British Journal of Management 1997 - Abstracts

British Journal of Management 1997
A case study of gender differences in job satisfaction subsequent to implementation of an employment equity programme.Business, generalMason, E. Sharon
A multi-disciplinary identification of issues associated with 'contracting' in market-oriented health service reforms.Business, generalMumford, M.J., Burgoyne, J.G, Brown, D.H., Hindle, A.
Call my bluff: multiple interpretations of an organizational process. (different perspectives of organizational change within a National Health Service Trust Hospital)Business, generalBrooks, Ian
Connection/disconnection: theory and practice in organization control.Business, generalMunro, Rolland
Constructing the green manager.Business, generalFineman, Stephen
Culture and organization: the case of Transmanche-Link.Business, generalClifton, Naomi, Millar, Carla, Winch, Graham
Does management development add value?Business, generalWinterton, Jonathan, Winterton, Ruth
Efficiency and power: organizational economics meets organization theory.Business, generalProcter, Stephen, Rowlinson, Michael
Have times changed: career barriers and the token woman manager.Business, generalSimpson, Ruth
Horse races, governance and the chance to fight: on the formation of organizational agendas.Business, generalSims, David, McAulay, Laurie, Pitt, Martyn, Dowds, Nicola
Information technology in public services: towards the contractual organization?Business, generalWillcocks, Leslie P., Currie, Wendy L.
Linking managerial cognition and organizational performance: a preliminary investigation using casual maps.Business, generalJohnson, Gerry, Jenkins, Mark
Management research and literary criticism.Business, generalAraujo, Luis, Easton, Geoff
Managers' innovations as 'sense-making.' (research into the social construction of innovations in an information technology company)Business, generalCoopey, John, Keegan, Orla, Emler, Nick
Managing the coordination of social services in the mixed economy of welfare: competition, cooperation or common cause.Business, generalOsborne, Stephen P.
New evidence in the generic strategy and business performance debate: a research note.Business, generalParnell, John A.
On strategy, typologies and the adoption of technological innovations in industrial markets.Business, generalTzokas, Nikolaos, Saren, Michael
Performance in food retailing: a cross-national consideration and comparison of retail margins.Business, generalSparks, Leigh, Burt, Steve
Relativity without relativism: reflexivity in post-paradigm organization studies.Business, generalHardy, Cynthia, Clegg, Stewart
Researching the roles of internal-change agents in the management of organizational change.Business, generalHartley, Jean, Benington, John, Binns, Peter
Serial entrepreneurs.Business, generalWright, Mike, Robbie, Ken, Ennew, Christine
Stuck in the middle with you? (examination of the similarities between managers and critical management researchers)Business, generalLilley, Simon
Supply-chain strategy: organizational influences through supplier alliances.Business, generalStuart, F. Ian
Task-related and partner-related selection criteria in UK international joint ventures.Business, generalBuckley, Peter J., Glaister, Keith W.
The content of the psychological contract. (perceived obligations in the employment relationship)Business, generalHerriot, Peter, Manning, W.E.G., Kidd, Jennifer M.
The expertise of finance and accountancy: an interdisciplinary study.Business, generalSims, David, Birts, Anthony, McAulay, Laurie, Pitt, Martyn, Saren, Mike
The hype and hope of interdisciplinary management studies.Business, generalWillmott, Hugh, Knights, David
Theorizing managerial work: a pragmatic pluralist approach to interdisciplinary research.Business, generalWatson, Tony J.
The social anthropology of management.Business, generalLinstead, Stephen
The use of native categories in management research.Business, generalBuckley, Peter J., Chapman, Malcom
Using cognitive mapping in management research: decisions about technical innovation.Business, generalSwan, Jacky
Using single respondents in strategy research.Business, generalBowman, Cliff, Ambrosini, Veronique
You can't expect rationality from pregnant men: reflections on multi-disciplinarity in management research.Business, generalBerman Brown, Reva
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