and structure-activity relationships.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryEugene You-Xian Chen, Tobin J. Marks
Coenzyme A analogues and derivatives: synthesis and applications as mechanistic probes of coenzyme A ester-utilizing enzymes.ChemistryPranab K. Mishra, Dale G. Drueckhammer
Comparative QSAR analysis of 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors.(quantitative structure-activity relationship)ChemistryAlka Kurup, Rajni Garg, Corwin Hansch
Computational methods for the analysis of chemical sensor array data from volatile analytes.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryP.C. Jurs, G.A. Bakken, H.E. McClelland
Computational studies of transition metal-main group multiple bonding.(Computational Transition Metal Chemistry)ChemistryThomas R. Cundari
Conjugated polymer-based chemical sensors.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryD. Tyler McQuade, Anthony E. Pullen, Timothy M. Swager
Copolymerization of polar monomers with olefins using transition-metal complexes.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryLisa S. Boffa, Bruce M. Novak
Cross-reactive chemical sensor arrays.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryNathan S. Lewis, Keith J. Albert, Caroline L. Schauer, Gregory A. Sotzing, Shannon E. Stitzel, Thomas P. Vaid, David R. Walt
Cyanines during the 1990s: a review.ChemistryAmaresh Mishra, Rajani K. Behera, Pradipta K. Behera, Bijaya K. Mishra, Gopa B. Behera
Cyclopentadienylmetal complexes bearing pendant phosphorus, arsenic, and sulfur ligands.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryHolger Butenschon
Dehydrogenative coupling of hydrostannanes catalyzed by transition-metal complexes.ChemistryPierre Braunstein, Xavier Morise
Di- and polymetallic heteroatom stabilized (Fischer) metal carbene complexes.ChemistryMiguel A. Sierra
Diarylethenes for memories and switches.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryMasahiro Irie
Dielectric relaxation and solvation dynamics of water in complex chemical and biological systems.ChemistryKankan Bhattacharyya, Nilashis Nandi, Biman Bagchi
Discrete fulleride anions and fullerenium cations.ChemistryChristopher A. Reed, Robert D. Bolskar
Dynamics of layer growth in protein crystallization.ChemistryPeter G. Vekilov, J. Iwan D. Alexander
Effect of the nature of metallocene complexes of group IV metals on their performance in catalytic ethylene and propylene polymerization.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryHelmut G. Alt, Alexander Koppl
Efficient synthesis of tricarbonyliron-diene complexes - development of an asymmetric catalytic complexation.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryHans-Joachim Knolker
Electronic and atomic structure, and magnetism of transition-metal clusters.(Computational Transition Metal Chemistry)ChemistryJ.A. Alonso
Electronic structure of diatomic molecules composed of a first-row transition metal and main-group element (H-F).(Computational Transition Metal Chemistry)ChemistryJames F. Harrison
Enzyme-based biosensors for in vivo measurements.ChemistryGeorge S. Wilson, Yibai Hu
From batch to continuous manufacturing of microbiomedical devices.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryMarc Madou, John Florkey
From molecular connectivity indices to semiempirical connectivity terms: recent trends in graph theoretical descriptors.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryLionello Pogliani
FT-ICR studies of solvation effects in ionic water cluster reactions.(Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance)(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryGereon Niedner-Schatteburg, Vladimir E. Bondybey
Fulgides for memories and switches.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryYasushi Yokoyama
Genetically engineered whole-cell sensing systems: coupling biological recognition with reporter genes.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistrySylvia Daunert, Gary Barrett, Jessika S. Feliciano, Ranjit S. Shetty, Suresh Shrestha, Wendy Smith-Spencer
Geometric and electronic structure/function correlations of non-heme iron enzymes.(100th Volume Commemorative Issue)ChemistryEdward I. Solomon, Thomas C. Brunold, Mindy I. Davis, Jyllian N. Kemsley, Sang-Kyu Lee, Nicolai Lehnert, Frank Neese, Andrew J. Skulan, Yi-Shan Yang, Jing Zhou
Gibbs energies of transfer of cations from water to mixed aqueous organic solvents.ChemistryC. Kalidas, Glenn Hefter, Yizhak Marcus
Growth and trends of fullerene research as reflected in its journal literature.(100th Volume Commemorative Issue)ChemistryTibor Braun, Andras P. Schubert, Ronald N. Kostoff
