Ceres 1995 - Abstracts

Ceres 1995
"A disaster for the environment, rural economies, food quality and food security."Environmental issuesLang, Tim, Hines, Colin
"A major step in a good direction...." (GATT will benefit farmers)Environmental issuesTangermann, Stegan
Can a Canadian Iroquois revive the Six Nations' farming tradition?Environmental issuesMoses, Jim
Cashing in on human rights.Environmental issuesDunn, Kate
"Food will be used as a weapon against India."Environmental issuesSharma, Devinder
Ocean ranching: the solution, or only a bad idea whose time has come?Environmental issuesBartley, Devin
Population was only part of the problem in Rwanda. (overpopulation as a cause of Rwandan ethnic conflicts)Environmental issuesDunn, Kate
Realigning the pieces on Latin America's trade chess-board.Environmental issuesYeves, Enrique
The Cairo population plan ignores the role of the rural world. (issues discussed at 1994 Conference on Population and Development, Cairo, Egypt)Environmental issuesBaeza-Lopez, Patricia
"The status quo is a definite possibility." (Canadian opposition to provisions of GATT)Environmental issuesDuren, Erna van, Meilke, Karl
"Thousands of family farmers will become casualties to this adjustment." (GATT unfavorable to farmers)Environmental issuesPugh, Terry
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