British Journal of Management 2006 - Abstracts

British Journal of Management 2006
Acquisitions of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises by Multinational Corporations: Driving Forces, Barriers and Implications for HRM.(human resource management)Business, generalCooke, Fang Lee
Are Friendly Acquisitions Too Bad for Shareholders and Managers? Long-Term Value Creation and Top Management Turnover in Hostile and Friendly Acquirers.Business, generalSudarsanam, Sudi, Mahate, Ashraf A.
A test of basic assumptions of affective events theory (AET) in call centre work.Business, generalWest, Michael A., Dawson, Jeremy F., Dick, Rolf van, Wegge, Jurgen, Fisher, Gary K.
Economic liberalization and the antecedents of top management teams: evidence from Turkish 'big' business.Business, generalUsdiken, Behlul, Yamak, Sibel
Effects of Executive Characteristics and Venture Capital Involvement on Board Composition and Share Ownership in IPO Firms.(initial public offerings)Business, generalFilatotchev, Igor
Organizational Identification During a Merger: Determinants of Employees' Expected Identification With the New Organization.Business, generalPruyn, Ad, Bartels, Jos, Douwes, Rynke, Jong, Menno de
Organizational Networking in UK Biotechnology Clusters.(United Kingdom)Business, generalHendry, Chris, Brown, James
Phases of the adoption of innovation in organizations: effects of environment, organization and top managers.Business, generalDamanpour, Fariborz, Schneider, Marguerite
Strategic Alliance Outcomes: a Transaction-Cost Economics Perspective.Business, generalJudge, William Q., Dooley, Robert
Strategic Alliance Temporalities and Partner Opportunism.Business, generalDas, T.K.
The CultureuPerformance Relationship in M&A: From Yes/No to How.(mergers and acquisitions)Business, generalTeerikangas, Satu, Very, Philippe
The Impact of Leadership and Change Management Strategy on Organizational Culture and Individual Acceptance of Change during a Merger.Business, generalAshkanasy, Neal M., Kavanagh, Marie H.
Thirty Years of Mergers and Acquisitions Research: Recent Advances and Future Opportunities.Business, generalCartwright, Susan, Schoenberg, Richard
Top team diversity, internationalization and the mediating effect of international alliances.Business, generalPark, Jong-Hun, Lee, Ho-Uk
Working Under a Black Cloud: How to Sustain Organizational Identification after a Merger.Business, generalTissington, Patrick A., Dick, Rolf van, Ullrich, Johannes
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