Ceres 1992 - Abstracts

Ceres 1992
22 centuries later: the harvest from King Tut's tomb. (plant diversity research using samples from Pharaoh Tutankhamun's tomb)Environmental issuesWalston, James
"A design science with an ethic." (permaculture) (Interview)Environmental issues 
A diplomatic precedent: EEC becomes member of FAO. (European Economic Community; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)Environmental issuesAntonios, Pierre
African project links farmers with researchers. (agricultural technology transfer)Environmental issuesSanoh, Mohamed A.
African tree's seeds could replace expensive chemical water purifiers. (Moringa tree seeds)Environmental issuesBensimon, Corinne
A green solution to malnutrition. (leaf concentrates) (Cerescope) (Brief Article)Environmental issuesPedrick, Clare
Alive and pulling. (agricultural animals)Environmental issuesStarkey, Paul
A management plan for the Bohemian forest.Environmental issuesKemf, Elizabeth
Amazonia, like Moses, could be saved by water.Environmental issuesAlmeyra, Guillermo
A plate of cassava leaves, or three grams of oil, could save a life, or a child's sight.Environmental issuesComte, Marie-Christine
Ask what's in those bottles. (traditional healing in veterinary medicine)(includes related article)Environmental issuesdeMaar, Thomas W.
A stillness in the ricefields. (progress and its implications)Environmental issuesPatera, Valeria
A "sweet deal" for Canada is chancy for the Inuit. (government purchase of Inuit indians' ancestral land) (Cerescope) (Brief Article)Environmental issuesMcClellan, Scott
A wild vine beats the Mexican bean weevil.Environmental issuesPolk, Peggy
Back from lethargy: overcoming malnutrition's damage to brain power. (includes related article)Environmental issuesAntonios, Nevine
Brave new world of pest control: first commercial use of a man-made organism. (Agrobacterium tumefaciens strain K1026 used to target crown gall)Environmental issuesGillman, Helen
Calibrating a yardstick for sustainability.Environmental issuesHailu, Zegeye, Runge-Metzger, Artur
China's modernized tea industry finds Pu Erh tea really is good for you.Environmental issuesZhang, Ji-gao
C.O.D.E.X. spells controversy. (Codex Alimentarius Commission regulating food standards)Environmental issuesWalston, James
Computerized phytotron speeds rice breeding. (controlled-environment greenhouse)Environmental issuesCarpenter, Alan
Dairy farmers sleep late when a robot milks the cows.Environmental issuesWilson, Derek
Death as a way of life. (cholera epidemic in Peru)(includes related article)Environmental issuesMcClellan, Scott
Development's hidden danger. (coronary heart disease results from high lifestyle)Environmental issuesFerro-Luzzi, Anna, Leclerq, Catherine
Digesting past lessons: China's experience with biogas is starting to pay off.Environmental issuesZhao Yizhang, Xie Zhiheng
Doorway doses help defeat honey bee's "vampire" enemy. (hive protection against Varroa mites)Environmental issuesCadoret, Jean-Paul
Farmer-to-farmer approach helps sell new technology.Environmental issuesAlipui, Inca
Fire in the mother lung. (forest conservation in Indonesia)Environmental issuesJohnson, Peyton
First hybrid pigeonpea raises hopes for a green revolution in pulses. (Cerescope) (Brief Article)Environmental issuesMangla, Bhupesh
Forest industries training center in Southern Africa.Environmental issues 
Goats, trees and SALT 2: a practical agroforestry system. (Simple Agro-Livestock Technology) (Cerescope) (Brief Article)Environmental issuesTacio, Henrylito D.
Golf blight: green desserts for "select few" menace developing countries' environments.Environmental issuesPedrick, Clare
Gone to graveyards, every one. (failed tractor mechanization in Zambia)Environmental issuesMwanza, Francis
Greater groundnuts. (new peanut varieties)(includes related articles)Environmental issuesMangla, Bhupesh
Gunning for better cassava. (plant genetic engineering)Environmental issuesHendry, Peter
Harvest of hunger. (nutritional problem's of India's farm families)Environmental issuesSingh, I.J., Rao, A.R.
Hemorrhage or godsend? (social effects of international migration)Environmental issuesWalston, James
Homegrown advantages. (agroforestry system in Vietnam)Environmental issuesCuc, Le Trong
How to build a better rice dryer.Environmental issuesGillman, Helen
Increased UV-B radiation may affect rice crops. (ultraviolet-B)Environmental issuesPadelletti, Giovanna
Integrated pest control in Burma (Myanmar). (Brief Article)Environmental issuesAntonios, Pierre
It came from the deep: archeology revives ancient brew.Environmental issuesLewis, Robert G.
