Ceres 1993 - Abstracts

Ceres 1993
After the Earth Summit. (United Nations Conference on the Environment and Development)Environmental issuesLopez, Magdalena Baeza
A looming threat to livestock: Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) is no hallucination.Environmental issuesDavies, F. Glyn
A member of the family.Environmental issuesCao Dac Dam
An old scourge reborn: Phylloxera attacks California grapes.Environmental issuesGriffin, Michael
Back to the future: Britain experiments with coppicing.Environmental issuesWalston, James
Biting the hand that feeds. (discrimination against the bantu in Somalia)Environmental issuesShields, Todd
Canada, Mexico, U.S. may form world's richest free trade bloc.Environmental issuesLewis, Robert G.
Compensation: the consolation prize.Environmental issuesWyles, John
Computers + farmers = better cadastres. (use of micro-computers in cadastring)Environmental issuesNelson, Shayne
Controlling the cuckoo.Environmental issuesGriffin, Michael
Defending a "pot-nosed" fossil.Environmental issuesMangla, Bhupesh
Genetic freshness: the biotech tomato heads for market.Environmental issuesLewis, Robert G.
Glut or glory? Matching on-farm production to market demand.Environmental issuesShepherd, Andrew W.
Going 'cold turkey' to build a fairer world.Environmental issuesWalston, James
Grim sower, grim harvest. (agricultural recovery in Somalia)Environmental issuesPawlick, Thomas
Is this trip worth it? Calculating the profit in carrying a load from A to B.Environmental issuesCrossley, Peter
Keeping up can't be put off. (road maintenance)Environmental issuesAirey, A., Taylor, G.A.
Looking for a snack? Try the cotton fields.Environmental issuesAntonios, Pierre
Make way for super cassava.Environmental issuesMadeley, John
Necessity neglected.Environmental issuesMatthews, Alan
New players, new rules. (agrarian reform)Environmental issuesThiesenhusen, William C.
Rabbit rearing is a frame of mind.Environmental issuesFielding, Denis
Rat-killer extraordinaire. (Gliricidia sepium)Environmental issuesBanoun, Fay
Running against the tide. (agricultural situation in Poland)(includes related article)Environmental issuesGruber, Ruth E.
Rural China's other long march. (rural women in the People's Republic of China)Environmental issuesHuang Xiyi
Seeds of discord.Environmental issuesD'Angelo, Pierre C.
Shipping on the cheap. (transportation modes)Environmental issuesSteele, Peter
Sierra Leone looks beyond rice. (Institute of Agricultural Research)Environmental issuesSanoh, Mohammed
Subsidizing inefficiency. (transport costs)Environmental issuesVanek, K.V.
The Duce Syndrome.Environmental issuesJohnson, Peyton
The flexible solacutor: harnessing the sun to disinfest grain.Environmental issuesGillman, Helen
The road to nowhere.... (Russian country roads)Environmental issuesAlekseychuk, Lada
The Witchetty Grub Cocktail: protein for the non-prudish. (alcoholic beverage)Environmental issuesGillman, John
"This situation could go on for a long time..." (interview with Georgia Shaver, senior desk officer for the World Food Programme East and Southern Africa division) (Interview)Environmental issues 
This 'underwater windmill' makes rivers lift themselves.Environmental issuesPadelletti, Giovanna
Unfinished business. (land reform in the Philippines)Environmental issuesLedesma, Antonio J.
What farmers don't know.Environmental issuesBentley, Jeffery W.
Where the theory doesn't fit. (land reform in sub-Saharan Africa)Environmental issuesMafeje, A.B.M.
With Lewis Preston at the helm, whither the World Bank?Environmental issuesCulpeper, Roy
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