Heavy allenes and cumulenes E=C=E' and E=C=C=E' (E = P, As, Si, Ge, Sn; E' = C, N, P, As, O, S).(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryJean Escudie, Henri Ranaivonjatovo, Leslie Rigon
Heterogeneous single-site catalysts for olefin polymerization.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryGregory G. Hlatky
High-resolution spectroscopy of cluster ions.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryEvan J. Bieske, Otto Dopfer
High-resolution ultraviolet spectroscopy of neutral and ionic clusters: hydrogen bonding and the external heavy atom effect.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryHans Jurgen Neusser, Klaus Siglow
Homogeneous metathesis polymerization by well-defined group VI and group VIII transition-metal alkylidenes: fundamentals and applications in the preparation of advanced materials.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryMichael R. Buchmeiser
Hydrogen-bonding and van der Waals complexes studied by ZEKE and REMPI spectroscopy.(zero-electron kinetic-energy)(resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization)(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryKlaus Muller-Dethlefs, Caroline E. H. Dessent
Incorporation of gallium into zeolites: syntheses, properties and catalytic application.ChemistryRolf Fricke, Hendrik Kosslick, Gunter Lischke, Manfred Richter
Infrared spectroscopy of size-selected water and methanol clusters.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryUdo Buck, Friedrich Huisken
Inhibition of glycosphingolipid biosynthesis: application to lysosomal storage disorders.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryTerry D. Butters, Raymond A. Dwek, Frances M. Platt
Intermolecular potentials, internal motions, and spectra of van der Waals and hydrogen-bonded complexes.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryPaul E. S. Wormer, Ad van der Avoird
Intramolecular O-glycoside bond formation.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryKarl-Heinz Jung, Matthias Muller, Richard R. Schmidt
Late-metal catalysts for ethylene homo- and copolymerization.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistrySteven D. Ittel, Lynda K. Johnson, Maurice Brookhart
Ligand bite angle effects in metal-catalyzed C-C bond formation.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryJoost N.H. Reek, Piet W.N.M. van Leeuwen, Paul C.J. Kamer, Peter Dierkes
Linear and nonlinear optical properties of photochromic molecules and materials.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryJacques A. Delaire, Keitaro Nakatani
Linkers and cleavage strategies in solid-phase organic synthesis and combinatorial chemistry.ChemistryFabrice Guillier, David Orain, Mark Bradley
Metal-catalyzed carbon-sulfur bond formation.ChemistryTeruyuki Kondo, Take-aki Mitsudo
Metal-catalyzed hydrostannations.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryNicholas D. Smith, John Mancuso, Mark Lautens
Metal-mediated synthesis of medium-sized rings.ChemistryLarry Yet
Methodologies for generating solution-phase combinatorial libraries.ChemistryHaoyun An, P. Dan Cook
Methods for anomeric carbon-linked and fused sugar amino acid synthesis: the gateway to artificial glycopeptides.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryAlessandro Dondoni, Alberto Marra
Modeling metal-catalyzed olefin polymerization.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryA. K. Rappe, W. M. Skiff, C. J. Casewit
Molecular clusters of pi-systems: theoretical studies of structures, spectra, and origin of interaction energies.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryKwang S. Kim, P. Tarakeshwar, Jin Yong Lee
Molecularly imprinted polymers and their use in biomimetic sensors.ChemistryKarsten Haupt, Klaus Mosbach
Molecular structure of metal halides.ChemistryMagdolna Hargittai
Mycophenolic acid: a one hundred year odyssey from antibiotic to immunosuppressant.ChemistryRonald Benyley
New self-assembled structural motifs in coordination chemistry.ChemistryGerhard F. Swiegers, Tshepo J. Malefetse
N-glycosylation processing and glycoprotein folding-lessons from the tyrosinase-related proteins.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryRaymond A. Dwek, Norica Branza-Nichita, Andrei J. Petrescu, Gabriela Negroiu, Stefana M. Petrescu
Nitrogen-containing ligands for asymmetric homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis.ChemistryFabienne Fache, Emmanuelle Schulz, M. Lorraine Tommasino, Marc Lemaire
Noncovalent interactions: a challenge for experiment and theory.(100th Volume Commemorative Issue)ChemistryKlaus Muller-Dethlefs, Pavel Hobza
Novel enzymatic mechanisms in carbohydrate metabolism.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryXuemei He, Gautam Agnihotri, Hung-wen Liu
