American Journal of Human Biology 2007 - Abstracts

American Journal of Human Biology 2007
Adaptive dimensions of health research among indigenous Siberians.Biological sciencesLeonard, William R., Snodgrass, J. Josh, Tarskaia, Larissa A., Sorensen, Mark V.
Advancing biocultural models by working with communities: A partnership approach.Biological sciencesSchell, Lawrence M., Ravenscroft, Julia, Gallo, Mia, Denham, Melinda
Adverse environments: investigating local variation in child growth.(Report)Biological sciencesMoffat, Tina, Galloway, Tracey
Alice Mossie Brues: 1913-2007.(Obituary)Biological sciencesDufour, Darna L.
Anthropometric data indicate nutritional homogeneity in Hadza foragers of Tanzania.Biological sciencesMarlowe, Frank W., Sherry, Diana S.
Are the circumpolar Inuit becoming obese?Biological sciencesYoung, T.K.
Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms and digit ratios in a college sample .Biological sciencesStevenson, J.C., Williams, D.C., Everson, P.M., Mahoney, E.R., Hipskind, G., Grimes, M.
Biological divergence and equality during the first millennium BC in human populations of central Italy.Biological sciencesRubini, Mauro, Mogliazza, Silvia, Corruccini, Robert Spencer T.
BMI, income, and social capital in a native Amazonian society: Interaction between relative and community variables.Biological sciencesLeonard, William R., Godoy, Ricardo, Reyes-Garcia, Victoria, Brabec, Marek
Cardiovascular fitness in adolescents: the influence of sexual maturation status-the AVENA and EYHS studies.Biological sciencesSjostrom, Michael, Gutierrez, Angel, Ortega, Francisco B., Ruiz, Jonatan R., Mesa, Jose L.
Child growth as a measure of livelihood security: the case of the Gwembe Tonga.(Report)Biological sciencesCrooks, Deborah L., Cliggett, Lisa, Cole, Steven M.
Climatic variability and the population dynamics of historical hunter-gatherers: the case of Sami of Northern Finland.Biological sciencesHelle, Samuli, Helama, Samuli
Comparison of methods to evaluate changes in relative body mass index in pediatric weight control.Biological sciencesEpstein, Leonard H., Paluch, Rocco A., Roemmich, James N.
Constraint, pathology and adaptation: how can we tell them apart?(Report)Biological sciencesEllison, Peter T., Jasienska, Grazyna
Daily differences in patterns of physical activity among overweight/obese children engaged in a physical activity program.Biological sciencesMota, Jorge, Santos, Paula, Ribeiro, Jose C., Oliveira, Jose, Aires, Luisa, Santos, Rute, Silva, Pedro, Rego, Carla
Developmental origins of life history: growth, productivity and reproduction.(Report)Biological sciencesKuzawa, Christopher W.
Diet, energy expenditure and body composition of lactating Ribeirinha women in the Brazilian Amazon.(Report)Biological sciencesDufour, Darna L., Piperata, Barbara A.
Diversity and relationship between Iranian ethnic groups: human dopamine transporter gene (DAT1) VNTR genotyping.Biological sciencesBanoei, Mohammad Mehdi, Chaleshtori, Morteza Hashemzadeh, Sanati, Mohammah Hossein, Panahi, Mehdi Shafa Sharait, Majidizadeh, Tayebeh, Rostami, Maryam, Manshadi, Massoumeh Dehgan, Golalipour, Masoud
Do children take the same number of steps every day?(Clinical report)Biological sciencesPangrazi, Robert P., Raustorp, Anders, Cuddihy, Thomas F., Wickel, Eric E., Eisnmann, Joey C., Graser, Susan V., Tomson, L.M.
Docosahexaenoic acid and shore-based diets in hominin encephalization: A Rebuttal.Biological sciencesCunnane, Stephen C., Plourde, Melanie, Stewart, Kathy, Crawford, Michael A.
Docosahexaenoic acid biosynthesis and dietary contingency: Encephalization without aquatic constraint.Biological sciencesCarlson, Bryce A., Kingston, John D.
Docosahexaenoic acid, the aquatic diet, and hominin encephalization: Difficulties in establishing evolutionary links.Biological sciencesCarlson, Bryce A., Kingston, John D.
