British Journal of Management 2005 - Abstracts

British Journal of Management 2005
Accountability and Creating Accountability: a Framework for Exploring Behavioural Perspectives of Corporate Governance.(Special Issue)Business, generalHuse, Morten
A contrast of HRM and TQM approaches to performance management: some evidence.(human resource management, total quality management)Business, generalSoltani, Ebrahim, Williams, Terry M., van der Meer, Robert
An analysis of the relationship between environmental motivations and ISO14001 certification.Business, generalGonzalez-Benito, Javier, Gonzalez-Benito, Oscar
Are National Cultural Traits Applicable To Senior Firm Managers?(Research Notes)Business, generalThompson, Edmund R., Phua, Florence T. T.
Beyond Agency Conceptions of the Work of the Non-Executive Director: Creating Accountability in the Boardroom.(Special Issue)Business, generalRoberts, John, Stiles, Philip, McNulty, Terry
Beyond Self-Interest: Agency Theory and the Board in a Satisficing World.(Special Issue)Business, generalHendry, John
Boards of Directors: Utilizing Empirical Evidence in Developing Practical Prescriptions.(Special Issue)Business, generalDalton, Dan R., Dalton, Catherine M.
Complexity theory and strategic change: an empirically informed critique.Business, generalHouchin, K., MacLean, D.
Conditions of radical transformation in state-owned enterprises.(1985 to 1995, New Zealand)Business, generalErakovic, Lillana, Wilson, Marie
Constructing the New Economy: A Discursive Perspective.Business, generalDe Cock, Christian, Fitchett, James, Volkmann, Christina
Corporate Governance and Director Accountability: an Institutional Comparative Perspective.(Special Issue)Business, generalAguilera, Ruth V.
Gender and personality differences in self- and other ratings of business intelligence.Business, generalFurnham, Adrian
Improve Board Effectiveness: The Need for Incentives.(Special Issue)Business, generalWei Shen
Let's be PALS: user-driven organizational change in healthcare.(Patient Advice and Liaison Services, United Kingdom National Health Service)Business, generalBuchanan, David, Abbott, Stephen, Bentley, Jane, Lanceley, Anne, Meyer, Julienne
Longitudinal tracer studies: research methodology of the middle range.Business, generalWitcher, Barry J., Chau, Vinh Sum
Management Research as a Design Science: Articulating the Research Products of Mode 2 Knowledge Production in Management.Business, generalAken, Joan Ernst van
Managing change across boundaries: boundary-shaking practices.Business, generalWillmott, Hugh, Hailey, Veronica Hope, Balogun, Julia, Gleadle, Pauline
Marketing Theory Matters.Business, generalBurton, Dawn
Mentoring Functions: A Contemporary View of the Perceptions of Mentees and Mentors.(Research Notes)Business, generalFowler, Jane L., O'Gorman, John G.
Methods for managing different perspectives of project success.Business, generalBryde, David J.
Performance decline and turnaround in public organizations: a theoretical and empirical analysis.(organizational failure in local authorities)Business, generalSkelcher, Chris, Jas, Pauline
Performance perceptions of organizational citizenship behaviours at work: a bi-Level study among managers and employees.(firm performance)Business, generalRassuli, Ali, Turnipseed, David L.
Relationships between Top Management Team Characteristics and International Diversification: an Empirical Investigation.(Research Notes)Business, generalDatta, Deepak K., Herrmann, Pol
Revisiting Fayol: anticipating contemporary management.Business, generalParker, Lee D., Ritson, Philip A.
Strategic and organizational evolution of Spanish firms: towards a holding network form?Business, generalGalan, Jose I., Sanchez, Maria J., Zuniga-Vicente, Jose Angel
Studying Board Context, Process and Dynamics: Some Challenges for the Future.(Special Issue)Business, generalPettigrew, Andrew, Pye, Annie
The glass cliff: evidence that women are over-represented in precarious leadership positions.Business, generalHaslam, S. Alexander, Ryan, Michelle K.
The impact of downsizing on corporate reputation.(workforce reductions)Business, generalZyglidopoulos, Stelios C.
The new public management and managerial roles: the case of the police sergeant.Business, generalEdwards, Christine, Butterfield, Reginald, Woodall, Jean
The relationship between visioning behaviours of leaders and follower burnout.Business, generalDensten, Iain L.
The voluntary redundancy option: carrot or stick?(employee retirement, workforce reduction)Business, generalClarke, Marilyn
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