British Journal of Management 1998 - Abstracts

British Journal of Management 1998
An empirical evaluation of conflict in the franchise system.Business, generalBirley, Sue, Spinelli, Steve
Application of TQM principles in the International Technology Transfer process of industrial production plants: a conceptual framework.(Total Quality Management)Business, generalQuazi, Hesan A., Bartels, Frank L.
Attributes of successful and unsuccessful acquisitions of US firms.Business, generalIreland, R. Duane, Hitt, Michael, Harrison, Jeffrey, Best, Aleta
Business characteristics of male and female small and medium enterprises in the UK: implications for gender-based entrepreneurialism and business competence development.Business, generalMukhtar, Syeda-Masooda
Business ethics and social theory: postmodernizing the ethical.Business, generalParker, Martin
Communication between managers and staff in the NHS: trends and prospects. (United Kingdom National Health Service)Business, generalTourish, Dennis, Hargie, Owen D.W.
Configuration and coordination at subsidiary level: foreign manufacturing affiliates in the UK.Business, generalTaggart, James H.
Evaluating the applicability of the Miles and Snow typology in a regulated public utility environment.Business, generalJames, Philip, Ghobadian, Abby, Liu, Jonathan, Viney, Howard
Evidence of managerial short-termism in the UK.Business, generalGrinyer, John, Russell, Alex, Colison, David
Evolving perceptions of clinical management in acute hospitals in England.Business, generalOng, Bie Nio
Managers' perceptions of their identity: a comparative study between the Czech Republic and Britain.Business, generalThorpe, Richard, Pavlica, Karel
Managing organizational culture: compliance or genuine change?Business, generalOgbonna, Emmanuel, Harris, Lloyd C.
Path(ological) dependency? Core competencies from an organizational perspective.Business, generalScarbrough, Harry
Patterns of profit-sharing in professional firms.Business, generalMorris, Timothy, Pinnington, Ashly
Presenteeism, power and organizational change: long hours as a career barrier and the impact on the working lives of women managers.Business, generalSimpson, Ruth
Professional temporary agencies, women and professional discretion: implications for organizations and management.Business, generalAlbert, Steven, Bradley, Keith
Safety culture: the prediction of commitment to safety in the manufacturing industry.Business, generalOliver, Amparo, Cox, Sue, Tomas, Jose M., Cheyne, Alistair
Self-managed teams: assessing the benefits for small service-sector firms.Business, generalChaston, Ian
Still searching for excellence? International accounting and the world's most outstanding companies.Business, generalWhittington, Mark, Steele, Tony
Strategic investment decision processes and organizational performance: an empirical examination.Business, generalPapadakis, Vassilis M.
The 1996 Research Assessment Exercise for business and management.Business, generalCooper, Cary, Otley, David
The impact of the multi-divisional structure on organizational slack: the contingency of diversification strategy.Business, generalRiahi-Belkaoui, Ahmed
The limits of flexibility: the case of UK television.Business, generalSaundry, Richard
The meanings of career revisited: implications for theory and practice.Business, generalAdamson, Stephen J., Doherty, Noeleen, Viney, Claire
The nature, social organization and promotion of management research: towards policy.Business, generalStarkey, Ken, Tranfield, David
Towards integrating emotions into strategic management research: trait affect and perceptions of the strategic environment.Business, generalDaniels, Kevin
UK international joint ventures with the Triad: evidence for the 1990s. (United Kingdom)Business, generalBuckley, Peter J., Glaister, Keith W., Husan, Rumy
UK privatization: its impact on procurement.Business, generalParker, David, Harris, Lisa, Cox, Andrew
Uncertainty, contrariness and the double-bind: middle managers' reactions to changing contracts.Business, generalDopson, Sue, Neumann, Jean E.
Using CEO succession to integrate acquired organizations: a contingency analysis. (chief executive officer)Business, generalAlexander, Jeffrey A., Lee, Shoou-Yih Daniel
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