Early life events and their consequences for later disease: A life history and evolutionary perspective.Biological sciencesHanson, Mark A., Gluckman, Peter D., Beedle, Alan S.
Early life influences on adult leg and trunk length in the 1958 British birth cohort.Biological sciencesPower, Chris, Li, Leah, Dangour, Alan D.
Endurance running and digit ratio (2D:4D): Implications for testosterone effects on running speed and vascular health.(Clinical report)Biological sciencesManning, John T., Morris, Laura, Caswell, Noreen
Enzyme immunoassay for total immunoglobulin E in dried blood spots .Biological sciencesTanner, Susan, Mcdade, Thomas W.
Estimating inbreeding in large, semi-isolated populations: Effects of varying generation lengths and of migration.(Clinical report)Biological sciencesPattison, J.E.
Factor analysis of risk variables associated with metabolic syndrome in Asian Indian adolescents.Biological sciencesGhosh, Arnab
Fatness and overweight in women and children from riverine Amerindian communities of the Beni River (Bolivian Amazon).Biological sciencesBenefice, Eric, Rodriguez, Sonia, Lopez, Ronald, Monroy, Selma Luna
Focused life history data and linear enamel hypoplasia to help explain intergenerational variation in relative leg length within Taiwanese families.Biological sciencesFloyd, B.
Gender differences in growth and nutrition in a sample of rural Ontario schoolchildren.Biological sciencesGalloway, Tracey
Genetic and environmental influences on infant weight and weight change: the Fels longitudinal study.(Report)Biological sciencesBlangero, John, Towne, Bradford, Czerwinski, Stefan A., Choh, Audrey C., Lee, Miryoung, Shiervogel, Roger M., Demarath, Ellen W., Sun, Shumal S., Chumlea, W.M. Cameron, Duren, Dana, Sherwood, Richard J.
Genetic factors in physical growth and development and their relationship to subsequent health outcomes.(Report)Biological sciencesDemerath, Ellen W., Towne, Bradford, Czerwinski, Stefan A., Choh, Audrey C., Miryoung Lee, Wurzbacher, Keith, Shiervogel, Roger M.
Genetics of anthropometric asymmetry in an Indian endogamous population-Vaidyas.Biological sciencesKarmakar, Bibha, Sengupta, Mahua
Genetic structure of circumpolar populations: A synthesis.Biological sciencesCrawford, Michael H.
Geometric morphometric study of population variation in indigenous southern African crania.Biological sciencesFranklin, D., Freedman, L., Milne, N., Oxnard, C.E.
Grip strength and digit ratios are not correlated in women.Biological sciencesVan Anders, Sari M.
Growth among Tibetans at high and low altitudes in India.Biological sciencesTripathy, Vikal, Gupta, Ranjan
Growth and health status of street children in Dhaka, Bangladesh.Biological sciencesGreksa, Lawrence P., Rie, Naganuma, Islam, Rafiqul A.B.M., Maki, Uchida, Omori, Kinuko
Growth chart curves do not describe individual growth biology.(Report)Biological sciencesLampl, Michelle, Thompson, Amanda L.
Growth patterns in adverse environments.Biological sciencesCameron, Noel
HLA genes and surnames show a similar genetic structure in Lombardy: Does this reflect part of the history of the region?Biological sciencesLisa, Antonella, Mascaretti, Luca, Degiuli, Alberto, Gugliemino, Carmela R., DeSilvestri, Annalisa
How many populations set foot through the Patagonian door? Genetic composition of the current population of Bahia Blanca (Argentina) based on data from 19 Alu polymorphisms.Biological sciencesMoral, P., Dejean, C., Fernandez, V., Esteban, E., Via, M., Gonzalez-Perez, E., Cabrera, A., Resano, M., Athanasiadis, G., Avena, S., Goicoechea, A., Bartomioli, M., Carnese, F.
Human cold adaptation: An unfinished agenda.Biological sciencesSteegmann, A. Theodore, Jr.
