British Journal of Management 1995 - Abstracts

British Journal of Management 1995
Accounting for strategic positioning: responding to the crisis in management accounting. (approaches to managerial accounting)Business, generalRoslender, Robin
A Critical Review of Research in Marketing.Business, generalWensley, Robin
A Manifesto for Information Management Research.Business, generalGalliers, Robert D.
Analysis of managerial experience: integrating career analysis with labour market dynamics.Business, generalRiley, Michael
Comments on Wensley's 'A Critical Review of Marketing: Market Networks and Interfirm Relationships'.Business, generalEaston, Geoff
Dimensions of control in UK international joint ventures.Business, generalGlaister, Keith W.
Effects of changing economic conditions on managerial job changes and careers.Business, generalInkson, Kerr
Extending the cognitive approach to strategic change in organizations: some theory.Business, generalSillince, J.A.A.
Gender and Management: A Critical Review of Research.Business, generalMarshall, Judi
Gestalt approaches to assessing strategic coalignment: a conceptual integration.Business, generalVeliyath, Rajaram, Srinivasan, T.C.
Incremental models of policy formulation and non-incremental changes: critical review and synthesis.Business, generalRajagopalan, Nandini, Rasheed, Abdul M.A.
Invited Comment on the Market Orientation Content of 'A Critical Review of Research in Marketing'.Business, generalGreenley, Gordon
Invited Comment on the Market Segmentation Content of 'A Critical Review of Research in Marketing'.Business, generalSaunders, John
Management, competition and professional practice: medicine and the marketplace.Business, generalWinstanley, Diana, Dawson, Sandra, Mole, Veronica, Sherval, Jim
Market orientation and company performance: empirical evidence from UK companies.Business, generalGreenley, Gordon E.
Of mad cows and marmosets: from rational choice to organizational behaviour in crisis management.Business, generalAnand, Paul, Forshner, Chris
Operations management - from Taylor to Toyota - and Beyond?Business, generalVoss, C.A.
Organizational risk perception and reduction: a literature review.Business, generalMitchell, Vincent-Wayne
Privatization and agency status: identifying the critical factors for performance improvement. (research on the UK experience)Business, generalParker, David
Problem-based learning: potential and implementation issues.Business, generalChaharbaghi, Kazem, Cox, Roy
Research in Management Control: An Overview of its Development.(Cover Story)Business, generalBroadbent, Jane, Otley, David, Berry, Anthony
Socio-biographical antecedents of intercultural effectiveness: the neglected factors.Business, generalMamman, Aminu
Strategic groups and the analysis of market structure and industry dynamics.Business, generalThomas, Howard, Pruett, Mark
Strategic Innovation, Corporate Entrepreneurship and Matching Outside-in to Inside-out Approaches to Strategy Research.Business, generalBaden-Fuller, Charles
Technology investment and management accounting practice.Business, generalNixon, Bill
The contribution of formal planning systems to strategic investment decisions.Business, generalPapadakis, Vassilis M.
The influence of functional experience on perceptions of strategic priorities.Business, generalBowman, Cliff, Daniels, Kevin
The influence of performance, environment and size on the identifiability of firm strategy.Business, generalOsborn, Richard N., Bantel, Karen A.
The performance of an NHS Trust board: actor's accounts, minutes and observations.Business, generalPeck, Edward
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