British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 1989 - Abstracts

British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 1989
Abdominal pain of unknown aetiology in pregnancy.HealthP.N. Baker, R.J. Madeley, E.M. Symonds
A fertile woman with non-mosaic Turner's syndrome:a case report and review of the literature.HealthG.H. Swapp, A.W. Johnston, J.L. Watt, D.A. Couzin, G.S. Stephen
A protocol for the routine measurement of lactate and pyruvate in cord blood.HealthA. Prentice, W. Dunlop, P. Vadgama, D.R. Appleton
A randomized controlled trial of extra-amniotic ethinyloestradiol in ripening the cervix at term.HealthA. Peedicayil, P. Jasper, N. Balasubramaniam, P. Jairaj
Are fixed-dose oestrogen/progestogen combinations ideal for all HRT users? (hormone replacement therapy)HealthD. Fraser, M.I. Whitehead, J. Endacott, J. Morton, T.A. Ryder, J. Pryse-Davies
Bladder neck electrical conductivity in the treatment of detrusor instability with biofeedback.HealthD.M. Holmes, S. Plevnik, S.L. Stanton
Calcium supplementation reduces the risk of pregnancy-induced hypertension in an Andes population.HealthP. Lopez-Jaramillo, M. Narvaez, R.M. Weigel, R. Yepez
Cerebral doppler ultrasound of the human fetus.HealthJ.A.G.W. Van den Wijngaard, I.A.L. Groenenberg, J.W. Wladimiroff, W.C.J. Hop
Comparison between mefenamic acid and danazol in the treatment of established menorrhagia.HealthC.J. Dockeray, B.L. Sheppard, J. Bonnar
Cytogenetic findings in 1250 chorionic villus samples obtained in the first trimester with clinical follow-up of the first 1000 pregnancies.HealthH. Wolf, N.J. Leschot, A.C. Van Proodijen-Knegt, C.J. Van Asperen, Verjaal. M., G.H. Schuring-Blom, Boer K., H.H.H. Kanhai, Godelieve C.M.L. Christiaens
Detrusor instability associated with menstruation: case report.HealthL.Lewis Wall, David W. Warrell
Does volume expansion in pre-eclampsia help or hinder? (editorial)HealthSheila L.B. Duncan
Effect of external cephalic version in late pregnancy on presentation at delivery: a randomized controlled trial.HealthA.J. Van Veelen, A.W. Van Cappellen, P.K. Flu, M.J.P.F. Straub, H.C.S. Wallenberg
Establishment of 22 pregnancies after oocyte and embryo donation.HealthP. Devroey, M. Camus, E. Van Den Abbeel, L. Van Waesberghe, A. Wisanto, A.C. Van Steirteghem
Factors influencing neonatal morbidity in gestational diabetic pregnancy.HealthE. Nordlander, U. Hanson, B. Persson
Factors influencing the uptake of screening for open neural-tube defects and amniocentesis to test for Down's syndrome.HealthTheresa M. Marteau, Marie Johnston, Robert W. Shaw, Joan Slack
Fetal diaphragmatic hernia, the value of fetal echocardiography in the prediction of postnatal outcome.HealthD.C. Crawford, V.M. Wright, D.P. Drake, L.D. Allan
Fetal growth achievement and neurodevelopmental disability.HealthD.J. Taylor, P.W. Howie
Fetal pathology in human parvovirus B19 infection.HealthM.J. Anderson, A.M.W. Van Elsacker-Niele, M.M.M. Salimans, H.T. Weiland, Chr. Vermey-Keers, J. Versteeg
Gemeprost vaginal pessaries for inducing third-trimester intrauterine deaths.HealthM.I. Shafi, P. Byrne, D.M. Luesley, J.R. Pogmore
Granulosa cell tumor presenting with haemoperitoneum and splenic rupture: case report.HealthG. Prince, J.W. Charters, J.M. McGarry
Haemodynamic changes associated with caesarean section under epidural anaesthesia.HealthS.C. Robson, W. Dunlop, S. Hunter, R. Boys, M. Bryson
Haemodynamic changes in gestational proteinuric hypertension: the effects of rapid volume expansion and vasodilator therapy.HealthM. Belfort, P. Uys, D.A. Davey, J. Dommisse
Histological features of uteroplacental vessels in normal and hypertensive patients in relation to birthweight.HealthT. Frusca, L. Morassi, S. Pecorelli, P. Grigolato, A. Gastaldi
