British Journal of Management 1996 - Abstracts

British Journal of Management 1996
Action research for management research.Business, generalEden, Colin, Huxham, Chris
Approaches to manufacturing regeneration: some empirical data.Business, generalSmith, Stuart, Tranfield, David
Cognitive maps in the analysis of personal change during work role transition.Business, generalFournier, Valerie
Competence in management development: rites and wrongs. (use of the Management Charter Initiative competence-based management development programme)Business, generalHall, Laura, Holman, David
Competitive advantage, quality strategy and the role of marketing.Business, generalMorgan, Neil A., Piercy, Nigel F.
Job insecurity and employee commitment: managers' reactions to the threat and outcomes of redundancy selection.Business, generalHallier, Jerry, Lyon, Phil
Lean production practices: international comparisons in the auto components industry.Business, generalDelbridge, Rick, Lowe, James, Oliver, Nick
Managing through networks: some issues and implications for the NHS.(British National Health Service; management networks)Business, generalFerlie, E., Pettigrew, A.
Marketing strategies and market prospects for environmentally-friendly consumer products.Business, generalWong, Veronica, Stoneman, Paul, Turner, William (Irish-American bishop)
Market segmentation in scientific publications: research patterns in American vs European management journals.Business, generalJohansson, Ulf, Collin, Sven-Olof, Svensson, Katarina, Ulvenblad, Per-Ola
Matching managers to strategy: further tests of the Miles and Snow typology.Business, generalThomas, Anisya S., Ramaswamy, Kannan
New organizational forms for competing in highly dynamic environments.Business, generalPiercy, Nigel F., Shipp, Shannon H., Craven, David W.
Organisational transformation and top-down change: the case of the NHS.(British National Health Service)Business, generalFerlie, Ewan, Ashburner, Lynn, FitzGerald, Louise
Organizations and nations: from universalism to institutionalism? (importance of national characteristics in developments within organisations)Business, generalClark, Peter, Mueller, Frank
Performance management, job satisfaction and organizational commitment. (connections between the main elements of performance management systems and positive employee attitudes)Business, generalFletcher, Clive, Williams, Richard
Supply chain management: relationships, chains and networks.Business, generalHarland, C.M.
Technical innovation and competitive advantage in retail financial services: a case study of change and industry response.Business, generalWestbrook, Roy, Morris, Timothy
The career attitudes and intentions of managers in the finance sector.Business, generalHerriot, Peter, Pemberton, Carole, Hawtin, Emma
The case for managerial ruthlessness.(British managers in growing companies)Business, generalVyakarnam, Shailendra, Rieple, Alison
The environment as a supply chain management issue.Business, generalLamming, Richard
The impact of service quality and service characteristics on customer retention: small businesses and their banks in the UK1.Business, generalEnnew, Christine T., Binks, Martin R.
The implications of learning styles for training and development: a discussion of the matching hypothesis.Business, generalHayes, John, Allinson, Christopher
The view from the top: senior executives' perceptions of changing management practices in UK companies.Business, generalEzzamel, Mahmoud, Willmott, Hugh, Lilley, Simon
Uncovering the management process: an ethnographic approach.Business, generalRam, Monder
Understanding power: bringing about strategic change.Business, generalHardy, Cynthia
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