American Journal of Human Biology 2008 - Abstracts

American Journal of Human Biology 2008
Advanced dental maturation in New Zealand Maori and Pacific Island children.Biological sciencesMoananui, Raymond Te, Kieser, Jules A., Herbison, Peter, Liversidge, Helen M.
A fingerprint characteristic associated with the early prenatal environment.Biological sciencesKahn, Henry S., Stein, Aryeh D., Graff, Mariaelisa, Zybert, Patricia A., Lumey, L.H., McKeague, Ian W.
Ancestry informative markers in Amerindians from Brazilian Amazon.Biological sciencesMendes-Junior, Celso Teixeira, Luizon, Marcelo Rizzatti, Simoes, Aguinaldo Luiz, De Oliveira, Silviene Fabiana
Anthropometric reference values in an Afro-Caribbean adolescent population.Biological sciencesNichols, Selby D., Cadogan, Frances I.
A subordinate status position increases the present value of financial resources for low 2D:4D men.Biological sciencesDewitte, Siegfried, Millet, Kobe
Autosomal microsatellite variability of the Arrernte people of Australia.Biological sciencesAlfonso-Sanchez, M.A., Perez-Miranda, A.M., Herrera, R.J.
Cultural consonance and adult body composition in urban Brazil.Biological sciencesDressler, William W., Oths, Kathryn S., Ribeiro, Rosane P., Balieiro, Mauro C., Dos Santos, Jose Ernesto
Genetic signature of the Sao Miguel island population (Azores) assessed by 21 microsatellite loci.Biological sciencesCabral, Rita, Branco, Claudia C., Mota-Vieira, Luisa, Pacheco, Paula R., Vicente, Astrid M.
Height of US-born non-Hispanic children and adolescents ages 2-19, born 1942-2002 in the NHANES samples.(National Health and Nutritional Examination Surveys)Biological sciencesKomlos, John, Breitfelder, Ariane
Interpopulation, interindividual, intercycle, and intracycle natural variation in progesterone levels: a quantitative assessment and implications for population studies.Biological sciencesJasienska, Grazyna, Jasienski, Michal
MTHFR C677T polymorphisms among the Ahirs and Jats of Haryana (India).Biological sciencesSaraswathy, K.N., Mukhopadhyay, Rupak, Sinha, Ekata, Aggarwal, Shweta, Sachdeva, M.P., Kalla, A.K.
Prevalence of overweight and obesity in a Portuguese sample of adults: results from the Azorean physical activity and health study.Biological sciencesMota, Jorge, Santos, Paula, Ribeiro, Jose Carlos, Aires, Luisa, Santos, Rute
Socioeconomic and lifestyle determinants of body fat distribution in young working males from Cracow, Poland.Biological sciencesSuder, Agnieszka
The changing pattern of consanguinity in a selected region of the Israeli Arab community.Biological sciencesSharkia, Rajach, Zaid, Muhamad, Athamna, Abed, Cohen, Dani, Zalan, Abdelnaser, Azem, Abdussalam
The effect of rainfall during gestation and early childhood on adult height in a foraging and horticultural society of the Bolivian Amazon.Biological sciencesLeonard, William R., Godoy, Ricardo, McDade, Thomas W., Reyes-Garcia, Victoria, Huanca, Tomas, Tanner, Susan, Jha, Naveen, Vento, Melanie, Broesch, James, Fitzpatrick, Ian C., Giovannini, Peter
The impact of developmental conditions on adult salivary estradiol levels: why this differs from progesterone?Biological sciencesNunez-de La Mora, Alejandra, Bentley, Gillian R., Choudhury, Osul A., Napolitano, Dora A., Chatterton, Robert T.
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