Impact of dietary intake and helminth infection on diversity in growth among schoolchildren in rural south China: A four-year longitudinal study.Biological sciencesWatanabe, Chiho, Ohtsuka, Ryutaro, Huan Zhou
Impact of seasonal scarcity on energy balance and body composition in peasant adolescents from Calakmul, Campeche Mexico.Biological sciencesGamboa, Jose A. Alayon, Garcia, Francisco D. Gurri
Index-to-ring finger length ratio (2D:4D) predicts levels of salivary estradiol, but not progesterone, over the menstrual cycle.(Clinical report)Biological sciencesMcIntyre, Matthew H., Lipson, Susan F., Ellison, Peter T., Chapman, Judith Flynn
Is there an elephant in the room? Addressing rival approaches to the interpretation of growth perturbations and small size.(Report)Biological sciencesSchell, Lawrence M., Magnus, P.D.
Life history trade-offs in human growth: adaptation or pathology.(Report)Biological sciencesBogin, Barry, Silva, Maria Ines Varela, Rios, Luis
Longitudinal relationships between nutritional status, body composition, and physical fitness in rural children of South Africa: The ellisras longitudinal study.Biological sciencesKemper, Han C.G., Twisk, Jos W.R., Monyeki, Andries M., Koppes, Lando L.J., Monyeki, Dan K.
Male facial appearance signals physical strength to women.Biological sciencesFink, Bernhard, Seydel, Hanna, Neave, Nick
MGEA5-14 polymorphism and type 2 diabetes in Mexico city.Biological sciencesCameron, E.A., Martinez-Marignac, V.L., Chan, A., Valladares, A., Simmonds, L.V., Wacher, N., Kumate, J., McKeigue, P., Shriver, M.D., Kittles, R., Cruz, M., Parra, E.J.
Microlevel determinants of blood pressure among women of two ethnic groups in a periurban area of Kolkata city, India.Biological sciencesGhosh, Rohini
Mortality experience of Tsimane Amerindians of Bolivia: Regional variation and temporal trends.Biological sciencesGurven, Michael, Kaplan, Hillard, Supa, Alfredo Zelada
Multiple mortality optima due to heterogeneity in the birth cohort: A continuous model of birth weight by gestational age-specific infant mortality.Biological sciencesGage, Timothy B., Fu Fang, Stratton, Howard
New saliva DNA collection method compared to buccal cell collection techniques for epidemiological studies.Biological sciencesDemerath, Ellen W., Cole, Shelley A., Rogers, Nikki L., Hao-Chang Lan, Crossa, Aldo
Obituary.(Loughborough University's Nicholas G. Norgan )(Obituary)Biological sciencesCameron, Noel, Jones, Peter R.M.
Overweight and obesity in a rural Amerindian population in Oaxaca, Southern Mexico, 1968-2000.Biological sciencesMalina, Robert M., Little, Bertis B., Reyes, Maria Eugenia Pena, Tan, Swee Kheng, Buschang, Peter H.
Phenotypic plasticity and functional asymmetry in response to grip forces exerted by intercollegiate tennis players.Biological sciencesLucki, Natasha C., Nicolay, Christopher W.
Polymorphic alu insertions in five north-west Italian populations.(Clinical report)Biological sciencesSella, G., Santovito, A., Selvaggi, A., Cervella, P., Castellano, S., Bigatti, M.P., Delpero, M.
Preformed dietary DHA: the answer to a specific question may in practice become translated to its opposite.(docosahexaenoic acid)Biological sciencesMuskiet, Frits A.J., Joordens, Josephine C.A., Kuipers, Remko S.
Prepregnancy weight, inappropriate gestational weight gain, and smoking: Relationships to birth weight.(Clinical report)Biological sciencesMay, Richard
Prepregnancy weight, inappropriate gestational weight gain, and smoking: Relationships to birth weight.(Clinical report)Biological sciencesMay, Richard
Prevalence of overweight and cardiovascular risk factors in rural and urban children from Central Asia: the Kazakhstan Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.Biological sciencesFacchini, Fiorenzo, Fiori, Giovanni, Bedogni, Giorgio, Galletti, Livia, Rizzoli, Sara, Goldoni, Matteo, Belcastro, Maria Giovanna, Ismagulov, Orazak, Ismagulova, Ainagul, Sharmanov, Turegeldy, Tsoy, Igor
Regional differences in the genetic variability of Finno-Ugric speaking Komi populations.Biological sciencesKhrunin, Andrey, Verbenko, Dmitry, Nikitina, Kseniya, Limborska, Svetlana
Relative leg length as a biological marker to trace the developmental history of individuals and populations: growth delay and increased body fat.(Report)Biological sciencesFrisancho, A. Roberto
Repeatability and interobserver error of digit ratio (2D:4D) measurements made by experts.Biological sciencesVoracek, Martin, Manning, John T., Dressler, Stefan G.
