Cambridge Journal of Economics 1996 - Abstracts

Cambridge Journal of Economics 1996
Accounting for the economic growth of firms in UK manufacturing since 1973.EconomicsHart, Peter E.
Accumulation in advanced economies: spatial, technological, and social frontiers.EconomicsHeim, Carol E.
Against 'big bang' in economic transition: normative and positive arguments.EconomicsTsang, Shu-ki
Business groups and the determinants of corporate ownership.EconomicsColombo, Massimo G., Buzzacchi, Luigi
Do supply curves slope up? The empirical relevance of the Sraffian critique of neoclassical production economics.EconomicsOzanne, Adam
Government debt, income distribution and growth.EconomicsDutt, Amitava Krishna, Jong-Il You
Horizontalism: a critique.EconomicsDow, Sheila C.
Inflation and growth.(response to article by R.J. Barro, Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin, vol. 35, 1995)EconomicsStanners, W.
Inside debt, aggregate demand, and the Cambridge theory of distribution.(a Kaleckian model of aggregate demand with inside debt and generational structure)EconomicsPalley, Thomas I.
Irving Fisher's debt-deflation theory: its relevance to current conditions.EconomicsWolfson, Martin H.
Large firms and industrial reform in former planned economies: the case of China.EconomicsNolan, Peter
Marshall's theory of value: the role of external economies.EconomicsHart, Neil
Methodological dualism and the microfoundations of Marx's economic theory.(analytical reductionism in Marxist theory)EconomicsLysandrou, Photis
Morishima on Ricardo: two replies.(response to H.D. Kurz and N. Salvadori, Cambridge Journal of Economics, vol. 16, no. 2, p. 227, 1992 and T. Peach, Economics Journal, vol. 100, p. 994, September 1990)EconomicsMorishima, M.
Notes on a possible Bentham manuscript: a mystery unresolved.(possible paper by Jermey Bentham; includes transcription of document)EconomicsHollander, Samuel
Nothing is hidden: a Wittgensteinian interpretation of Sraffa.(Piero Sraffa, Ludwig Wittgenstein)EconomicsAndrews, David R.
On the Keynesian notion of equilibrium and dynamics.EconomicsErturk, Korkut
Order without equilibrium: a critical realist interpretation of Hayek's notion of spontaneous order.EconomicsFleetwood, Steve
Piero Sraffa and the Mill-Ricardo papers: a comment.(work of Piero Sraffa on David Ricardo and James Mill)Economicsde Vivo, Giancarlo
Piero Sraffa and the Mill-Ricardo papers: a rejoinder.(comment on a debate over papers of David Ricardo)EconomicsPorta, Pier Luigi
Pigou and future generatons: a Cambridge tradition.(Pigou's views on generational justice and the need for state intervention)EconomicsCollard, David
Pigou, Clark and modern economics: the quality of the workforce.(A.C. Pigou and J.M. Clark)EconomicsStabile, D.R.
Post-Keynesian economics: towards coherence.EconomicsArestis, Philip
Prices of land, money and credit in one-period and multi-period models,(work of Sraffa on money and interest)EconomicsBose, Arun
Realistic philosophy of the social sciences and economics: a critique.(failings of critical realism)EconomicsBaert, Patrick
Regional trading blocs: will East Asia be next?(feasibility of establishing an economic bloc in East Asia)EconomicsBowles, Paul, MacLean, Brian
Rethinking classical trade analyses within a framework of capitalist development.(evaluation of classical trade theory based on the views of economists A. Smith, R. Torrens, D. Ricardo and J.S. Mill)EconomicsHo, P. Sai-wing
Ricardo, Torrens, and Sraffa: a summing up.EconomicsDe Vivo, Giancarlo
Run into the sand? The limits to growth in Barbados.EconomicsAnyadike-Danes, M.K.
Short-period macroeconomic aspects of foreign aid.EconomicsBhaduri, Amit, Skarstein, Rune
Some recent changes in the relationship between economics and sociology.EconomicsIngham, Geoffrey
Southern primary exports, technological change and uneven development.EconomicsDutt, Amitava Krishna
Sraffa's critique of Marshall: a reassessment.(P. Sraffa)EconomicsMongiovi, Gary
Stagnation as a problem of transition: arguments and proposals.(structural change and unemployment)EconomicsDriver, Ciaran
Suppliers' associations in the Japanese automobile industry: collective action for technology diffusion.EconomicsSako, Mari
Taxation and Kalecki's theory of the business cycle.(Michal Kalecki)EconomicsMair, Douglas, Laramie, Anthony J.
The economic calculation debate: lessons for socialists.(debate between Austrian school of economics and neoclassical school)EconomicsAdaman, Fikret, Devine, Pat
The Iranian economy under the Islamic Republic: institutional change and macroeconomic performance (1979-1990).EconomicsMazarei, Adnan, Jr.
Theoretical reflections on endogenous money: the problem with 'convenience lending.'(supply and demand for money and interest rates)EconomicsHowells, Peter, Arestis, Philip
The productivity convergence debate: a theoretical and methodological reconsideration.EconomicsMilberg, William, Elmslie, Bruce
The theory of evolution and the evolution of theory: Veblen's methodology in contemporary perspective.EconomicsSethi, Rajiv, Argyrous, George
Wage change and trade performance in US manufacturing industries.EconomicsGalbraith, James K., Calmon, Paulo Du Pin
What does determine the profit rate? The neoclassical theories presented in introductory textbooks.EconomicsNaples, Michele I., Aslanbeigui, Nahid
Why William Paley was 'the first of the Cambridge economists'.EconomicsWaterman, A.M.C.
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