It's delicious, nutritious, low-tech and practical. Here's how to make the marvellous mango bar. (includes recipe)Environmental issuesAmoriggi, Giuseppe
James Bay: is this deluge necessary? (hydroelectric project in Quebec, Canada)Environmental issuesGillman, Helen
Jungle 4x4. (use of elephants in Southeast Asia)Environmental issuesSantiapillai, Charles, Ramono, Widodo Sukohadi
Leucaena seed extract could cut paper-making costs. (ipil-ipil tree seeds)Environmental issuesBanoun, Fay
Life after Pinatubo. (recovering from a volcanic eruption in the Philippines) (includes related article)Environmental issuesIcamina, Paul
Making bamboo bloom: a revolution in a test tube.Environmental issuesMangla, Bhupesh
Making the impossible possible: growing crops with salt water.Environmental issuesBensimon, Corinne
Making the most of rice. (rice production research)Environmental issuesBanoun, Fay
Maximizing muscle power. (hand-tool technology in farming)Environmental issuesVanek, K.V.
McDonald's beef up abroad: "Just like the Americans they see on television. " (McDonald's fastfood restaurants)Environmental issuesShapiro, Eben
Modest recipe for magic potion. (recipe for an oral rehydration solution)Environmental issuesNiro, Anne-Marie
New technologies needed. (technology transfer to boost India's crop production)Environmental issuesMangla, Bhupesh
NGOs aim to influence UN on environment and development. (non-governmental organizations)Environmental issuesPoupon, Christine
No flight of fancy: these fish are worth singing about. (flying fish) (Cerescope) (Brief Article)Environmental issuesBanoun, Fay
Not exactly Nirvana. (effects of rural depopulation in industrialized countries)Environmental issuesGillman, John, Pawlick, Thomas
On the track of the poachers: community game guards save Namibia's wildlife.Environmental issuesMbanefo, Sandra
"Operation Oryx" resurrects a myth. (Arabian oryx conservation movement) (Cerescope) (Brief Article)Environmental issuesLand, Thomas
Other ways, other means. (renewable alternatives to fossil fuels) (includes related article on alcohol fuels in Brazil)Environmental issuesWalston, James
Out of the shadows: regional grain exchanges object of new study. (black markets on cereal grains in West Africa)Environmental issuesJost, Stephane
People are part of the pattern. (social factors in agricultural extension services)Environmental issuesHall, Malcolm
Phoenix incubating. (revival of Ethiopian agriculture)Environmental issuesGriffin, Michael
Population growth and farm output analyzed. (research conducted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)Environmental issues 
Power politics. (rural energy development must work with agricultural development)Environmental issuesBest, Gustavo
Quagga quarrel: an ersatz equine, or foal of a truly different stripe? (controversy over an animal species)Environmental issuesAntonios, Pierre
Rebuilding nature's filters: the reclamation of streams.Environmental issuesPetersen, Bob
Recipes for restoration. (environmental rehabilitation in Vietnam)Environmental issuesLe Van Lanh
Rio - a real emergency for our planet. (1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development)Environmental issuesDecornoy, Jacques
Taking a leaf from China's book. (ecological agriculture in China)Environmental issuesGillman, Helen, Grimaux, Helen
Tempering exodus. (effects of migration in rural life)Environmental issuesComte, Marie-Christine
The ABCs of MPTs. (nitrogen-fixing leguminous trees in agriculture) (includes related article on inoculating leguminous trees)Environmental issuesSmith, Joan, Smith, Kellogg
The ecology of the machine. (agricultural mechanization)Environmental issuesGifford, R.C.
The Gulf War one year later: measuring the damage.Environmental issuesBanoun, Fay
There is no such thing as a fascist tree. (eucalypt trees)Environmental issuesPolk, Peggy
The TARA handpump: a star is born in Bangladesh. (Cerescope) (Brief Article)Environmental issuesPadelletti, Giovanna
The 'Women's Movement.' (migration of Latin-American women)Environmental issuesCrummett, Maria de los Angeles
The wounds of war. (effects of the Vietnam war on the environment)Environmental issuesVo Quy
Time to light some candles. (motorization of farming)Environmental issuesGreig, D. J.
To eliminate malnutrition, agricultural planners must realize: dinner won't take care of itself. (Cover Story)Environmental issuesThompson, Brian
Treating toxic ground. (soil pollution)Environmental issuesBlum, Winfried E.H.
Troubles in transmigration. (transmigration in Indonesia)Environmental issuesMcClellan, Scott
Unexpected harvest. (planting of non-traditional crops in Belize)Environmental issuesLong, Frank
US food guide pyramid: let them eat bread.Environmental issuesLewis, Robert G.
US Peace Corps volunteers going to former Soviet republics.Environmental issues 
US wine-growers going organic.Environmental issuesFisher, Lawrence M.
Utopia as judgement. (sustainable agriculture)Environmental issuesGillman, Helen, Grimaux, Helen
Vetiver: "miracle grass", or oversold cure-all?Environmental issuesMwanza, Francis
Vietnam halts timber exports.Environmental issuesPomonti, Jean-Claude
What's new under the sun. (solar energy review)Environmental issuesMartinez, Manuel
Where the rhetoric of sustainability ends, agro-ecology begins: grassroots fieldwork in Latin America.Environmental issuesAltieri, Miguel A.
World grain supply shrinks to one week.Environmental issuesLewis, Robert G.
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