Palladium-catalyzed reactions of allenes.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryReinhold Zimmer, Chimmanamada U. Dinesh, Erathodiyil Nandanan, Faiz Ahmed Khan
Peptide and protein recognition by designed molecules.ChemistryMark W. Peczuh, Andrew D. Hamilton
Phase transitions of aqueous atmospheric particles.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryScot T. Martin
Photoalignment of liquid-crystal systems.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryKunihiro Ichimura
Poly(1,6-heptadiyne)-based materials by metathesis polymerization.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistrySam-Kwon Choi, Yeong-Soon Gal, Sung-Ho Jin, Hwan Kyu Kim
Poly(aryleneethynylene)s: syntheses, properties, structures, and applications.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryUwe H. F. Bunz
Polyglycosylceramides, poly-N-acetyllactosamine-containing glycosphingolipids: methods of analysis, structure, and presumable biological functions.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryHalina Miller-Podraza
Precise control of polyolefin stereochemistry using single-site metal catalysts.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryGeoffrey W. Coates
Propene polymerization with silica-supported metallocene/MAO catalysts.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryGerhard Fink, Bernd Steinmetz, Joachim Zechlin, Christian Przybyla, Bernd Tesche
Quantitative structure-activity relationships of mutagenic and carcinogenic atomatic amines.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryRomualdo Benigni, Alessandro Giuliani, Rainer Franke, Andreas Gruska
Reagent-controlled transition-metal-catalyzed radical reactions.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryAndreas Gansauer, Harald Bluhm
Recent advances in O-sialylation.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryGeert-Jan Boons, Alexei V. Demchenko
Recent advances in the transition-metal-catalyzed regioselective approaches to polysubstituted benzene derivatives.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryShinichi Saito, Yoshinori Yamamoto
Resistive-pulse sensing-from microbes to molecules.ChemistryHagan Bayley, Charles R. Martin
Role of the heme active site and protein environment in structure, spectra, and function of the cytochrome P450s.(Computational Transition Metal Chemistry)ChemistryGilda H. Loew, Danni L. Harris
Selectivity in propene polymerization with metallocene catalysts.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryLuigi Resconi, Luigi Cavallo, Anna Fait, Fabrizio Piemontesi
Self-assembly of discrete cyclic nanostructures mediated by transition metals.ChemistryStefan Leininger, Bogdan Olenyuk, Peter J. Stang
Silylphosphanes: developments in phosphorous chemistry.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryGerhard Fritz, Petra Scheer
Solid-phase oligosaccharide synthesis and combinatorial carbohydrate libraries.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryPeter H. Seeberger, Wilm-Christian Haase
Solvent effects on the electronic spectra of transition metal complexes.(Computational Transition Metal Chemistry)ChemistryNoel S. Hush, Jeffrey R. Reimers
Solvent-free organic synthesis.ChemistryK. Tanaka, F. Toda
Spiropyrans and spirooxazines for memories and switches.ChemistryGarry Berkovic, Valeri Krongauz, Victor Weiss
Stable carbenes.(100th Volume Commemorative Issue)ChemistryDidier Bourissou, Olivier Guerret, Francois P. Gabbai, Guy Bertrand
State of the art and challenges of the ab initio theory of intermolecular interactions.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryGrzegor Chalasinski, Malgorzata M. Szczesniak
Stereocontrolled glycosyl transfer reactions with unprotected glycosyl donors.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryStephen Hanessian, Boliang Lou
Strategy and methodology development for the total synthesis of polyether ionophore antibiotics.ChemistryMargaret M. Faul, Bret E. Huff
Structure, conformation, and dynamics of bioactive oligosaccharides: theoretical approaches and experimental validations.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryAnne Imberty, Serge Perez
Structure, reactivity, and growth pathways of metallocarbohedrenes M8C12 and transition metal/carbon clusters and nanocrystals: a challenge to computational chemistry.(Computational Transition Metal Chemistry)ChemistryMarie-Madeleine Rohmer, Marc Benard
Surface chemistry of prototypical bulk II-VI and III-V semiconductors and implications for chemical sensing.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryKathleen Meeker, Arthur B. Ellis, Fazila Seker, Thomas F. Kuech
Syntheses of nucleoside triphosphates.ChemistryKevin Burgess, Dan Cook
