British Journal of Management 2003 - Abstracts

British Journal of Management 2003
Archetype change in professional organizations: survey evidence from large law firms.Business, generalMorris, Timothy, Pinnington, Ashly
Asking a straightforward question: managers' perceptions and managers' emotions.Business, generalDaniels, Kevin
Board composition and performance in Life insurance companies.Business, generalO'Sullivan, Noel, Diacon, Stephen R.
Bridging scholarship in management: epistemological reflections.Business, generalAram, John D., Salipante, Paul F., Jr.
Changing public service organizations: current perspectives and future prospects.Business, generalFerlie, Ewan, Hartley, Jean, Martin, Steve
Changing Public Service Organizations: Current Perspectives and Future Prospects.Business, generalFerlie, Ewan, Hartley, Jean, Martin, Steve
Consumer awareness, understanding and usage of unit pricing.Business, generalMitchell, Vincent-Wayne, McGoldrick, Peter, Lennard, David
Decision-making autonomy in UK international equity joint ventures.(United Kingdom)Business, generalBuckley, Peter J., Glaister, Keith W., Husan , Rumy
Enacting Leadership for Collaborative Advantage: Dilemmas of Ideology and Pragmatism in the Activities of Partnership Managers.Business, generalVangen, Siv, Huxham, Chris
Enacting leadership for collaborative advantage: dilemmas of ideology and pragmatism in the activities of partnership managers.(Special Issue)(public services)Business, generalVangen, Siv, Huxham, Chris
From blaming the middle to harnessing its potential: creating change intermediaries.Business, generalBalogun, J.
How the resource-based and the dynamic capability views of the firm inform corporate-level strategy.Business, generalBowman, Cliff, Ambrosini, Veronique
Knowledge complementarity and coordination in the local supply chain: some empirical evidence.Business, generalRoper, Stephen, Crone, Mike
Management and business ethics: a critique and integration of ethical decision-making models.Business, generalBartlett, Dean
Managerial perceptions and the essence of the managerial world: what is an interloper business executive to make of the academic-researcher perceptions of managers?Business, generalDas, T.K.
Managing from the Inside Out: Drawing on 'Receptivity' to Explain Variation in Strategy Implementation.Business, generalButler, Michael J. R.
Managing from the inside out: drawing on 'receptivity' to explain variation in strategy implementation.(Special Issue)(public services)Business, generalButler, Michael J. R.
Market-based organizational learning and market performance gains.Business, generalMorgan, Robert E., Turnell, Christopher R.
Mistaken perceptions: cases and consequences.Business, generalWinter, Sidney G.
Models of change agency: a fourfold classification.Business, generalCaldwell, Raymond
Modes of response to marketing communications failures in the computer services industry.Business, generalBennett, Roger
More than a metaphor: organizational identity makes organizational life possible.Business, generalPostmes, Tom, Haslam, S. Alexander, Ellemers, Naomi
New CEO openness to change and strategic persistence: the moderating role of industry characteristics.Business, generalDatta, Deepak K., Yan Zhang, Rajgopalan, Nandini
Power and competition in the UK Retail grocery market.(United Kingdom)Business, generalSparks, Leigh, Burt, Steve L.
Programmed, autonomous-formal and spontaneous organizational learning.Business, generalPak, C. K., Snell, Robin S.
Re-appraising managers' perceptual errors: a behavioral decision-making perspective.Business, generalHodgkinson, Gerard P., Maule, A. John
Receptivity to change in a general medical practice.Business, generalNewton, John, Moore, Alice, McLoughlin, Kevin, Graham, Joanne
Redesigning Public Services: Challenges of Practice for Policy.Business, generalMcNulty, Terry
Redesigning public services: challenges of practice for policy.(Special Issue)(public services)Business, generalMcNulty, Terry
Regionalizing Healthcare in Alberta: Legislated Change, Uncertainty and Loose Coupling.Business, generalGreenwood, Royston, Casebeer, Ann, Hinings, C. R., Reay, Trish, Golden-Biddle, Karen, Pablo, Amy
Regionalizing healthcare in Alberta: legislated change, uncertainty and loose coupling.(Special Issue)(public services)Business, generalGreenwood, Royston, Casebeer, Ann, Hinings, C. R., Reay, Trish, Golden-Biddle, Karen, Pablo, Amy
Studying the accuracy of managers' perceptions: a research odyssey.Business, generalStarbuck, William H., Mezias, John M.
Sustained monopolistic business relationships: an interdisciplinarity case.Business, generalHumphries, Andrew, Wilding, Richard
The odyssey continues.Business, generalStarbuck, William H., Mezias, John M.
The state of the field in UK management research: reflections of the research assessment exercise (RAE) panel.Business, generalCooper, C., Gray, A., Jones, P., Dawson, S., Bessant, J., Birley, S., Gennard, J., Gardiner, M., Mayer, C., McGee, J., Pidd, M., Rowley, G., Saunders, J., Stark, A.
Towards a methodology for developing evidence-informed management knowledge by means of systematic review.Business, generalTranfield, David, Denyer, David, Smart, Palminder
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