American Journal of International Law 1999 - Abstracts

American Journal of International Law 1999
Advisory jurisdiction - Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations - immunity from legal process of expert on mission appointed by UN Commission on Human Rights - effect of UN Secretary-General's assertion of immunity - procedural priority to be accorded assertion of immunity in municipal courts.LawBekker, Peter H.F.
Appraising the methods of international law: a prospectus for readers.(Symposium on Methods in International Law)LawSlaughter, Anne-Marie, Ratner, Steven R.
Bypassing the Security Council: ambiguous authorizations to use force, cease-fires and the Iraqi inspection regime.LawLobel, Jules, Ratner, Michael
Confiscation of property in Czechoslovakia in 1945 - exclusion of German jurisdiction - Convention on the Settlement of Matters Arising out of the War and the Occupation - nationality in international law - neutrality of Liechtenstein in World War II.LawFassbender, Bardo
"Constitutionalization" and dispute settlement in the WTO: national security as an issue of competence.LawSchloemann, Hannes L., Ohlhoff, Stefan
Criminal jurisdiction - universal jurisdiction - crimes against humanity - immunity of former head of state - incorporation of customary law into municipal criminal law - prescription (statutes of limitation).(Belgium)LawReydams, Luc
Defining "crimes against humanity" at the Rome Conference.(Developments in International Criminal Law)LawRobinson, Darryl
Denial of residence status to alien on grounds of genocide - application to Refugee Convention - duty to extradite under Geneva Convention - use of NGO reports and experts in municipal proceedings.(Mugesera v. Minister of Citizenship and Immigration)(Canada)LawShabas, William A.
Duty and discretion in international arbitration.LawPark, William W.
Establishment of the Arctic Council.LawBloom, Evan T.
European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages - minority group rights and compatibility with concepts of equality, nondiscrimination and national unity in French Constitution - reconciling official language with freedom of speech.LawOellers-Frahm, Karin
European Community - human rights - discrimination against lesbians and gay men in the workplace - interpretation of Article 119 of the Treaty of Rome and Equal Pay Directive of the European Community - meaning of "discrimination based on sex".LawHelfer, Laurence R.
European Community - Maastricht Treaty - delegation of power to international organizations under Danish Constitution - right to democracy - power of Danish courts to review acts by Community organs.LawHarck, Sten, Olsen, Henrik Palmer
European Community - Yugoslavia cooperation agreement - suspension of trade concessions - Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties - rebus sic stantibus clause - judicial review of Community acts for compliance with customary international law.LawKokott, Juliane, Hoffmeister, Frank
European Convention on Human Rights - right to free elections applicable to European Parliament elections - states' responsibility for human rights violations within the supra-national organization framework.LawRudolf, Beate
Feminist methods in international law.(Symposium on Methods in International Law)LawCharlesworth, Hilary
Humanitarian law - groups protected from genocide - rape and sexual violence as international crimes - incitement to genocide - class of perpetrators who may violate common Article 3 of 1949 Geneva Conventions and Protocol Additional II.LawAmann, Diane Marie
Hydro-diplomacy in South Asia: the conclusion of the Mahakali and Ganges River treaties.LawSubedi, Surya P.
IJC under the optimal clause - relevance of legality of act to validity of reservation in jurisdiction made in contemplation of such acts - high seas - conservation and management measures.(International Court of Justice)LawKwiatkowska, Barbara
Immunity of former head of state from prosecution by foreign state for acts committed while in offce - effect of Torture Convention on immunity - extradition - application of dual criminality requirement to extraterritorial offenses.(United Kingdom)LawChinkin, Christine M.
International crimes - universal criminal jurisdiction - genocide - terrorism by military officers - torture - effect of amnesty by state where crimes occured - indictment and request for extradition of former foreign head of state.(Spain)LawMarquez Carrasco, Maria del Carmen, Alcaide Fernandez, Joaquin
International Criminal tribunal for the former Yugoslavia - command responsibility - multiple defendants - rape constituting torture as grave breach of 1949 Geneva Conventions and violation of laws or customs of war - characterization of conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina.LawSwaak-Goldman, Olivia
International relations theory, international law, and the regime governing atrocities in internal conflicts.(Symposium on Methods in International Law)LawAbbott, Kenneth W.
International trade - WTO - quantitative restrictions - environmental protection - endangered species - U.S. import ban on shrimp.(United States - Import Prohibition on Certain Shrimp and Shrimp Products)LawShaffer, Gregory
Joint development of common offshore oil and gas deposits: "mere" state practice or customary international law?LawOng, David M.
