British Economy Survey 2004 - Abstracts

British Economy Survey 2004
An ageing population and old age pensions in the UK.Business, internationalSwift, Stuart
An analysis of the declining US dollar and its impact on the world economy.(European Central Bank)(Gross Domestic Product)(Consumer Price Inflation)(Foreign Direct Investments)Business, internationalEllams, Andrew
Chareleroi - Ryanair's Waterloo?(Ryanair Holdings PLC)Business, internationalFrancis, Graham, Humphreys, Ian
Fighting the flab.(National Health Services)(Marginal Private Costs)(Marginal Social Costs)Business, internationalSusan Grant
House prices, wealth and monetary policy.Business, internationalHowells, Peter
How many Ps in marketing? Changes in the focus of marketing in practice.Business, internationalGinns, Stephen
International currency: the prospects for the euro.Business, internationalHarrison, Barry
Labour disputes.(comparative statistics)Business, internationalPierce, David
Labour turnover and the implications for UK firms.Business, internationalJones, Paul
Low cost air travel: will it `Buzz off'?(Low Costs Carriers)(European Union)Business, internationalPaisley, Robert
Macroeconomic policy objectives.Business, internationalGrant, Susan
Manufacturing: triumph or disaster?(output and policy analysis)Business, internationalPaisley, Robert
Monetary policy: targets and transmission.(Retail Price Index)(European Monetary Union)Business, internationalHowells, Peter
New labour and international development policy.Business, internationalEllams, Andrew
Pay in the UK.(New Earnings Survey )Business, internationalJones, Paul
Reforming public services - the NHS and foundation hospitals.(National Health Service)(General practitioners)Business, internationalSwift, Stuart
Some changes in working practices over the past decade.Business, internationalPierce, David
The EU budget for 2004.(European Union)(Common Agricultural Policy)Business, internationalGoodman, Stan
The EU Emissions Trading Scheme.Business, internationalIson, Stephen
The European Union's environmental policy.Business, internationalGoodman, Stan
The future of air transport.Business, internationalIson, Stephen
The government's 2004 spending review and the Gershon report.Business, internationalGriffiths, Alan
The public finances: present and future.Business, internationalGriffiths, Alan
To thine own self be true - ethics in marketing and business.(professional standards by Chartered Institute of Marketing)Business, internationalGinns, Stephen
UK balance of payments.Business, internationalKillanin, Michael Morris, Lord
UK balance of payments.(increase in deficit)Business, internationalKillanin, Michael Morris, Lord
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