Synthesis and reactions of allylic, allenic, vinylic, and arylmetal reagents from halides and esters via transient organopalladium intermediates.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryJames A. Marshall
Synthesis and reactivity of sp(sup)2 geminated organobismetallic derivatives.ChemistryIlan Marek
Synthesis of complex carbohydrates and glycoconjugates: enzyme-based and programmable one-pot strategies.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryKathryn M. Koeller, Chi-Huey Wong
Synthesis of glycopeptides containing carbohydrate and peptide recognition motifs.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryHolger Herzner, Tanja Reipen, Michael Schultz, Horst Kunz
Synthesis of heterocyclic and carbocyclic compounds via alkynyl, allyl, and propargyl organometallics of cyclopentadienyl iron, molybdenum, and tungsten complexes.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryChien-Le Li, Rai-Shung Liu
Synthesis of organotitanium complexes from alkenes and alkynes and their synthetic applications.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryFumie Sato, Hirokazu Urabe, Sentaro Okamoto
Synthesis of strychnine.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryJosep Bonjoch, Daniel Sole
The chemistry of highly strained oligospirocyclopropane systems.(100th Volume Commemorative Issue)ChemistryArmin de Meijere, Sergei I. Kozhushkov
The chemistry of vicinal polycarbonyl compounds.ChemistryMordecai B. Rubin, Rolf Gleiter
The early history of Chemical Reviews: "Established to fill a definite want.".(100th Volume Commemorative Issue)ChemistryMary Ellen Bowden
The Heck reaction as a sharpening stone of palladium catalysis.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryIrina P. Beletskaya, Andrei V. Cheprakov
The nature of the bonding in transition-metal compounds.(Computational Transition Metal Chemistry)ChemistryGernot Fernking, Nikolaus Frohlich
Theoretical methods for the description of the solvent effect in biomolecular systems.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryModesto Orozco, F. Javier Luque
Theoretical models of exchange interactions in dimeric transition-metal complexes.(Computational Transition Metal Chemistry)ChemistryA. Ceulemans, L.F. Chibotaru, G.A. Heylen, K. Pierloot, L.G. Vanquickenborne
Theoretical studies in palladium and platinum molecular chemistry.(Computational Transition Metal Chemistry)ChemistryAlain Dedieu
Theoretical studies of some transition-metal-mediated reactions of industrial and synthetic importance.(Computational Transition Metal Chemistry)ChemistryGernot Frenking, Maricel Torrent, Miquel Sola
Theoretical studies on reactions of transition-metal complexes.(Computational Transition Metal Chemistry)ChemistryShuqiang Niu, Michael B. Hall
The structure of microsolvated benzene derivatives and the role of aromatic substituents.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryBernhard Brutschy
The vinylogous adol reaction: a valuabe, yet understated carbon-carbon bond-forming maneuver.ChemistryGiovanni Casiraghi, Franca Zanardi, Giovanni Appendino, Gloria Rassu
Three-dimensional optical data storage using photochromic materials.ChemistrySatoshi Kawata, Yoshimasa Kawata
Toward a carbohydrate-based chemistry: progress in the development of general-purpose chiral synthons from carbohydrates.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryRawle I. Hollingsworth, Guijun Wang
Toward quantitative prediction of stereospecificity of metallocene-based catalysts for alpha-olefin polymerization.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryGerhard Fink, Klaus Angermund, Vidar R. Jensen, Ralph Kleinschmidt
Transition metal-catalyzed activation of aliphatic C-X bonds in carbon-carbon bond formation.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryTien-Yau Luh, Man-Kit Leung, Ken-Tsung Wong
Transition-metal-catalyzed additions of silicon-silicon and silicon-heteroatom bonds to unsaturated organic molecules.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryMichinori Suginome, Yoshihiko Ito
Transition-metal-mediated dearomatization reactions.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryAndrew R. Pape, Krishna P. Kaliappan, E. Peter Kundig
Transition metal polyhydrides: from qualitative ideas to reliable computational studies.(Computational Transition Metal Chemistry)ChemistryFeliu Maseras, Agusti Lledos, Eric Clot, Odile Eisenstein
Transition-metal systems in biochemistry studied by high-accuracy quantum chemical methods.(Computational Transition Metal Chemistry)ChemistryPer E.M. Siegbahn, Margareta R.A. Blomberg
Ultrafast dynamics of photochromic systems.ChemistryNaoto Tamai, Hiroshi Miyasaka
Weakly bound clusters of biological interest.(Statistical Data Included)ChemistryC. Desfrancois, S. Carles, J. P. Schermann
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