British Journal of Management 2004 - Abstracts

British Journal of Management 2004
A Conceptual Model for Researching the Creation and Operation of Supply Networks.Business, generalHarland, Christine, Jurong Zheng, Johnsen, Thomas, Lamming, Richard
A Grounded Theory Exposition of the Role of the Supervisory Board in China.Business, generalXiao, Jason Zezhong, Dahya, Jay, Zhijun Lin
An Empirical Investigation of Corporate Citizenship in Australia and Turkey.Business, generalZarkada-Fraser, Anna, Kusku, Fatma
A Study of Industry Evolution in the Face of Major Environmental Disturbances: Group and Firm Strategic Behaviour of Spanish Banks, 1983-1997.Business, generalZuniga-Vicente, Jose-Angel, De la Fuente-Sabate, Juan Manuel, Rodriguez-Puerta, Julio
Bridging the Gap between Rhetoric and Reality: Line Managers and the Protection of Job Security for Ill Workers in the Modern Workplace.Business, generalJames, Philip, Cunningham, Ian, Dibben, Pauline
Demographic and Attitudinal Correlates of Employee Satisfaction with an ESOP.(employee stock ownership plan)Business, generalHallock, Daniel E., Salazar, Ronald J., Venneman, Sandy
Developing the Concept of Transparency for Use in Supply Relationships.Business, generalLamming, Richard, Caldwell, Nigel, Harrison, Deborah
Gender and Employee Attitudes: The Role of Organizational Justice Perceptions.Business, generalRamamoorthy, N., Flood, P. C.
Introduction: Knowledge Construction and Creation in Organizations.(Special Issue: Knowledge Construction and Creation in Organizations)Business, generalTsoukas, Haridimos, Mylonopoulos, Nikos
Japanese Retailing Through the 1990s: Retailer Performance in a Decade of Slow Growth.Business, generalDawson, John, Larke, Roy
Maybe Bacon Had a Point: The Politics of Interpretation in Collective Sensemaking.(Special Issue: Knowledge Construction and Creation in Organizations)Business, generalMarshall, Nick, Rollinson, Jeanette
National Competitiveness: A Question of Cost Conditions or Institutional Circumstances?Business, generalThompson, Edmund R.
Network Parenting in International Service Development.Business, generalLewis, Michael, Slack, Nigel, Shulver, Michael, Johnston, Robert, Mattson, Jan, Millet, Bruce
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Explaining Turnover Intentions with Organizational Identification and Job Satisfaction.(Research Note)Business, generalWagner, Ulrich, Van Dick, Rolf, Christ, Oliver, Stellmacher, Jost, Ahlswede, Oliver, Grubba, Cornelia, Hauptmeier, Martin, Hohfeld, Corinna, Moltzen, Kai, Tissington, Patrick A.
Social Capital and Knowledge Integration in an ERP Project Team: The Importance of Bridging AND Bonding.(Special Issue: Knowledge Construction and Creation in Organizations)(enterprise resource planning)Business, generalNewell, Sue, Tansley, Carole, Huang, Jimmy
Strategies for Knowledge Creation in Firms.(Special Issue: Knowledge Construction and Creation in Organizations)Business, generalUn, C. A., Cuervo-Cazurra, Alvaro
Supply and Operations: Parallel Paths and Integrated Strategies.Business, generalBrown, Steve, Cousins, Paul D.
The Benefits and Pitfalls of Social Capital: Empirical Evidence from Two Organizations in the United Kingdom.(Special Issue: Knowledge Construction and Creation in Organizations)Business, generalScarbrough, Harry, Swan, Jacky, Newell, Sue, Edelman, Linda F., Bresnen, Mike
The Role of Shocks in Employee Turnover.Business, generalWilkinson, Adrian, Morrell, Kevin, Loan-Clarke, John
Translating Local Knowledge at Organizational Peripheries.(Special Issue: Knowledge Construction and Creation in Organizations)Business, generalYanow, Dvora
Women and Part-time Work: The Careers of Part-time NHS Nurses.(National Health Service)Business, generalLane, Nikala
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