Business and Society Review 2003 - Abstracts

Business and Society Review 2003
A caution about recent trends in ethics compliance programs.LawRafalko, Robert J.
A challenge to shareholder supremacy in the public firm.LawSharplin, Arthur
A corporation for the "World": the Vantone group of China.LawPo-Keung, Ip
Cheating at solitaire: self-deception, executive mental health, and organizational performance.LawLitz, Reginald A.
Corporate responsibility in the global village: the British role model and the American Laggard.LawAaronson, Susan Ariel
Corporate social responsibility: an examination of individual firm behavior.LawStephens, Debra, Smith, Iain, Hill, Ronald Paul
Counteracting global industrial espionage: a damage control strategy.LawSamli, A. Coskun, Jacobs, Laurence
Does group reasoning improve ethical reasoning?.LawAbdolmohammadi, Mohammad J., Reeves, M. Francis
Do socially responsible funds actually deliver what they promise?: bridging the gap between the promise and performance of socially responsible funds.LawSethi, S. Prakash, Schepers, Donald H.
Economic and moral criteria of executive compensation.LawHannafey, Francis T.
Environmental policy for business and government.LawTiemstra, John P.
Lessons executives failed to learn from their mother: integrating earth-centered values within corporate core ideologies.LawSmith, Howard L.
Paternalism may excuse disability discrimination: when may an employer refuse to employ a disabled individual due to concerns for the individual's safety?.LawReed, Lisa J.
The content and focus of the codes of ethics of the world's largest transnational corporations.LawSingh, Jang B., Carasco, Emily F.
The distribution of life-saving pharmaceuticals: viewing the conflict between social efficiency and economic efficiency through a social contract lens.LawReisel, William D., Sama, Linda M.
The entertainment industry, marketing practices, and violent content: who's minding the children?.LawHemphill, Thomas A.
The global compact network: an historic experiment in learning and action.LawKell, Georg, Levin, David
The role and potential of stakeholders in "Hollow participation": conventional stakeholder theory and institutionalist alternatives.LawWood, Geoffrey, Mellahi, Kamel
Towards effective stakeholder dialogue.LawKaptein, Muel, Tulder, Rob Van
You've got mail...and the boss knows: a survey by the center for business ethics of companies' email and Internet monitoring.LawHartman, Laura P., Rowe, Mark, Hoffman, W. Michael
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