Secular trends in anthropometric characteristics, physical fitness, physical activity, and biological maturation in Flemish adolescents between 1969 and 2005.(Clinical report)Biological sciencesLefevre, Johan, Thomis, Martine, Claessens, Albrecht L., Beunen, Gaston, Philippaerts, Renaat, Matton, Lynn, Duvigneaud, Nathalie, Wijndaele, Katrien, Duquet, William
Selected anthropometric measurements of akwesasne Mohawk youth: Skinfolds, circumference, and breadths.Biological sciencesGallo, Mia V., Schell, Lawrence M.
Sex differences in young adulthood metabolic syndrome and physical activity: The fels longitudinal study.Biological sciencesDemerath, Ellen W., Towne, Bradford, Sun, Shumei S., Czerwinski, Stefan A., Remsberg, Karen E., Rogers, Nikki L., Choh, Audrey C., Lee, Miryoung, Chumlea, W.C., Siervogel, Roger M.
Single nucleotide polymorphisms in alcohol dehydrogenase genes among some Indian populations.Biological sciencesThangaraj, K., Reddy, A.G., Rao, V.R., Bhaskar, L.V.K.S., Annapurna, C., Papa Rao, A., Singh, Lalji
Size at birth and growth trajectories to young adulthood.Biological sciencesAdair, Linda S.
Social contexts, syndemics, and infectious disease in Northern Aboriginal populations.Biological sciencesSattenspiel, Lisa, Herring, D. Ann
Social inequality in premature mortality among Polish urban adults during economic transition.Biological sciencesBielicki, Tadeusz, Kolodziej, Halina, Lopuszanska, Monika, Jankowska, Ewa Anita
Stature and sexual stature dimorphism in Sweden, from the 10th to the end of the 20th century.Biological sciencesTullberg, Birgitta S., Gustafsson, Anders, Werdelin, Lars, Lindenfors, Patrik
Studies of human physique and sexual attractiveness: Sexual preferences of men and women in China.Biological sciencesAnderson, M.J., Dixson, Alan F., Dixson, Barnaby J., Li, Baoguo
The African contribution to the present-day population of the Azores Islands (Portugal): analysis of the Y chromosome haplogroup E.Biological sciencesNeto, Domingos, Montiel, Rafael, Bettencourt, Conceicao, Santos, Cristina, Prata, Maria J., Lima, Manuela
The sex ratio and age specific male mortality: evidence for culling in utero.Biological sciencesCatalano, Ralph, Bruckner, Tim
Tradeoffs between oxygen and energy in tibial growth at high altitude.Biological sciencesBailey, S.M., J.H Feng, X Hu, C. Zhang, S. Qui
Validation of hand-held bioelectrical impedance analysis with magnetic resonance imaging for the assessment of body composition in overweight women.(Clinical report)Biological sciencesJones, Peter J.H., Varady, Krista A., Santosa, Sylvia
Variation of skeletal biomarkers of biological aging in a Chuvashian population: A longitudinal study.Biological sciencesKobyliansky, Eugene, Malkin, Ida, Kalichman, Leonid, Livshits, Gregory, Pavlovsky, Oleg, Batsevich, Valery
Variations in RANK gene are associated with adult height in Caucasians.(Clinical report)Biological sciencesRecker, Robert R., Yuan Chen, Feng Zhang, Hui Jiang, Hong-Wen Deng, Dong-Hai xiong, Tie-Lin Yang, Fang Yang, Hui Shen, Peng Xiao
Y-chromosome lineages in Sao Tome e Principe islands: Evidence of European influence.Biological sciencesGoncalves, Rita, Spinola, Helder, Brehm, Antonio
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