How the management of erythroblastosis fetalis has changed. (editorial)HealthC.H. Rodeck, Elizabeth Letsky
Immunohistochemical determination of tumour growth fraction in human ovarian carcinoma.HealthW.S. Felix Wong, Martin H.N. Tattersall
Low-dose follicle stimulating hormone in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome: a comparison of pulsatile subcutaneous with daily intramuscular therapy.HealthD.W. Polson, H.D. Mason, D.S. Kiddy, R.M.L. Winston, R. Margara, S. Franks
Management of tubal pregnancy with methotrexate.HealthH. Zakut, O. Sadan, A. Katz, D. Dreveal, D. Bernstein
Midwifery in the Netherlands. The Wormerveer study; Selection, mode of delivery, perinatal mortality and infant morbidity.HealthD. Van Alten, M. Eskes, P.E. Treffers
Morphometric differences between the placental vasculature of non- smokers, smokers and ex-smokers.HealthGraham J. Burton, Marion E. Palmer, Kevin J. Dalton
Obstetric acute renal failure 1956-1987.HealthJ.H. Turney, C.M. Ellis, F.M. Parsons
Oocyte donation: a review.HealthDavid L. Healy, Iain T. Cameron, Peter A.W. Rogers, Catriona Caro, Jayne Harmon, John F. Leeton
Oral contraceptive steroids and breast secretions.HealthW.R. Miller, R.A. Elton, N. Loudon
Oxytocin augmentation in dysfunctional labour after previous caesarean section.HealthS. Arulkumaran, I. Ingemarsson, S.S. Ratnam
Perinatal mortality in rural Tanzania.HealthJ. Van Roosmalen
Pregnancy following simple repair of the ruptured gravid uterus.HealthR.A. O'Connor, B. Gaughan
Preterm labour in twin pregnancies: can it be prevented by hospital admission?HealthC.A. Crowther, J.P. Neilson, D.A.A. Verkuyl, C. Bannerman, H.M. Ashurst
Rubella infection in pregnancy: remaining problems. (column)HealthElizabeth Miller
Should follow-up be provided after miscarriage.HealthShona M. Hamilton
Single ventricle and pulmonary hypertension: a successful pregnancy - case report.HealthT.A. Johnston, D. De Bono
The action of squatting in the early postnatal period marginally increases pelvic dimensions.HealthR.J. Lilford, J.N. Glanville, J.K. Gupta, R. Shrestha, N. Johnson
The course and outcome of pregnancy after ovarian electrocautery in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome: the influence of body-weight.HealthHalvard Gjonnaess
The diagnosis of polycystic ovaries in subfertile women.HealthJohn A. Eden, Jan Place, Graham D. Carter, Julia Jones, Jamshid Alaghband-Zadeh, Michael E. Pawson
The effect of maternal bladder volume on fundal height measurements.HealthJ.L. Engstrom, K.G. Ostrenga, R.V. Plass, B.A. Work
The effects of oral contraceptives and parity on ovarian cancer trends in women under 55 years of age.HealthLaurence Villard-Mackintosh, Martin P. Vessey, Leslie Jones
The role of low-dose methotrexate and folinic acid in gestational trophoblastic tumours (GTT).HealthK.D. Bagshawe, J. Dent, E.S. Newlands, R.H.J. Begent, G.J.S. Rustin
Transvaginal ultrasonic assessment of endometrial growth in spontaneous and hyperstimulated menstrual cycles.HealthN.M. Fisk, J.M. Randall, A. McTavish, A.A. Templeton
Umbilical artery velocity waveforms: poor association with small-for-gestational-age babies.HealthD.J. Taylor, J. Dempster, G.J. Mires, N. Patel
Uterine activity during spontaneous labour after previous lower- segment caesarean section.HealthS. Arulkumaran, D.M.F. Gibb, I. Ingemarsson, H.C. Kitchener, S.S. Ratnam
Warfarin-induced fetal diaphragmatic hernia: case report.HealthBabill Stray-Pedersen, Eric Kreyberg Normann
What threat human parvovirus B19 to the fetus?HealthK.E. Brown
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