British Journal of Management 2000 - Abstracts

British Journal of Management 2000
A simulation study of work-in-process inventory drive systems and their effect on operational measurements.(management research)Business, generalTaylor, Lloyd J. III, P.E. Ph.D.
Assessing the construct validity of strategic and SIC-based measures of corporate diversification.Business, generalSambharya, Rakesh B.
Building grounded theories of management action.Business, generalPartington, David
Can target costing and whole life costing be applied in the construction industry?: Evidence from two case studies.Business, generalNicolini, Davide, Tomkins, Cyril, Holti, Richard,, Oldman, Alf, Smalley, Mark
Creative leadership processes in project team development: an alternative to Tuckman's stage model.Business, generalRickards, Tudor, Moger, Susan
Critical turns in the evolution of diversity management.Business, generalLorbiecki, Anna, Jack, Gavin
Cultural chameleons.Business, generalThorne, Marie L.
Culture formation in a new television station: A multi-perspective analysis.Business, generalDaymon, Christine
Great expectations?: The dubious financial legacy of quality audits.(management research - quality assurance standards)Business, generalHumphrey, Christopher, Swift, Tracy A., Gor, Vishal
Innovation management as a post-modern phenomenon: the outsourcing of pharmaceutical R&D.Business, generalJones, Oswald
In search of the lemmus lemmus: an investigation into convergent competition.Business, generalWensley, Robin, Saunders, John, Stern, Philip, Forrester, Ros
Leadership in educational change.(change in leadership processes to improve pupil attainment in schools)Business, generalConnolly, Michael, Connolly, Una, James, Chris
Learning and organization in the knowledge-based information economy: Initial findings from a participatory action research case study.Business, generalHarrison, Richard T., Leitch, Claire M.
Maintaining masculinity: men who do 'women's work'.(researching men in traditional women's roles)Business, generalLupton, Ben
Managers as monitors: An analysis of the non-executive role of senior executives in UK companies.(management research)Business, generalO'Sullivan, Noel
Mixed results, lousy process: the management experience of organisational change.Business, generalBuchanan, Dave, Doyle, Michael, Claydon, Tim
On strategy and management control: the importance of classifying the strategy of business.Business, generalKald, Magnus, Nilsson, Fredrik, Rapp, Birger
Perceived environmental uncertainty, entry mode choice and satisfaction with EC-MNC performance.(management techniques)Business, generalBrouthers, L, Brouthers, K, Werner, S
Security abeyance: Coping with the erosion of job conditions and treatment.(effects of organizational restructuring on employees)Business, generalHallier, Jerry
Silent running: tacit, discursive and psychological aspects of management in a top UK advertising agency.Business, generalHackley, Chris
Strategic integration and devolvement of human resource management in the UK manufacturing sector.Business, generalBudhwar, Pawan S.
Supervising professional work under new public management: evidence from an 'invisible trade'.Business, generalKitchener, Martin, Kirkpatrick, Ian, Whipp, Richard
The determinants of management development.(survey of MBA students in the United Kingdom)Business, generalMabey, Christopher, Thomson, Andrew
The impact of multiple commitments on intentions to resign: an empirical assessment.Business, generalBoshoff, Christo, Mels, Gerhard
The learning square: four domains that impact on strategy.Business, generalLindley, Eric, Wheeler, Frederick P.
The service brand as relationships builder.Business, generalDall'Olmo Riley, Francesca, de Chernatony, Leslie
Validation of a multi-dimensional measure of strategy development processes.Business, generalBailey, Andy, Johnson, Gerry, Daniels, Kevin
Validity of the cognitive style index: Replication and extension.Business, generalSadler-Smith, Eugene, Spicer, David P., Tsang, Florence
Value creation versus value capture: Towards a coherent definition of value in strategy.(management research - resource-based theory)Business, generalBowman, Cliff, Ambrosini, Veronique
Verandah discourses: critical management education in organisations.Business, generalPerriton, Linda
Work-family conflict and the senior female international manager.(human resource research)Business, generalLinehan, Margaret, Walsh, James
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