Legal aspects of the use of a provisional name for Macedonia in the United Nations system.LawJanev, Igor
Liability for private losses due to UN Security Council trade embargo - European Communities - liability for a lawful act - inability of European company to recover debts owed by Iraqi agency - Iraqi retaliatory measures as legal cause of losses.LawKorkott, Juliane, Scholch, Rainer
NAFTA - North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation - freedom of association.LawAceves, William J.
NATO air campaign against Yugoslavia - provisional measures - jurisdictional standard for provisional measures - optional clause jurisdiction - effect of reservation ratione temporis in declaration accepting compulsory jurisdiction - forum prorogatum - effect of reservations to article IX of Genocide Convention.LawBekker, Peter H.F.
NATO's Kosovo intervention.LawChinkin, Christine M., Charney, Jonathan I., Reisman, W. Michael, Franck, Thomas M., Wedgwood, Ruth, Falk, Richard A., Henkin, Louis
NATO Status of Forces Agreement - primary right to exercise jurisdiction - offenses committed in performance of official duty - judicial review of characterization of such offenses - double jeopardy.LawCiampi, Annalisa
New international legal process.(Symposium on Methods in International Law)LawO'Connell, Mary Ellen
Policy-oriented jurisprudence and human rights abuses in internal conflict: toward a world public order of human dignity.(Symposium on Methods in International Law)LawWiessner, Siegfried, Willard, Andrew R.
Progress and jurisprudence of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.(Developments in International Criminal Law)LawMurphy, Sean D.
Progress in international criminal law?(Editorial)LawCharney, Jonathan I.
Right of access to courts - labor dispute with international organization - immunity from jurisdiction of municipal courts - alternative remedies for employees of international organization.LawReinisch, August
Rocks that cannot sustain human habitation.(rocks in maritime delimitation)LawCharney, Jonathan I.
Self-determination - Canada - Quebec - right to secede under constitutional law and public international law - role of international law in Canadian courts.LawToope, Stephen J.
Sexual violence in decisions and indictments of the Yugoslav and Rwandan tribunals: current status.(Developments in International Criminal Law)LawAskin, Kelly D.
Stefan Albrecht Riesenfeld (1908 - 1999).LawCaron, David D.
Territorial sovereignty of islands and other maritime features - sovereignty of low tide elevations - presumptions with respect to sovereignty - critical date - treaty interpretation.(Arbitral Tribunal decision over Eritrea/Yemen dispute over Red Sea islands)LawReisman, W. Michael
The contemporary law of superior responsibility.LawBantekas, Ilias
The EU-U.S. compromise on the Helms-Burton and D'Amato Acts.LawSmis, Stefaan, Van der Borght, Kim
The fiftieth session of the International Law Commission.LawRosenstock, Robert
The fifty-fourth session of the UN Commission on Human Rights.LawDennis, Michael J.
The ILO Convention on the Worst Forms of Child Labor.LawDennis, Michael J.
The law and economics of humanitarian law violations in internal conflict.(Symposium on Methods in International Law)LawDunoff, Jeffrey L., Trachtman, Joel P.
The legitimacy of international governance: a coming challenge for international environmental law?LawBodansky, Daniel
The responsibility of individuals for human rights abuses in internal conflicits: a positivist view.(Symposium on Methods in International Law)LawSimma, Bruno, Paulus, Andreas L.
The Rome Conference on an international criminal court: the negotiating process.(Developments in International Criminal Law)LawKirsch, Philippe, Holmes, John T.
The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.(Developments in International Criminal Law)LawArsanjani, Mahnoush H.
The United Nations group of experts for Cambodia.LawRatner, Steven R.
The United States and the international criminal court.(Developments in International Criminal Law)LawScheffer, David J.
The work of the Sixth Committee at the fifty-third session of the UN General Assembly.(committee focused on international law development and codification)LawMorris, Virginia, Bourloyannis-Vrailas, M.-Christiane
Universality and passive personality principles of jurisdiction in French law - effect of amnesy by state where crimes occured - non-application of prescription under statute of limitations in cases where victim disappears - indicment and request for extradition of former foreign head of state.(France)LawStern, Brigitte
Universal jurisdiction over crimes against humanity under French law - grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 - genocide - torture - human rights violations in Bosnia and Rwanda.LawStern, Brigitte
Vienna Convention on Consular Relations - consular access to detained nationals - International Court of Justice - provisional measures - original jurisdiction of the U.S. Supreme Court.LawAceves, William J.
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