Banking Strategies 1999 - Abstracts

Banking Strategies 1999
A question of balance.(consultative selling in branch banks)BusinessStoneman, Bill
Back office blues.(management of bank back offices)BusinessStoneman, Bill
Cashing in on annuities.(banking industry's annuity business)BusinessEngland, Robert Stowe
Channel harmonics.(interview with Royal Bank of Canada's chief information officer Martin Lippert)(Interview)BusinessKlinkerman, Steve
Climbing the revenue wall.(1999 banking industry forecasts)BusinessBerry, David S.
Connecting with customers.(bank customer service)BusinessStoneman, Bill
Controlled experiment.(panel discussion on electronic billing)(Panel Discussion)BusinessKlinkerman, Steve
Convergence or collision?(Conseco Inc's cross-selling of insurance and financial services)(Cover Story)BusinessCline, Kenneth
Cyber-crime's looming threat.BusinessSweeney, Paul
Digitizing the document.(electronic document management systems)BusinessHoard, Bruce
Distilling the data stream.(data quality in database marketing)BusinessReiner, David
Doing it their way.(provision of financial services that small business customers desire)BusinessCarroll, Peter
E-analytics: science & art.(analytical tools for assessing investments for Internet commerce)BusinessNorman, Jay D., Zafar, Samee
Harnessing customer information.(bank management)(Panel Discussion)BusinessCline, Kenneth
Imaging's big challenge.(imaging technology in banking)BusinessHoard, Bruce
Knowledge-based acquisitions.(financial services industry)BusinessSirower, Mark L., Nicholson, Geoffrey
Lines of defense.(James Sexton, director at Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.)BusinessKlinkerman, Steve
Making the most of Citigroup.(cross-selling financial services)BusinessRosen, John, Carroll, Peter
Opting for electronics?(US Treasury Department)BusinessMonahan, Julie
Re-thinking the credit process.BusinessKuritzkes, Andrew, Harris, Simon
Rules of the game.(customer privacy)(Panel Discussion)BusinessCline, Kenneth
Rush for position.(includes related article on First Data Corp.)(electronic commerce)(Cover Story)BusinessCline, Kenneth
Selling the one-stop shop.BusinessEngland, Robert Stowe
Speed to market.(Citigroup's shift to an Internet-based business model)(Interview)BusinessCline, Kenneth
Superstars or shooting stars?(Internet-based banks)(Cover Story)BusinessCline, Kenneth
Survival tactics.(includes related article on Latin American operations of BankBoston)(merger between BankBoston Corp and Fleet Financial Group Inc)(Cover Story)BusinessCline, Kenneth
The focused view.(impact of technological developments on trade finance)BusinessGustin, David, Larsen, Jonathan
The interactive imperative.(electronic commerce among financial institutions)BusinessSalvati, Tony
The perils of progress.(Intuit Inc's shift to an Internet-based business model)(Cover Story)BusinessKlinkerman, Steve
The profitability of one.(target marketing)BusinessMiller, Rick
The revenue chase.(banks' pursuit of more revenues by targeting certain customer groups with one-stop shopping, Internet-based services)BusinessSmith, Kenneth W.
The ties that bind.(interview with form Harvard Business School professor and author Fred Wiersema)(Interview)BusinessKlinkerman, Steve
Trading at risk.(includes related article on how adverse effects of credit quality of trading counter-parties can increase US banks' exposure)(banking)BusinessEngland, Robert Stowe
UK bancassurance: will it play in Peoria?BusinessO'Connor, Robert
Y2K's intricate challenge.(US banks must focus on external issues relating to the year 2000 computer date transition problem)BusinessSwift, Clint
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