Antitrust Law and Economics Review 1992 - Abstracts

Antitrust Law and Economics Review 1992
Adding an economic reactionary to the Supreme Court: high costs of the Ginsburg nomination. (Ruth Bader Ginsburg)LawMueller, Charles E.
An antitrust agenda for President Clinton: demote 'theory' and restore the private cases.LawMueller, Charles E.
An antitrust stumble on the road to the Supreme Court: the Breyer case. (Judge Stephen Breyer, US Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit)LawMueller, Charles E.
Antitrust expert helped sink Breyer's nomination to the Supreme Court: an interview. (Judge Stephen G. Breyer, US Court of Appeals, 1st Circuit) (Interview)LawMokhiber, Russell
Competitive injury from sales below total cost with predatory intent: the 'pinched' competitors.LawMueller, Charles E., White, Byron R.
Corporate 'bloat' and U.S. competitiveness: 'monopoly is the great enemy of good management.'LawMueller, Charles E.
Economics, academia, and corporate money in America: the 'law and economics' movement.LawAron, Nan, Moulton, Barbara, Owens, Chris
Economics, academia, and corporate money: justice for sale in America.LawAron, Nan, Moulton, Barbara, Owens, Chris
Economic theory and inter/intrabrand competition: Sylvania's 'balancing' test.LawMueller, Charles E., Powell, William O.
Injury to competitors is injury to competition: predatory pricing under state law. (Ghem, Inc. v. Mapco Petroleum, Inc.) (Tennessee)LawMueller, Charles E.
Monitoring economic results of current cases to shape future antitrust policies.LawMueller, Charles E., Wilson, Rufus E.
Predatory pricing in the cigarette oligopoly: substituting 'theoretical speculation' for jury findings. (Liggett Group v. Brown & Williamson Tobacco) (Transcript)LawMueller, Charles E.
Predatory pricing with a 12% market share: recoupment via tacit collusion in the cigarette oligopoly. (part 10) (Liggett Group v. B & W Tobacco Corp.) (Transcript)Law 
'Price effect' not essential to Sherman Act violation: even the single 'small merchant' has antitrust rights.LawMueller, Charles E., Black, Hugo
Relationship between concentration and prices/profits: empirical studies and the 4-firm-40% market-power threshold.LawMueller, Charles E., Parker, Russell C.
Step 1 in reforming U.S. antitrust: abolish the economic units at Justice and the FTC.LawMueller, Charles E.
U.S. Justice Department on 'attempted' monopolization: anticompetitive practices are lawful without 'market power.'LawMueller, Charles E., Starr, Kenneth W.
Vertical nonprice restraints and the mail-order industry: 30% higher prices without intrabrand competition.LawGoldschein, Perry S.
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